Welcome back to another review of Singapore Airlines The Private Room, this is probably the last time that I am visiting it before it undergoes a huge renovation. This time around I spent around 15 hours in Changi Airport overnight which gave me a good opportunity to check out the private room all day round, from dinner to breakfast! For those who do not know, The Private Room is Singapore Airlines best lounge and exclusively only for First Class & Suites passengers flying on SQ metal itself. Members and those flying on star alliance metal do not get access. As a measure of hand, a flight range from around 4 to 12 first class and suites passengers. As such, despite the lounge not being overly huge, it will never be too crowded at anytime of the day. TPR is also known as the lounge within a lounge and a lounge since you got to pass by the business class lounge, the first class lounge to get to the actual TPR. This is also known as the famous lounge within a lounge and another lounge!

There is always a stark contrast between how hospitality are extended to the highest level of customer and no doubt for Singapore Airlines ground service as well. Although there is no limo or escort. You check in at a private terminal, an exclusive immigration counter where it leads you right out opposite the Silverkris Lounge, then you are escorted in from the entrance to the actual The Private Room, all with a flash o the golden ticket. With Changi Airport and Singapore Airlines allowing up to 48 hours counter check in, in advance, realistically, you are able to get in more than 6 meals there. It all depends on your tummy. Good plan for lunch dinner and breakfast! For those who might not know, they do allow access if you are arriving in SQ First / Suites as well. This might make sense if you want to get in some lunch and dinner if your flight is in the morning since breakfast is definitely the most crappy offering over here.

On the way in I had a nice chat with the staff about getting to T4 and also reserving one of the diaper room as well as the phone booth for a nap later on. As per the norm, you are always ask whether you want to take a sit by the lounging area or the restaurant. We are didn’t have dinner beforehand. It is just like a fancy restaurant, this is also the highlight of the whole lounge, there are about 10 tables with space roughly for around 20 people. The waiter are able to customize the tables according to your group!

We got some drinks to go while we ponder over the extensive menu. The dining here is mostly off the menu although there is also a small buffet line of some snacks and bits which is definitely not appetizing at all. We got some still water, where they were serving up Evian. Of course champagne as well. Now in the lounge they are serving up the 2009 Dom Perignon which is one of the best champagne ever that you can find on ground. SQ rotates up the champagne here alongside their air options. I remembered the last time I was here, it was the Krug! A fresh bottle was pop for us and it was poured table side after being presented, just like how it is in a restaurant. Let’s see how many I could finish!

Menu change every now and then and from news that I have heard it does weekly. In fact of my 3 visits here, I have never had the same dishes. Here is the menu for the week that I was here in Jan.

There is also a Quick Bites menu if you are just looking for something small and in a rush!

Besides Dom Perignon, you can also find a great line up of other drinks on offer, from TWG teas to fancy spirits like Blue Label and Macallan.

Service is definitely the best among the whole Silverkris Lounge. It is alright and well executed but definitely not michelin star levels. I will expect it to be even more personalised given that usually there is only 4 – 5 groups at max. Some crew training would be awesome. Seats are comfortable and you can also work here on the tables as well. It will be nicer if they have some plugs nearby.

We started out with the Thai Mango Salad which is alright. It is from the chef station, it was fresh and tangy. You can also ordered this as an appetizer or main portion. I particular love how authentic it is, with the use of fish sauce, lime and some crispy fried shallots. Good choice for an appetiser to kick start our meal.

We also got the satay to share among us, Singapore Airlines Satay and Garlic Bread are the best and I never miss up an opportunity to try them. It is available here as well. It comes in a set of chicken and mutton satays. Although I opt to get the chickens one only. This is definitely the most fancy satays I ever had. Together with finely cut onions, cucumber as well as satay rice. It is all well executed and the peanut sauce is heaven as well. The only place where you can get unlimited satays in compared to onboard. This is also the only place where I will have a Dom Perignon and Satay pairing. It sure work well to cleanse some of the spice away!

This is also the first time that I was visiting The Private Room with my family, there are more of us and we can order more food to share. For our mains we got the Duck Leg Confit which same with stir fried egg noodles, and onion jam. This is by far my most favourite dish of the evening. The duck is so awesome and delicious. It is so crispy and fork tender. As good as some that I have got in France. Furthermore the side of noodles is also another guilty pleasure, the springy noodles is mix in with loads of butter. A little guilty and but definitely polished off the plate.

Then me and my mum got the Poached Lobster Provencale where it comes with a huge half of boston lobster as well as a side of mix vegetables and potatoes. The dish was slightly seasoned which I appreciate, after all the star is the fresh lobster. It was perfectly cooked and well executed. The lobster meat was fresh and succulent. The asparagus was good as well. However the rest of the dish was left mostly untouched especially the potatoes which was tasteless.

My dad got the Baked Chilean Sea Bass Papillote. It was delicious according to him, it is baked encased in parchment paper Presentation was perfect since it is served table side. The fish was flaky and fresh. A very light dish and probably one of the more healthy options on the menu. The dish was accompanied with potatoes and sliced zucchini. The dinner menu start from 6.30pm.

For dessert I had a yam paste and a double espresso to end of the meal. I was so stuffed at this point with all the food and champagne but upon seeing Yam Paste I had to give it a try. Dessert always seem to be a major disappointment in the private room menu. The Yam Paste was better than expected but still nothing memorable. Service was also a mix bag, upon seeing my empty glass, there is no offer to refill it as well.

Seatings in the lounge remain almost unchanged from my last visit, you can find comfy arm chairs around tables and partitions. Seats were very sparsely arranged which is an awesome thing here in compared to the business and first side. There are a couple of tv here as well which I appreciate that they were on mute.

In the lounge you can also find two phone booth and one nursery room, aka the VIP rooms. While intended for the original purposes as per their names, it can also be reserved for other purposes. They can set you up with some blankets and pillows to have a sleep inside or you simply just like to be separated from the rest. Normally a first come first serve idea, but the staff could also reserve it for you. Inside you can usually find a set of sofa couches. If will really be awesome if they place some comfortable day beds inside.

Something that is not published, in the First Class Lounge and The Private Room, you are able to get pillow and blanket from them if you are spending the night here. I was surprised by the quality of the pillows as well as the blanket which were really high quality and comfortable. They were full size and lush. This lounge really need some day beds.

I got a shower when the TPR reopen in the morning and went back for breakfast. Seems like the abundance of Dom Perignon and Blue Label have work its way past the heavy dinner last night. Breakfast is often the most disappointing offering over here but you can still find options ranging from western to chinese as well as local stuff such as carrot cakes. I also realised that some of the food are available in the First Class buffet line as well so it is really in terms of the service and presentation. For what it is worth, the breakfast menu barely changed from my last visit. Dom Perignon breakfast doesn’t hurt as well. I ordered the Egg Benedict, which comes with 2 poached eggs, spinach and pancetta slices on a muffin. It was well executed and I really love the crispy pancetta. Oh wells! At least that is an upgrade from the usual bacon! The dish was good and filling, it is as amazing as what you can get in a fine cafe or all day breakfast place.

We also got the congee to share among us which is unmemorable. The lounge did get a little crowded in lieu of the peak departure time around 10 to 11am. But still it is always a comfortable space. Prior to departure I also got the carrot cake to try! Yes, I have such an appetite. The carrot cake was pretty good, much better than expected. It comes with plenty of prawns and a nice chilli sambal dip as well. As good as any carrot cake that I get on the street.

We packed up and head off to the gate in lieu of my First Class to Manila. My very first time in Singapore Airlines First Class. We had a long walk since we are departing from a very far gate in T2. I got a buggy ride to the skytrain! Oh for those who might not know, you are able to get a buggy ride when flying in Suites / First. It is sure an experience to be zooming by everyone in a buggy and with plenty of eyes on you as well. Can’t wait to be back when The Private Room have been renovated!

This second visit to the TPR also brings back much great memories of the other First Class alacarte dining facility that I have been to, the Flagship First Dining. Which one is better? Food wise I will say the Flagship First and then along with the cocktails as well as the Krug available as well. Service wise both are clearcut. They are roughly the same although, in Flagship First it felt more like a boutique restaurant while it is a dining facility in the lounge here. Decor wise, the JFK Flagship First won it. Can’t wait for the TPR to be renovated and for me to pay it another visit soon. The lounge will be much fresher and I hope the food quality will be improved as well. With the newly open Qantas First Lounge, SQ have a reputation to uphold and be the leader in its own hub.


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