As of this time that I am writing this. I have already planned another trip back to Bali in August 2020. That should tell how much I actually love this place. I have always wanted to go Bali after knowing it, this is one out of the two remaining bucketlist for me in South East Asia, with the other being Penang and I just went there earlier in November. Furthermore I also need to head clock my nights for status which result in this last minute trip afterall, I was ever ready to travel and Bali is the cheapest to do so with the HGI coming in at 28 SGD a night. Beach, sunrise and sunsets. A reason why I love it so much. In the end I was more than pleased with the trip and the food also turned out to be spectacular. I have already shared extensively on the post previously. Something totally unexpected. Given that it is my ever first time here in bali, I also have to do some sightseeing. There are usually 2 groups of people, the one who wanted to just laze and the others who are looking to sightsee. I went to research and found a few places that I would really like to visit. Follow me on!

Bali to be very frank is very spaced out. There are 3 main areas that will probably interest you as well as all the tourists would be Kuta, Seminyak as well as Ubud. There are all unique and far out from one another, especially Ubud, where this town famous for its rice paddy fields. It is located in the centre area of the island. With that attractions being this spaced out, you are also limited in checking them out. A good measure would be around 3 to 4 places max in a day. Transportation also tends to be limited, especially in Ubud, along with the taxi mafia situation that you can find in certain touristy places. While grab is a good bet to get rides around areas and all it will be more worth it to hire a driver when you are travelling to a couple places as well as to cut down on waiting time. A good rate and the norm will be around 450K a day. My driver was Wayan and this is his number, +62 81236393038. You can contact him on What’s App, he is really nice and prompt with replies!

I basically cater 2 days for sightseeing. One around the Kuta and Uluwantu area and the other day around Ubud area. It is a whole day affair for both days and we were really kinda tired after that. First up, we went to check out Pura Taman Ayun. A Hindu temple compound with iconic balinese influences. It is a magnificent family temple of the Mengwi Empire with roots longer than 1750. It is really impressive as you can find the temple & garden complex bordered by canals, pavilions & ponds. As with most temples in Bali, you have to be modestly dressed and at the very least cover up your knees. Usually the temple will also provide you with a sarong to cover up, which becomes the new trend for pictures in Bali. We have to pay a small entrance fee of 30K or 3SGD here and it includes the sarong as well. Quite a nice place to explore.

Next up, which is also my personal favourite is the Tanah Lot, this waterfront temple is an absolute beauty where the temple sit beside the grand Indian Ocean. A scenic peaceful place with sounds of the waves crashing. Gorgeous. One of the most popular attractions in Bali, it is also significantly crowded. The temple is set on the ground of a rock formation in the past. This is also one of the 7 sea side temple in Bali. A nice place that you have to check out. The views here are amazing, as is the sunset view. We paid 60K for tickets, by far the most expensive entrance fee for this trip.

The place is rather huge and you can definitely cater some time here, we even explore rather far and got to a far end to check out the sand and rocks. Wander around and you can get different angles for nice pictures. Be careful of certain parts, especially near the water where it can get slippery and you might be wet.

The last attraction of the day would be Uluwatu Temple. A cliffside temple perched high up the cliffs with awesome breathtaking ocean view. A can’t explain further how gorgeous all the temple are over here. We can here last as you should as Uluwatu is famous for it’s sunset views and you will want to come here right before sunset to check out the place and then wait for the sun to fall. The temple is vast and it cost 50K to enter. If you are interested in a sunset flame throwing show you can catch it here as well. We explore the place and found many different viewpoints.

Do watch out for the monkeys here as they are very aggressive and might take your accessories such as sunglasses. We even saw one that took an American tourist handphone which makes me held on to mine with my life. After some exploring we went to hunt for a nice spot to catch the sunset and trust me, it never disappoints. I went to a nice spot off the beaten road with 2 newly made friends and we were literally amazed by that salted egg yolk.

On the second day, we were up bright and early to drive up the mountains and check out the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple which is located in the mountains by a lake, out of all the temples that we visited, this got to be the most scenic ones. It is pretty far, roughly around 2 hours away, furthermore it is located 1200 metres above sea level. Since we are high up, it is alot cooler here and the temperature was amazing. The temple is so pretty and scenic, it felt like we were out of Bali and indonesia. Of course the cooler weather helps as well. Views are amazing where you have the mountains sited together with Lake Bratan. Tickets cost 50K here.

Bali is full of waterfalls and you definitely have to visit one to check them out or swim in it. While unplanned, we certainly got to “swim” in one of them later on. We went to check out the Tegenungan Waterfall which is near Ubud, here you get to see the lush cascade waterfall right behind the trees and forest. It is a little walk where you have to go down some stairs down to the water. Alot of people came to swim in the water as well to take nice pictures or just for a dip. Rather cooling. So wear slippers and bring some extra clothes. We paid 20K to enter.

I do have to say to keep to the standard route as we attempt to create our own and do some river crossing. It did not end well as we almost got sweep off by the current and in the process got all drenched. What an amazing adventure. Ending with a nonchalant smile to onlookers, not to create your own way! Oh well! We simply wanted to cool down from the heat!

The last attraction of my bali trip comes down to the Tegallalang Rice Terrace, these scenic well terraced hillside paddy fields are a must see for everyone in Bali. It is a very nice area to take a walk and the path are well defined. You also have a choice to take a longer route or a short one. For those who are interested you can also do some giant swing thinggi and swing among the greens, although I think it is kind of pricey. Tickets cost 10K to enter the rice fields. I do love how pretty this place is and you can really take lots of pictures. Nice and quaint place. Definitely a very new experience for me since it is my very first time in a rice field. Yas, city life since young!

With that, this sums up my trip to Bali. A bucket list check off my list and I am glad to be able to check out some of the attractions over there and chill by the beach. There are a lot more to do over there in Bali but my trip was just way too short. With that in mind, I am already returning at least twice this year to Bali!

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