A very different definition of First Class! This is what I will say! In a stark contrast to Terminal 3, there is no The Private Room in Terminal 2 and there is also no contrast on whether you are flying Star Alliance metal or SQ metal. The Silverkris lounge in Terminal 2 only have a general Business Class section and a First Class section. This is my very first time visiting the First Class section over in the Terminal 2 lounge. The lounge is certainly aged and not in a good way, this is definitely the oldest lounge of SQ over here in Singapore. SQ operated from both Terminal 2 and 3 and usually regional flights fly out of here as well as Silkair! Unlike the T3 one, the lounge here is not open 24 hours. It is open only from 5am to midnight.

This is the first time that I am checking out the first class lounge in Terminal 2, one of the remaining star alliance lounge that I have not visited in Singapore. Similarly, it is located a level above the main terminal. This is one of a second best given that the cream of the crop is the TPR in Terminal 3 for Singapore Alliance. Soft product was however the same, same service standards across all their lounges. Immediately I was welcomed in and shown to the first class section which is on the right. Lacking was the usher which they should do as per the same in Terminal 3. If you have time or plan additional time, the first choice should still be TPR, period! Immediately to the corner you can find a host desk that is staffed by agents who will help with any ticketing issues over here.

Then you can find some phone booth as well! I was wondering, are they actually that popular? Are people these considerate? The phone booth was probably a good reflection of the age of the place, which is certainly past its age, like way past of the previous generation. The space pretty open up once you walk in the corridor with some reading material as well as a bar. For what is worth, I saw an actual espresso machine here as well. So there goes for the coffee lovers.

The lounge seems to be rather crowded in this peak period, furthermore all elite members and premium star alliance customers are allowed access as well. On the right you can find a small bar which is pretty underwhelming. Offerings seems to be standard across both first class lounges, so you are not missing out on anything you deserved. The first class lounge is currently serving the 2006 Piper-Heidsieck Rare Brut Millesime, which is a fantastic champagne for a first class lounge. Definitely a step above the business class champagne. It retail around 200 bucks. Besides the bar you have some self serve liquor by the counter as well.

Straight ahead and towards a corner of the lounge you can find the dining area. Besides the refreshment buffet line, here you can find some actual proper dining tables as well. Options wise,  it is rather similar in both terminals. I was here during breakfast and they have the same ala carte cooking station serving up prata and beef noodles. Nice to see some local touch. You can also find some cold selections and fruits. 

The main seating area is unmemorable. Again, this lounge lack of natural light and it is frankly just gloomy together with the warm and dark decor. The seating is mainly located one huge square of the typical lounges and sofa seats. Nothing too amazing and definitely not private.

Toward the corner you can find a tv area and at the end there is a secluded business centre with some computers as well.

Nothing amazing! Honestly, currently the only SQ lounge that excited me is the TPR. I hope the renovation is being done on time or faster than expected. An improvement in Terminal 2 is definitely must needed. It is so awfully that oneworld lounges are much nicer in a star alliance hub. Given that in Singapore terminals are connected airside and especially if you are flying sq metals. The TPR is a better bet.

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