Towards the later end of the previous decade! Wow what a way to say it. It is actually a couple months ago back in December 2019 when I went on a trip to Bali. Despite it being one of the my bucket list. The main motivation for the trip was to stay here at the Hilton Garden Inn Bali Ngurah Rai Airport. I was on a hunt for more nights as the year was coming to an end and I need to clock my status. Hilton elite status is one of the most beneficial ones in my opinion. I have always gotten executive upgrades and a few times to a suite even. The lounge and breakfast access is a nice touch and often save me lots of money when on the road. This is probably the cheapest way to go on a mattress run and it is well known in the community as well. A night here usually goes for about 60SGD plus tax which isn’t frankly a price I think I will pay for! The best deal actually goes for points stay. It is usually a 5,000 points property and when hilton is running a sale you are usually able to get it for 25USD! As elite members we also get the 5th night free when staying for 4th nights. That brings down the price to 20USD a night or 28SGD! What a deal! What a steal! With some hilton promotion to sum up, I only paid 3,400 points, even cheaper than I expected. Furthermore, on points stay you do not have to pay any taxes as well which is a nice touch. Check it out with me! The “best” hotel for a mattress run! 60 nights for Diamond? Heck this might be cheaper than your apartment back home!

Of course being a Hilton Garden Inn and a 5,000 points hotel I wasn’t expecting much after all I only want the nights and was just treating it as a base to explore Bali. I expect it to be a frills less property and cookie cutter although stay tuned for my thoughts! The hotel is located near Kuta and just a short throw away from the airport. Although it is said that you are able to walk there, it is very much recommended to take a taxi or the complimentary airport transfer. Despite it being one of the lower category properties, I love that they have this service and in fact even a What’s App message service when you can text the Manager on Duty. This is a nice offering to calls and emails and you can avoid high roaming phone calls as well. Do inform the hotel of your arrival and flight details for the pick up. Shuttle was a nice hotel brand van and the staff service is good and polite. They were engaging and nice as are all balinese people. Sadly I waited for almost 30 mins despite informing ahead of my arrival time and they still say someone will be waiting with my name!

I appreciated that the hotel have tight security, cars are screened before entering the hotel and you also go thru airport kind of sensors before approaching the lobby. I arrived in the evening and prior to that I was already upgraded to a pool view room. I tried to push for something better since I have heard it is rather easy for elite members, but the staff here being one of the most stingy ones that i have encountered. I even got informed that according to the rules of Hilton, HGI are not eligible for upgrades. Although I have always gotten them. That is a new for me. There is no wait for check in at this timing. Furthermore there’s also a Hilton honors line.

Let me just say that I love their key card holder which is so special and such a nice touch. They come with different respective color such as the gold folder for gold members. A purple for Diamond. It is the first time I am seeing this and I feel like all property should use this too. Cheap but feels good!

I love the decor of the place. Blending into the place and the resort vibes. Most of the property is open air, airy with high ceilings. It felt relaxing and beautiful. Check out this gorgeous lobby area. The property is rather new too. Just besides the lobby is the restaurant and bar which I will cover later on. The pool is also just towards the side. I was asked on my floor preference. On each floors, there is also a seating area just outside the lift.

My Twin Pool View room was located on the 3rd floor and just a short walk from the lobby. I love how they built in key card sensor into the room door which is nice. The room was of a good size, at least for a caliber of this hotel as well as for this price! Immediately after entering is a closet with an ironing set as well as a safe. It is nice to see that slippers are provided as well. Towards the left is the washroom and it is pretty spacious! Toiletries are by Crabtree and Evelyn as per usual. No tooth brush and other stuff are provided. Beside the sink is also 2 bottles of Hilton Honors water. I love that the it comes with a removable shower head as well as a rainforest. The water pressure and temperature controls are not good which is a little setback. Well at least they hit it on point in the removable shower head aspect. Showering area is also spacious.

The two twin bed is located right in the middle of the room with a bedside table in the middle. Not the most comfortable hilton bed but at least it is pretty huge and firm. Pillows are also not paper thing which is good. I like that there are outlets near the bed which is so important. Wifi connection is alright. It can get spotty at times.

Facing the bed is the TV as well as a long console area which works out as a working desk. There is also a comfortable Herman Miller chair which got my friend geeking about. There are plenty of channels on the cable tv just in case you need a cleanser from the beach 🌝

Towards the side of the room there is a full glass panel which have a view of the pool below and it looks lovely in the day. I also like that the whole room is non carpeted which makes it look cleaner as well as more modern.

Breakfast was served in The Garden Grille from 7am till 10.30am which is just located off the lobby and facing the pool. I love that there is outdoor seating there as well which is just beside the pool. What a lovely view! The staff were polite and I was welcomed.

As a contrast to most buffet breakfast in SEA, the selection here is definitely on the smaller side here but you still have all the stuff that you might want! There are western choices, cold cuts, cheese, pastries, cheese and fruits. There’s even some Asian selection such as  noodles, rice and even congee. The breakfast offerings only changes slightly from day to day! Not too shabby.

You can also find an egg station as well and I had some egg benedicts on a couple days which is so delicious. They also had freshly made waffles. The coffee was good but the juices are a little to “factory made”. While nothing impressive, service was good and food was alright! Can expect too much from a 28 SGD room rate that even comes with breakfast for 2.

The staff later also brought over a little cupcake with a thank you for being a gold member sign. Which is a very nice touch and first I have seen. Something little but I geel appreciated!

Knowing that one a day I was leaving at an ungodly 1.30am for a sunrise hike. The staff also help me with prepare a breakfast box for those who can’t make it before the buffet start. It is quite a nice bento with! You can find a juice box, a ham and tomato sandwich as well as croissant and muffin! There is also some fruits as well! Aren’t too shabby I would say! Good stuff from this hotel!

I also check out the gym one day and spend lazing by the pool which turn out to be a huge adventure. While tiny, the pool is pretty nice for some lazing and a tan. Despite all the complaints and review I read on this place! I enjoyed my stay and it is one of the cheapest place to rack up nights. I have never heard or got disturbed by aircraft noise while in the room. I have seen a lot of fellow travellers using this hotel as a base for their first night and the last during their trip in Bali. The complimentary airport shuttle is a great way to escape the taxi mafia and scams at the airport. In fact as of now, I am already planning a trip back in the summer. Time for another mattress run! Here is to hoping it forever remain at 5,000 points. Would be perfect if there is a lounge here:)

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