I am sure most Hilton loyalists will not be foreign with this property! It is the place to go for extended stays in Bali or Asia as well as the place to go for a mattress run. This place is my home away from home whenever when I am in Bali. You can frequently recognise familiar faces when you are here, be it fellow guests or the staff. I have stayed here multiple times during my time in Bali. It is sort of a base in Bali for me. It is great especially when I am here for a month. I have to say that this is not your typical Hilton Garden Inn that you see in the states or Europe. I have also covered this place before. This will be my first time staying here after COVID and I am keen to check out what has changed since then. 

Booking Process & Pre Arrival 

I book directly with Hilton for this stay. I stayed multiple times during my time here and have always stayed using points. The Hilton Garden Inn Bali Ngurah Rai Airport goes for 5000 points a night. This is worth around 25 USD or 35 SGD. If you are an elite member and stayed above a certain level in a year there is a possibility to just stay here for 3000 points! With breakfast and housekeeping, that is an awesome deal. While the hotel does not have to, I have always been upgraded to a deluxe room with a pool view. Hilton Garden Inn Bali Ngurah Rai Airport features 288 guest rooms and suites spread across 5 categories. You can find the breakdown below.

RoomsBathtubRoom SizeNo. of Rooms
GuestNo30 Sqm170
Guest with Pool ViewYes30 Sqm92
FamilyNo48 Sqm6
One Bedroom SuiteYes46 Sqm19
Presidential SuiteYes150 Sqm1

Checking In

I arrived late in the evening after my flight and there is no one at this hour. The hotel used to run an airport shuttle which was super useful for guests. Bali airport is notorious for the taxi drivers haggling and it is nice to have a complimentary shuttle that takes all of this away. But sadly, since COVID they have stopped the shuttle and even at this point in time they have not started it too. The hotel has a resort feel with its airy vibes and open-air concept just like many places in Bali. Check-in was prompt and fast and I had the keys in my hand barely 5 mins after arrival. I always opt for a room on the wing nearer to the lobby. That will be more convenient.  

Deluxe Room with Pool View 

I was assigned a pool view deluxe room on account of being a Hilton diamond member! This is the standard upgrade here. This time around my room is on the second floor. I would usually prefer having one on the second or third floor. My room was located in the wing nearer to the lobby, it is easier to access and you are also required to tap your key card to access the elevator. The room is spacious for international standards and this is alright. You pay almost the same price for a hostel. Immediately to your right, is the entrance to the bathroom. It’s the same as how I remember it. It comes with a single sink and a standing shower concept with rainforest and a removable shower head. The water pressure was decent. The spacious showering space was commendable. Toiletries and amenities are provided. It’s nice to see how these amenities are available when sometimes even hotels that’s goes for a few hundred bucks don’t even provide it. Sadly, they have downgraded their toiletries to some unbranded pump bottles. That’s a far stretch from the usual Crabtree and Evelyn products. Bottles of water are left in the bathroom as well.

On the left of the walkway, you can find a wardrobe and it comes with hangers and a safe! I do remember seeing bath slippers previously although it does seems that those have disappeared too.

The desk and luggage area stretches alongside the wall and the TV was high quality. There is a good number of local channels. It’s easy to connect your laptop to the TV via HDMI cable. Wifi is also available in the room and is easy to connect. The speed was alright, there is certainly some dead spot in some rooms and areas. It depends on your luck. You can find a space for the luggage storage area and the table set up that stretches along the wall. This acts as the office desk as well. The room is equipped with a Herman Miller chair which offers awesome back support. Great for guests working remotely. Under the table, you can find a mini fridge that is left empty for your convenience. A great tip for long-staying guests would be to fill them with your order from grab mart and a bottle of gin bought from duty-free when arriving is a smart choice. On the side of the table, you can find some packaged coffee and tea alongside a kettle.

The main space of the room can be seen in one look and the king-size bed was located in the middle. The bedding is decent and I had a good sleep. Pillows were rather good and better than expected, more pillows can be requested. Flanking the bed were two-night stands and some of the light switches can be found here. I do wish that all the controls are centralised as some do need to be manually off. Happy to report that power outlets are found here too. 

The room comes with a good view of the pool and by the side of the window and the bed, you can find another armchair. During one of my stays, the room that was assigned to me had really bad air conditioning and it hover around 25-26 degrees. That makes it stuffy.


The hotel has a rather lovely pool and it is a great place for tanning or lazing. I have enjoyed some time here. Towels are provided here and you can also order food poolside. If you need some ice, you can also get it by the bar. The pool gets plenty of sun during the day. The regular shape makes it good for doing laps. 

Fitness Centre

The fitness centre is located on level 3 and it comes with a good view of the pool and the property. If you are working out here during the early evening you can also get a great sunset view. The gym is of a good size and comes with all sorts of typical equipment that you will find in a gym. Great space. 

Garden Grille Restaurant

The hotel only has one restaurant and it is located just off the lobby. Garden Grille operates from 12 to 10pm. Hilton Diamond members also enjoy 25% off F&B. I had dinner there once and got a nasi goreng. the chicken strip and a drink. It is a good place for a bite and convenient if you want something quick and fast. The food was simple and alright! Certainly worth a visit with the discount, the ability to earn points, when grabfood doesn’t interest you or when the weather is bad and you just wanna have a quick meal.


Breakfast is served at Garden Grille and starts from 7 to 10.30am. It is complimentary for gold elite members and above. It is lovely to have breakfast included when you are only paying this rate. Depending on the occupancy, breakfast might be in an ala carte form or a buffet. But it has mainly been in buffet form. The selection is not as good as previously. Just treat it as something nice to grab a bite before you start the day. Here are some pictures of the buffet. 

I usually start with some fruits and then eggs. I will go for some freshly cooked eggs and get the trimmings. The potatoes and bacon are good. Go for freshly cooked items and you will never go wrong 

Gone were those loyalty cupcakes which were cute but they had these nice fruit tarts! Well, the unspoken benefits of being a Diamond member! 


Even with the dilution after covid this still represents good value for money. They have been thru some tough times and closed for some time. There is cost-cutting going all around. While some are understandable just like the toiletries and breakfast, some are awful like a rule implemented that charged customers 25,000 IDR (2USD) for borrowing a fork and a spoon and labelling this as a corkage fee! That got to be the most ridiculous fee I have ever heard of in a hotel. I know times are bad here but to resort to doing this. Plain cheap! I would rather they increase the price by 10% and not pick over such fees. The staff are polite and genuine. I hope that they are on a recovery path. I do wish that they restart the airport shuttle soon enough as that is one of the best perks of this property. I have recently gone back again too and stayed in one of their One Bedroom Suite after the hotel gave me an exceptional upgrade. Stay tuned for that as I will be sharing that very soon.