Kickstarting my tour of Priority Pass lounges in Bangkok, I am headed to the Turkish Airlines lounge. There are a plethora of Priority Pass Lounges in Bangkok. You have access to 14 different lounges. You just need to find the time to do so. On this trip, I manage to hit up 3 different lounges and even this is a stretch! I frequently heard that the Oman Air Lounge is the best. Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport is huge and depending on which gate you are at, some lounges might not be that convenient for you to visit. Here we go, the journey to splurge on my unlimited Priority Pass Card. There is something unique about Turkish Airlines Lounge


Access Requirements

The Turkish Airlines Lounge is open 24 hours and available to Priority Pass members. I use my unlimited Priority Pass from Citi Prestige. You should be able to enter using Lounge Key as well or other contract lounge membership as well.

Arrival & Location

The lounge is located near gate D8. You can find it easily after passing the D gates. This is my first time visiting this lounge. The main purpose of my visit is to get a 15-minute neck and shoulder massage. Upon arrival, I was warmly welcomed by the staff and ushered in after presenting my Priority Pass card. It is very quiet at the time of my visit and there was only this other person in the lounge beside me. Upon arrival, I informed the staff that I would like to get a massage during my time here. I was informed that it only starts at 3pm and I put my name down on the list. I love the widen your world mural on the wall.


Turkish Airlines Lounge Suvarnabhumi Bangkok International Airport

One of the most unique points of this lounge is that it offers a 15-minute neck and shoulder massage to all customers and this is also offered to those entering via Priority Pass. They only have one slot every 15 minutes and this starts from 3pm. Do put down your name once you enter as I can see them going pretty fast, especially during times when TK is departing. I will share more on this later on.


The lounge is not too big but pretty comfortable. It has a modern look and I love how bright the place is with natural light. The layout is simple and consists mainly of one huge rectangular room with plenty of seating. There are some views of the greenery outside that makes it quite relaxing. You can find some typical armchairs and couches. Here are some pictures of the lounge.



The bar is located in the middle with the refreshments towards the other end of the entrance. Surrounding the bar you can also find some more high top seatings. Nearer to the refreshment areas, you can find more property dining tables that are more proper dining tables that are more suitable for eating.


Business Room


The lounge also has a quiet room with some recliners. This is also where the massage will take place when it starts at 3pm. You simply sit on a couch while the therapist works on your neck and shoulder. It also includes some brief minutes on your arms and hands. It is quite lovely to work out those knots in your shoulders before your flight. Great to get it just before boarding.


Toilets and Showers

The lounge has fairly basic toilets and nothing much to speak about.


Food and Drinks

The food and drinks are decent but nothing memorable. I will rate it fairly alright for the standards of a contract lounge but if I am flying TK and entering as a premium passenger, it is rather lacking. You can find most of the self-service food along the buffet like a salad station, some packet sandwiches, cakes and sweets.




Hot dishes include some pasta, chicken and soup. They don’t look too fresh or fantastic. I had some of them and they are alright. I kept myself stuffed with drinks and potato chips.



They offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can find some spirits, red wines, white wines and sparkling wines by the bar which is semi-self-served.



In the fridge, you can also find soft drinks, bottled water and beer.


After the standards I know of what they have in Istanbul Airport, this is very much lacking and requires improvement. Out of the 3 priority pass lounges that I visited in BKK, the food offerings are the worst. I would love to see some Turkish touches, some local cuisine or even baklava would be a nice flair.


It got me a little intrigued as to why Turkish Airlines choose to open up their facility in this airport. It is a Star Alliance hub and there is already a sprawling lounge offered by Thai Airways. Suvarnabhumi is packed with offerings for Star Alliance premium passengers, besides this, you also have the products from Singapore Airlines SKL which I have heard good things about. I hope that there are more substantial offerings around the hours when their own TK flights are departing. If not, guests are better off at the Thai Airways and Singapore Airlines lounges. The lounge is pretty useful when it comes to Bangkok as you usually come airport early since the traffic is horrendous. The massage is a nice touch but they only have one slot every 15 minutes that starts from 3 pm. It can imagine that these will fly off like hotcakes when TK flights are departing.