There is no doubt that KL is one of the culinary destinations in the world there is so much history and culture to explore in this aspect. KL, Penang and JB are popular spots for foodies especially when the exchange rate is that favourable. There are way too many things to eat here. You should check out my itinerary and all the different pins that I have on my Google Maps. KL is never a sightseeing destination for me but rather, one to be constantly stuffed when there! You will never go hungry in this city. Let me share my food adventures in this post.

Eating in Kuala Lumpur

Village Park Nasi Lemak! Known as the best nasi lemak in KL and it is really good. This place is super popular and can get busy at times. Check out their menu here!

It is very affordable and their fried chicken is really good! I am craving this so badly now! A set goes for 12.30 RM. 

Oversea Restaurant! This is a family favourite although it has certainly gotten more fancy after their recent renovation. This is one of my favourite fine-dining Chinese restaurants in KL. The food is very good and it is very affordable as well. We ordered all of this and it only cost just 670 RM. We had plenty of fish maw and sharkfin. Do make reservations as they are very popular. Furthermore, after the renovation, tables are in private rooms now. 

Hong Kee Claypot Rice! Claypot chicken rice is a vibe here in KL. Look at the number of ingredients! We love everything. The sambal stingray and other seafood were very good as well. 

Restoran Wong Mei Kee Chicken Rice & Roasted Pork! Those crackling roast pork is worth the wait but does come early! We waited for almost an hour! Do come slightly early before the official opening time. 

Soo Kee’s Son Meng Chuan Prawn and Beef Noodles! I have been dining here for more than 15 years! It is one of my usual spots when in KL. They do one of the best KL Hokkien Mee with dark sauce and lard! 

Ho Kow Hainan Restaurant! Chic Hainanese cafe! Expect to wait! 

Sek Yuen Restoran! Super awesome Cantonese tze char in a rustic historical building. I love the vibes! Go crazy here! Check out all the dishes we ordered! All this, for a total of 200 RM! 60 SGD!!! The steamed grouper was a mere 45 RM!  


Here is all I managed to fit into my tummy during 5 nights in KL. It is so lovely to be back after almost 7 years. There are certainly much more places that I would love to try and dine at! I miss out on a couple of places that I would like to try! You will never go hungry here. Don’t read this when you are hungry. Can’t wait to feast again when I am back in KL. It is always nice to be back and feast in KL or Malaysia when the exchange rate is that lovely for Singaporeans. Penang and Kuala Lumpur are two of my favourite food destination for a weekend getaway!