I did a little mattress run back last year in December and it has been a long time since I finally get to share this. I have like over 40 pending reviews to share now! Back last year in December Hilton was running a very generous promotion where they are offering double nights, I decided to clock in a couple more nights to get milestone bonuses and make my life easier this year. This is one of the best properties in the world for a mattress run! It certainly came in handy since I was arriving late in the evening and just wanted something cheap and simple for the night. There is really no point in booking something fancy when we checked in after midnight! There is two HGI in Kuala Lumpur and they are just steps away from one another. The fact that they are classified as two different properties makes it even more attractive if you want to clock stays. I went for the South property since it is cheaper and I had better reviews. 

Booking Process & Pre Arrival 

I book directly with Hilton for this stay and got the cheapest double room for 66.18 SGD including tax. This got to be one of my cheapest Hilton hotels stays ever. If you are just winging it and here for a mattress run, you can even get the cheapest single room for just 45 SGD or so. I did not want to take my chance on an upgrade since HGI is excluded and I had 2 pax. How awesome is this place for a mattress run? I was extended an upgrade to one of the rooms with a KL Tower View ahead of the stay. Hilton Garden Inn Kuala Lumpur South features 227 guest rooms spread across 8 categories. You can find the breakdown below.

RoomsBathtub Room SizeNo.of Rooms
SingleNo19 Sqm40
Queen GuestNo20 Sqm69
Queen Guest – KL Tower ViewNo21 Sqm85
Twin Guest – No ViewNo23 Sqm3
Twin Deluxe – No ViewNo35 Sqm19
Twin Deluxe – KL Tower ViewYes37 Sqm24
Twin Deluxe – Twin Tower ViewNo32 Sqm12
Twin Guest – KL Tower ViewNo24 Sqm15

Checking In

I arrived rather late and in fact after midnight after my dinner at Jalan Alor. If you are taking a grab from the airport, it will cost around 100 RM or so. The ride will take about 1hr. I just needed somewhere to sleep and shower, there is no point in booking an expensive place. The hotel is located in the Chow Kit neighbourhood. It is out of the typical tourist enclave but with Grab prices being so affordable, this is not material at all. I can see from the app that I have been upgraded to a room with a KL tower view. I appreciate the small upgrade as HGI doesn’t have to do so for elite members. It is very quiet when I arrived and I was promptly checked in by the night associate. The lobby is simple and comes with some seating on the side. Here are some pictures that I took the morning after. 

I opted for points instead of breakfast since I had plans to get Village Park Nasi Lemak! The payment was collected immediately and the associate even managed to assign us connecting rooms. 

Queen Tower View Room

I was assigned a Queen room with a KL Tower view room. It is located on the 20th floor. Room 2008 to be exact. I am here with my family and we managed to get connecting rooms. Both of us got rooms with the KL Tower View, one queen and one twin room. It is a short walk away from the elevators. The room is a cosy 21 Sqm. I am pretty pleased with the room and this is decent. It looks new and fresh. Things are well maintained here. I have been to worse hotels. Immediately upon entering the room, you can see most of it in one look. To the left, you have an open-concept wardrobe. It is pretty spacious and comes with a platform for you to put your baggage. Plenty of hangers are provided. Next to it, you can also find an ironing kit. I love the setup. You can also find a portable luggage rack here for your bigger suitcase. This is even better than my Moxy Athens stay

To the right is the bathroom which is on the smaller side. It comes with everything that you might need for the stay. It comes with a single sink and toiletries. Surprising they are not from Crabtree and Evelyn which is the usual in HGI. They did not provide any dental kits or other amenities. I am sure that you can request a toothbrush or something. 

The bathroom comes with a standing shower and the space is decent. The only thing that I hate is the lack of a handheld showerhead. They only have one that is mounted on the wall and that is not something that I am a fan of! 

The queen size bed takes up most of the space in the room. I appreciated the little decor and towel art since it is my mum’s birthday! The bed is slightly on the softer side. Flanking both sides of the bed, you can find nightstands and one of them even comes with an alarm clock. Power outlets and controls for the lighting are within reach. 

On the wall is the TV. It comes with a good number of cable TV channels consisting of both local and international options. You can even find channels screening the world cup. I do feel that the TV size is a little small for the room. 

The room comes with a view of the surrounding area. I took this the morning after and check out the KL Tower! 

By the window, you have a window bay sofa that stretches along the entire space. I did love the setup. The extra seating is a nice touch and also adds up some extra storage to the small space. This is a good spot to put some belonging or a small cabin suitcase. 

In the corner, you can also find the minibar by the side as well as the safe. A kettle is provided alongside some packaged tea and coffee. Below you can also find a fridge that is left empty for your use.  

Fitness Centre 

Both North and South towers’ guests can use the facilities of both towers. Guests, who are staying in the North Tower, can enjoy the swimming pool in the South Tower. The pool is on the south property. It is located on the ground floor. You can reach out to the front desk team for assistance to access the gym. The gym is open 24 hours. 

The place looks clean and well-maintained. I feel that everything is rather new over here. The gym is basic but gets the work done for a quick workout. 


The pool is located on the rooftop on the 25th floor of the South Tower. It will be more convenient for you to use it if you are staying over here. I wish that they have an internal corridor connecting the two buildings. The pool is on the smaller side. Nothing worth mentioning. It is good for getting a workout but not a leisurely relaxing kind of vibes pool. 


This was a very short stay! I was in and out in less than 12 hours! I didn’t even get breakfast but opted for the points instead. I am very pleased with the stay and it fulfilled what I needed. Despite the less-than-ideal location and the cheap rates, the quality is there. It is one of the better HGIs that I have stayed at. It is funny how the North and the South rooms are classified as two different properties. This can be separate “wings”. However, this can help in terms of fulfilling stays if you want to qualify based on that. I can see myself coming back for future mattress runs with the single room when it comes 2024. A majority of my 60 nights will be done here provided the same rate remains. With the devaluation of my favourite HGI Bali. This is the best option for a mattress run. I would be keen to check out the North property in the future and get breakfast as well.