I have visited the SATS Lounge in Terminal 1 countless time this year and this is my go to contract lounge whenever I am flying out of Terminal 1. This is one of the 2 contract lounges that you can access via Priority Pass currently. Between the Marhaba and this lounge, I prefer the SATS Lounge. You will see why later. There is also another SATS Lounge in Terminal 3 which I have recently reviewed. I love having access to a lounge which can definitely comes in handy either for a drink while waiting for your flight or grabbing some grub. For this particular flight it definitely come in useful since we got dinner here before the budget flight. The lounge is always super crowded which makes it hard to get some pictures for the review but since my departure time to Athens is only at 3am, I figure I stand a higher chance. Let’s kick start the Greece adventure!


Access Requirements

The SATS Lounge is open 24 hours daily. You can also access this lounge via lounge program membership like Priority Pass. I have an unlimited Priority Pass thru my Citi Prestige Credit Card and use that to access the lounge. A normal entrance will cost 32 USD. There was no wait at the entrance and I was admitted entrance after showing my card and boarding pass. Do note that entrance might be limited at times when there is overcrowding which happens pretty often given the travel demand right now. Some airlines also send their passengers here, like Japan Airlines which is a sly one. You should be heading to one of the Oneworld lounge. Don’t be tricked.

Arrival & Location

The lounge is located on the second floor, one level above the main terminal. Head left after clearing immigration. Signs are easily available and you should have no issue finding it. I was welcomed in after presenting my PP card and the boarding pass. This should be useful for most travellers and a complimentary Priority Pass membership should be rather easy to get be it overseas or from credit cards in Singapore. I don’t see why you should be paying for entrance here. 

SATS Premier Lounge Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Upon entering the lounge, you have the main space of the lounge which is filled up with plenty of lounge couches. You can also find some high top seatings and proper dining tables nearer to the refreshment area. Here are some of the pictures of the lounge. I also love this little cubicles seatings with particious. They are very private and good for solo travellers.




Then you have a separate annex which seems to be something new and a recent extension to the lounge. I only realised this area this year. This is my favourite spot of the lounge and my preferred seating area. Doesn’t it reminds you like a Japanese tea house? I love the little water feature in the centre. The faint sound of the water make is very relaxing and soothing. There are some sofa seatings and dining chairs by the wall which is my usual spot. USB outlets and power sockets are readily available. The rest of the space here are filled by couches.



Food & Drinks

Everything is self served in the lounge. The refreshment area is located near the entrance to the annex area and the dining tables. There is a decent drinks offering. Besides packaged tea and those coffee machine, you can also find some other canned drinks and juices in the fridge. The alcoholic offerings is pretty good too. You have both red and white wine as well as a sparkling wine option. I had a couple glasses of the sparking wine which was lovely.  Spirits wise, you can find Gin, Vodka and Black Label whisky. There are also two types of canned beers.




I was here during dinner and you can find their signature SATS Laksa which is available all day long. They do an amazing rendition and flavourful broth. I do wish that they are generous enough to provide some prawns too.


You can also find some other offerings by the buffet line. On the evening of my visit, they had like mashed potatoes, vegetables, samosa, baked fish and three types of chicken. The chicken congee is lovely too.




This is one of the better decent contract lounge that I have been to. It is also my go to one in Terminal 1. I love the decor of the place and I usually go for a seat in their newly renovated annex area which feels like a Japanese tea house. The food offerings is also the best out of all contract lounges in Changi and that is my main concern when it comes to contract lounge. I appreciated having a place to sit and to enjoy some food and drinks before my flight. This prevents you from incurring extra airport expenditure which might be costly. This is a great place for a light meal before boarding especially when you are flying in budget.