Welcome to another brand new trip series from Seeing The World In Steps! I took a unplanned trip to Athens, Greece back in sept. This is going to be an exciting one and let me introduce to you Scooting In & Out! This is a unique one and sort of came out of the blue. I will be flying into Athens for a quick and dirty visit. Scooting In & Out for 72 hours. There is always something exciting about flying on these where you won’t even know if you will ever make it on board or not. You also might get to places that you never thought you will travel to. I love error fares and this brought me to Athens, Greece! My 33rd unique country! I got a scoot error fare that will take me flying 24 hours in an budget airline to Greece for 200 SGD! That got to be a first! While this is more subtle than some other fantastic error sale I got on like Cathay First Class and Gulf Air Business Class, it is still amazing to be able to fly halfway around the world for 200 bucks.



This is one of the main reasons why this trip came about. Back a couple of months ago, I chanced upon an error fare for Scoot on a OTA. Believe it or not, a return ticket on Scoot was pricing around 200 SGD for a ticket from Singapore to Athens. They flights would have cost around 746 SGD each and even includes baggage and meals. Scoot operates some of the longest flight for a budget airline. They fly to both Berlin and Athens making it some of the longest flight you can fly on a budget airline from Singapore. I figures that it will be a good opportunity to check out a new place. It will be my first time visiting Greece and Athens. Sadly, I could not fit in my schedule to visit Greece longer. Let me try flying in Scoot for 12 hours. Hopefully my back is still alive after that. I shall add this to my milestone. I ended up flying

Scoot TR 712 787-9 SIN – ATH

Scoot TR 713 787-9 ATH – SIN



I had 3 nights in Athens. It is really a short weekend trip. I lock in some nice rates for the Moxy when I first book the Scoot ticket. The rates were really good at that point in time and was also fully flexible just in case the ticket got canned or something. There wasn’t any Hilton hotels in Athens and the GHA ones doesn’t seem to be that decent too. I ended up just staying at the Moxy since the rates and location were really good and I figures that there is no point splurging for the IC or something since I will be out of the hotel most of the time. I will be reviewing the Moxy Athens which is pretty good with a really central location. The hotel is also rather new.



This time around I will be taking the opportunity to check out the SATS Lounge at Changi Airport Terminal 1. I figures it is time for another review since it has been quite some time since I shared it. It will be nice to see how things are right now. I have recently reviewed the SATS Lounge in Terminal 3. Between the Marhaba Lounge and the SATS Lounge in Terminal 1, I have a preference for the SATS one. This is great for a meal or drink before your flight in Terminal 1.


I didn’t manage to visit any lounge in Athens due to the terminal that Scoot is flying out from.


It’s always lovely to visit a new place and my lifelong dream has always been to visit all the countries in the world. Greece will be my 33rd unique country in the world. It is going to be fantastic adding this to my list. I will be sharing my thoughts on the city and where I visited during the short 3 days that I am here.



This is the unique part for me and the one that I am looking forward to. A visit to the Greek Islands has to be on the plan when visiting Greece. Sadly, I did not have enough time to visit one of the further and more famous ones. I am based in Athens and while looking at day trips, I decided to visit Aegina since it is easily accessible with only a 1 hr ferry ride. Super excited to be visiting this pistachio island.


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Hope you guys are looking forward to following me on my adventures once again. Can I get another error sale again? Somewhere along the lines of Emirates, Qatar and Air France would be great!