Back on another flight with Singapore Airlines. This time I will be flying back from Bangkok and while it is just a short-haul regional flight, I figure that it might be worth sharing the soft product. I also manage to snag one of the rare ones where SQ uses the A350 with the long haul product for this regional flight. It is definitely a treat when you have this seat for a flight that is less than 3 hours. SQ has a couple of different business class variants. While the 2013 J class product is not the latest, it is my favourite. The unparalleled space is perfect. You can find them on the A350 Long Haul and Ultra Long Haul variants as well as the 777-300ER. I bought this ticket when the “stopover” trick is still very much alive and issued it with another flight to Jakarta in First Class. I have reviewed it recently. I also reviewed the same product when I was flying back from Barcelona. Do check that out for a more detailed review. So happy to be on another SQ flight again.


Checking In 

I arrive at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport at around 9am to cater more time. Traffic is always bad in Bangkok so do cater more time. I also had to get VAT refund done which was really fast and efficient. You can find the counter to the right of the terminal. Singapore Airlines check-in counters open 3 hours ahead of your flight. There was barely anyone there and I was immediately helped to at the business class counters by the friendly associate. We are also able to use the fast-track security and immigration lines and were let out in the transit area in no time. This will bring you out to the Thai Airways Royal Orchid Prestige Lounge.

Boarding Process

Boarding started around 12.55pm, slightly behind schedule. It is always nice to be onboard a Singapore Airlines flight. The gate was just a short walk away from the lounge. I was warmly welcomed by the crew and shown to my seat. I managed to get bulkhead seats on Row 11 which are the best. Boarding was chaotic since everyone boarded thru the front door which makes for a lot of traffic passing by. Welcome drink was offered with a choice between orange juice or water. Champagne is available on request.

Singapore Airlines Long Haul Business Class

While no longer the most cutting-edge product out there, the 2013 J-class products are still great to fly on. This is a product that serves the long haul routes and having this for a breezy Bangkok to Singapore flight is more than sufficient. I managed to luck out on bulkhead seats which makes it super spacious. The extra space comes from the spacious ottoman and leg rest area. Here are some pictures of the cabin. I have also already done a detailed review of these seats before and here are some thoughts from my previous long-haul flight.



I love that SQ doesn’t install any overhead bins in the middle seats which makes the cabin less claustrophobic. Do not worry as there is always enough space in the bins for all the passengers. There will also be many compartments for your stuff around your seat.

The leather seats alternate between a dark purple-brown and a dark beach colour. Each seat comes with a comfy plush pillow. I appreciate that it isn’t like some paper-thin pillow. On the side of the seat, you can find some lights, the ports for the power outlets and a USB port. There is also a compartment that is huge for a little bag, laptop and stuff.

Now for the seat itself, this version of Business Class is the one renewed after their squarish J Class. I am glad to say that it is still as spacious, one of the best in the industry, compared to other airlines First Class! There are plenty of compartments!

Then to the window side of the seat, you can find the touch screen remote to the IFE as well as another compartment where you can find the headphones. This place is big enough to place some stuff as well. You could easily put your bottle or some stuff. A noise cancelling headphones and a care kit are left in the compartment by the table. On the other side of the seat, you can find the seats controls and they are intuitively enough.

Krisworld, Singapore Airlines Inflight Entertainment system is award-winning, the best in the industry. In Business Class you get an 18-inch HD LCD screen to compliment that! It is high definition and no flight is long enough to finish the selection of more than 1000 entertainment options. Besides the screen, you can find more compartments to store your glasses and include a vanity mirror. Business Class passengers are also offered a limited allocation of wifi. The speeds are decent.

One bad aspect about these seats is the leg rest area where it is found at an angle towards the window. You will also have to sleep at a slight angle in bed mode.

Below the seat, you can find a cubby which is great for your bags or shoes. Paper menus are no longer provided and the crew soon came by with additional amenities for the flight.

Meal Service

Upon levelling off, the crew sprang into service. After all given how short this flight is, every second matters. The crew came by to take drinks and meal orders. Book The Cook is not available for flights departing from Bangkok. You can find the menu for the flight below. For this particular flight, a light lunch is served. Due to the short flight, everything is served on a tray.


I opted for the Pan Fried Salmon Fillet for my main which was served with some vegetables and pumpkin-flavoured farro. Accompanying the main was a seared tuna appetizer which I left almost untouched as well as a sticky date pudding. The pudding was delicious. The crew also came by with a bread basket and I got some garlic bread to go with the meal as per my SOP on SQ.


My partner got the Ayam Bakar Taliwang which was pretty good too according to her despite being rather heavy on carbs.


Service was excellent with an amazing crew. They were attentive and drinks were constantly refilled and topped up. I ended the meal with a double espresso.


What else could you find fault with? Flying Business Class on one of the world’s foremost premium airlines for a mere Bangkok to Singapore flight. It is perfect! This is a treat and I wish that the stopover trick remains. I also checked off one of my lifelong goals by having the entire cabin all to myself. A very comfortable way to fly back to Singapore. Next up, a very different trip to Greece. Stay tuned.