Rotterdam was next up after a night in Lux, this is actually my true destination. After being to the vibrant and way too chaotic Amsterdam 2 years ago, I wanna try out some other Dutch cities to get a feel. Which is why I am checking out the more overlooked Rotterdam, Den Haag and Breda! I found an affordable Flixbus costing me around 20 euros but it will be a long ass ride of more than 6 hours. Thankfully the bus was fairly empty and I met Subin from Lux, having a company for the 6 hours makes the journey so much more bearable. I stayed at the Hilton for my 2 nights in Rotterdam! The Hilton Rotterdam is one of the best in town and an level above most of the hiltons that I have stayed in. A true 5 star hotel in Europe. It is located on the corner of Stadhius, just a short walk away from the central station. It is also right in the heart of the city and you can practically walk anywhere. I never took any transportation at all.

I was there in the early evening, it is an easy find with a classy exterior. I kind of love how it looks. Classy and yet not outdated. Immediately after entering the interior is impressive and an eye opener. The lobby was decked out in wood and warm lighting. Making it very comfortable and welcoming, there is also a nice scent as well. On my first thought, I really find the hotel very fresh and thought that it was only recently renovated. Although after my stayed I learned that it is already been some time. That is some impressive upkeeping. There was no wait at check in. I was thank for my loyalty being a gold member. Check in was fast since I have already pre check in online on the app and I choose a room on the 10th floor, the executive floor. Elite recognition is great and I was pre upgraded to an Executive room on the morning of my stay. They also very kindly extended my check out timing! The staff also explained the timings for the lounge as well as restaurant breakfast for me! For my 2 night stay, my rate was around 193 SGD a night or 119 euros!

The room was awesome and super gorgeous! I was mind blown when I entered. It is spacious, bright and fresh. I love the bright colors that they use and the finishing of the furniture, especially that little minibar console in the room. That was fresh and lovely. The room also had bright lighting which accompany the abundance of natural light in the room. I love how white color is being use here. It is so welcoming and homely. It kinda of remind me of a Park Hyatt.

Immediately after entering, on the side you can find the safe as well as a mini drawer. Then in the middle is the luggage storage area followed by the wardrobe. I love how everything is well appointed. Hairdryer and an ironing set is provided here as well. The bathroom is on the right, I will come back to it later!

The room also have views of the surrounding area which is pretty nice and it is pretty unblocked. The wifi is strong in the room and between the bed and the window there is a nice lounging chair. I love all the little touches in the room. There is also a proper working desk in the room as well. Outlets can be located throughout the room and there is both EU plugs as well as the UK 3 pin kind.

There was a huge king size bed right in the middle of the room and it is so comfy and lush. It comes with 4 pillows as well. Which I have to say that I fully utilised all. the bedding was super good and I had such a good rest every night.

Facing the bed is a little mini bar set up and so chic. It got to be the most innovative one I have seen. It is like a little drawer and you can find the fridge in the middle as well as on both sides any other utensils you might need. You can find some cups, tea, a water boiler as well as a Nespresso machine and a couple capsules. While I hate that the fridge is those compartment kind where sensor determine what you take. At least they say you could use the empty slots. Some Hilton honors waters can be found in the room as well.

Now let’s come to the toilet! Another highlight of the room. It is super awesome and gorgeous. And there is an amazing rainforest shower together with a handheld shower head. I love it so much and the finishing. The showering area is also spacious for two people! HAHA. Toiletries were the typical Crabtree and Evelyn! I like that they are generous and provide two set which hotels always scrimp on!

The executive lounge is located on the ground floor and it was a nice space. Very new and fresh as well. It is open all day long, but evening reception is from 6pm to 9pm and breakfast is from 6.30am to 10.30am. I have to say they have one of the more generous timing out there. 3 hours of free flow drinks is awesome in my opinion.

The lounge was quite a nice space. Bright and nicely decorated. The furniture is nice as well consisting of more leisurely sofas to a little more formal tables. It is very comfortable to chill in. I also love that there are plenty of outlets to be found. The hotel seems to cater to much people on business.

It is quite busy throughout the evening reception. You can find some fried hot bites, cold cuts little salads as well as bread. It is a pretty healthy selection I guess. Besides the chips that I was addicted to! It is not much but could still be a light dinner replacement. I tried some of the stuff here and they were good.

Drinks wise there is a good selection of it. There are 3 types of beer including Heineken as well as 2 belgium ones. A Processo, 3 reds and 2 white! I also saw a rose on the next day. You can also find some liquor as well! Very generous. In the fridge you can also find some Soft drinks, Tea and Juices which are also available all day long. It’s pretty awesome! I love that the lady working the lounge was super polite and nice. She even went around to inform us that they are clearing the food in 10 mins time! Leaving us the bottle in the meanwhile.

I went to the restaurant for breakfast the next. Roots restaurant is such a nice place. The vibes is awesome as is the decor. Breakfast is served from 6.30am to 10am on weekdays and 7am to 11am on weekends.

I will not say that the selection is really huge but everything looks delicious, fresh and gorgeous. The quality is there. Heck there is even an Asian counter! There are also some Dutch pancakes, sausages, mushrooms, bacon and make to order eggs! I love the hash potatoes. There is also a waffle machine on offer.

You can also find cold cuts, cheese and fresh fruits. So much better than ahem Hilton Strasbourg. Got a taste of their scrambled eggs which is an indicator of a hotel breakfast. It is not too busy when I’m here on both days. The staff also make a mean cup of latte here. I love the juice selection as well. I have to say that the offerings are the same for both days, no variation!

I went back to the lounge to check out the breakfast offering as well. There are a couple of cold cuts and hot dishes on offer. Furthermore you can order eggs from the kitchen. A nice cute little EGG-XECUTIVE sign was place on the table. Service was excellent here. Breakfast in lounge is pretty limited but still a lot better than much places!
Staff are constantly polite and nice in the lounge, very engaging and ask about your day. This is a hotel that will almost score full marks from me. It hit all my major points, the location is perfect and the offerings are great. Room is nice. Elite recognition is good! Furthermore the staff are well trained and polite. Really welcoming! I talk a little with their staff and realised that the renovation is done actually 4 years ago! I’m impressed with how nice everything still look today! A little more pricey that I would have pay but no regrets! One of the best hotel ever stayed!

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