Expensive! That is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Luxembourg! Or better known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It is one of Europe most charming city of all time and the medieval old town is an UNESCO World heritage Site as well. One of the smallest landlocked country in Europe. In the past Lux was severely impacted by the wars and invaded by neighbouring countries which is also another reason why they have been a believer of peace and a supporter of the European Union. The city is host to a number of EU organization, making Luxembourg City one of the capital cities of EU. It is a city where the population is highly inflated in day time and during weekdays where most of the people travel into the city and work, but choose to stay outside of Luxembourg given the high cost of living! In the evening, and on weekends such as the sunday that I was here it seems like a dead city and awfully quiet. I did not spend much time here since I was just stopping enroute to Rotterdam! Still would like to do up a short post sharing on the little spots that I love in Luxembourg City!

I love the area around the lower city and near the Alzette river. It is very pretty and perhaps the most picturesque part of the whole place. There is a lot of historical fortification to see. This is known as the Grund Area! Amazing structure from the past. It is nicely paved for a nice walk around the area where you are able to see all the ruins of the medieval fortification.

If you want a great place to take pictures, one of my favourite is the area around the Palais de Justice Luxembourg where it is grand and broad. You can get really awesome pictures of the Grund area and the lower city. Extremely lovely. From here you are also able to get down to the lower city, which is quite a climb thereafter. I met a friend here and we went on to walk around the area.

Nearby you can also see the Dent Creuse and Casemates du Bock which are some historical landmark. There are even use during the world war for defence purposes. Pretty lovely.

The other favourite area of the city that I really love is the Adolphe Bridge and surrounding area. The Adolphe Bridge is a must see and one of the most famous attraction here. It is a historical stone arch bridge from the 1900s!

What I really love about this bridge is how high it is over the ground, which is like a medieval forest, a whole patch of greens, furthermore the view is really nice here where you can get really good picture of the whole city from the bridge area. Especially lovely at dusk where the buildings glister.

Pétrusse Casemates nearby the bridge is a huge carnival here as well for those who are interested. It used to be a fort here in the past. I love the views from the carnival here over the city. Nice quaint place to chill especially on the day there I was here. There is a huge park under the bridge area and you can get lots of greens. Pretty spectacular! Nice place for a chill walk. Quite a climb back up.

The centre central area is pretty boring unless you are into shops and restaurants. Furthermore it is a city that gets really quiet after working hours and on weekends since most of the people here stay in surrounding countries and commute in during business hours for work to avoid the awfully high cost of living. However there are still a couple must see in the area which are rather nice including the Ducal Palace and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Most of the area here are pedestrian only making it pleasant to walk.

After all, Lux is a very small cosy city, I am glad to be able to check it out. While it is very quiet, it does seem to be another form of enjoyment. One of the safest place on earth, come to think of it, it is rather pleasant to walk around quietly. The area around the train stations are mostly office and some eateries, nothing much to talk about. I do have heard there are some shady spots around here. This wrap up the 27 country on my list! Next up rotterdam!

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