The little sister to Amsterdam? Worth coming? It is located roughly about an hour away from Amsterdam lies Rotterdam! All the dams in the world! I really wanted to experience some other Dutch cities besides Amsterdams to get the vibes as well as the way of life of the locals here. After all the main city and probably the most crowded partying capital shouldn’t be the whole representative of the whole country. I have heard some nice things about Rotterdam as well. Rotterdam to me felts like the other quieter sibling to me. Much more subtle, but with some strong values right in the core as well. I was in Rotterdam for 2 days to check it out. Rotterdam is the major port city, it is pretty huge as well. Fully or mostly destroyed during the world wars, it is completely, almostly rebuilt from the ground! Gone are the historical architecture and buildings and it is more of a modern sight which seems way too similar to any other city you have been. You do have to praise their bold modern style. The famous market hall right in the city hub is a good example! The city center is rather compact for tourist and the main central train station is also let you right out in the city center! I will just like to share a little on the place I visited and the thoughts I have on Rotterdam!

While all the rules still apply here as well, the same in dutch, the liberal art scene as well as the lax rules towards recreation drugs. You can clearly way see the difference and how understated it is when compared to Amsterdam. Heck even the cycling scene as well! People are nicer and it is way less crowded compared to me constantly fearing for my lift back in Amsterdam out on the streets seeing how aggressive those cyclist are! This is one of the must visit in Rotterdam, the central Market Hall! The exterior of the building is also super futuristic! Making it one of the most unique ones in the city center! If I am not wrong, some of the upper levels are being used as apartments as well. Lovely. When inside you do have to check out the ceiling! This place is best explored on Tues and Sat as the surrounding streets outside the market hall is where the famed Binnenrotte Market are held! You can find restaurants, food stalls as well as some boutique stands inside selling from fresh fruits to nuts and spices! Dutch cheese can of course be found here as well. Nice place for some window shopping!

The Binnenrotte is my favourite of all I did in Rotterdam! The market is one of the largest street markets I have ever been to! From what I have research there are more than 500 stalls here. I really like that the stalls are not too cramp and there is plenty of space for shoppers to walk around.

You can find all sorts of stuff here, from flea market items, household wares, vintage pieces, books, clothes to many fresh produce and even flowers. I love markets, especially overseas street markets even though I always do not buy anything at all! It is such a nice way to see the way of life of the locals and how they go about doing their stuff!

Of course, I also got from Dutch Fries from a local frite stalls! Topped with large amount of Fritessaus! Please, never get Mcdonalds fries when in Netherlands! This is also the best way to do window shopping in markets! A cone of fries in hand! I also met a friend here! Thanks so much for wandering around with me Lizette!

I believe that everyone knows about the famous Cube House! Literal housing in a cube and at a weird angle. While it is not particular interesting to me I believe that I do still have to take a look and check it out! The bright yellow color do really make them stand out! Check and dusted I guess! You are also able to get a tour and head in if you want to check out the interior. If I am not wrong, one of them is a show unit while the rest are actual housing! It is said to cost around 175,000 Euros for a unit!

The Harbour Area around Nieuwe Mass is also worth a stroll. Kinda chill over here and you can also see some of the sights and rather unique staff such as the Erasmusbrug a rather new suspension bridge that is also known as “The Swan”! I got no idea why and it does not look anything like that as well.

While strolling around I also got to check out the Het Park and decide to when there to chill the afternoon away! Overseas grass is kinda my thing! Perhaps I should make it a point to lie down at least once on every country that I have been to! Dennison the grass reviewer I should be HAHA! Over here you can also get a sight of the Euromast!

Rotterdam might not be the most glamourous city out there! But it is still rather quaint and lovely! Of course, there are not as many sights like in Amsterdam or elsewhere, if you are in the region or nearby! Come by for a stop, it might still surprise you! So long Rotterdam!

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