I was flying out of Dublin to head to Paris, the last city of this very trip. Dublin Airport is fairly modern and new, especially in Terminal 2. It was a short taxi ride from the hotel and Aer Lingus is amazing, in fact, anything after Ryan Air first class. I will share more about the flight in detail in the next post. Dublin Airport have two contract lounge, both accessible via Priority Pass. There is one in each terminal and practically enough they are just simply named T1 Lounge and T2 Lounge. At least there are still good coverage for all of us. They are the only contract lounges in Dublin Airport.

The lounge is a short walk after security one level down from the main level. It is located near the US border preclearance facility, near gate 400. Just walk towards the direction and you will be able to find the lounge easily. However do remember to not enter the preclearance facility. Just a gentle reminder for those who are heading to the US, you will not be able to use the lounge if you have already past the US border preclearance. So do keep in mind and balance out your time if you would like to use the lounge.

I love that it is very quiet in the morning that I am here. The lounge is open from 5am to 10pm daily. There was no wait and I was immediately welcomed in by the staff. For what it is worth they allow guest to use multiple Priority Pass card unlike some other lounges. I love that there is a nice area for guest to hang their jacket by the entrance as well. I can imagine how useful this is especially in the winter season. The lounge is not huge overall, it consists of mainly one huge room, but it looks gorgeous and spacious due to the high ceiling as well as the ceiling to food windows that opens out to the apron. There are a tons of natural light and is welcoming. There are also nice views of the aprons.

Seating arrangement are of the usual lounges couches and sofa. They mostly lined up against one another. Outlets can be easily found and the wifi is fast as well. There are alot of seatings. Although I feel that it might be rather uncomfortable when the lounge is crowded given how closely some seats are placed together. There are washroom here as well which seems to be lacking nowadays in contract lounges.

Towards one side of the lounge, the front, you can find a small tv room and business centre. This is also where the refreshments can be found. Breakfast was served when I was here. The offering was quite limited with just a pot of hot porridge as well as some pastries, fruit and juices. It is more of a continental selection!

Drinks wise it is pretty alright with can drinks, juices, wine, liquor as well as beer on offer. I didn’t partake in any since it is still so early.

Overall, I rather enjoy the lounge, it is a nice place to chill and rest since it is quiet. I certainly saw a few of the other guest sleeping inside as well. While not impressive there are still some snacks as well as drinks. You can still prevent from spending money on food and drinks at a pricey airport especially if you can get in to the lounge for free. I certainly will not recommend you to pay for entrance. Not too shabby!

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