Continuing on my journey I am headed to Paris. It is so nice to be back to Paris after close to 7 years back. I guess I need to be back before the “7 Year Itch” happens. I was at the airport bright early in the airport. Check in was smooth and there was a little queue but there was plenty of counters open and it was done in no time. I was flying Aer Lingus this time around, the home airline of Ireland. It is such a delight to be flying Aer Lingus. Everything is so amazing after the disastrous Ryan Air! Checked baggage, getting your boarding pass from the gorgeous staff who so nicely circled out my gate number. Staff is polite and not stingy with allowance. I never know how these small little things matters. I know I am so spoiled. Security was smooth as well. Leaving the lounge near Gate 400. It was a short walk to the gate from the lounge. However this is just a gate for the bus which will take us to a satellite mini terminal and from there we could board our Aer Lingus flight. It is kind of annoying that when you are flying out of the airline hub, you have to use a stand.

This is my very first time flying Aer Lingus, Dublin Airport is actually also pretty gorgeous as well as new. The tickets cost around 150 SGD. The flight was in fact delayed slightly and it was not shown on the screen as well. Taking the opportunity, I got exit row seats at the gate. True travellers will know that leg room trump any window seats or the ability to seat with your friend. . However the gate agent was very nice and keep us updated. It was only a short delay and I even got the chance to catch the plane landing. Aer Lingus to have a very nice livery. Furthermore, I got to earn some miles on Alaska Mileage as well, it is sure a beneficial relationship!

We started to board around 10am. I guess the perks of using a stand is that you really get a good close up view of the plane and there is always this old school charm of walking up to the planes itself. We were on a A320 as always it is usually on intra Europe flight. It is in a 3-3 configuration. The sears were comfortable and leg room was definitely generous since it’s on the exit row.

I love that there are air nozzle installed which is so important since airlines love to keep the cabin rather warm on ground usually. The crew were polite and we had a super late departure with the delay and everything. Thankfully we made up most of the time and arrive just slightly late. However Aer Lingus do not provide any service or snacks at all and all food and drinks are payable.

Still a nice way to get to Paris for me and there is nothing much to fault for flying on them. Service was friendly, there is just a slight hiccup with the delay which is not of the fault of the airline at all. It is a comfortable ride for a flight time of around 1hr. Furthermore, flying any decent airline after a RyanAir experience, anything feels like a gain or a luxury. First class vibes. Law of Marginal Returns definitely!


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