Dublin or in Irish, Dubh Linn is the capital of Ireland. Do not mix this up with Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. Ireland is a separate country and part of the European Union. However it is not part of the Schengen Area, which means that you will need your passport to enter the country. Singapore can enter visa free and it is not counted towards the 90 day period as well. Notwithstanding it being known as the birthplace of Guinness, it is also a place full of historic buildings. Dublin is a warm and welcoming. You will definitely enjoy the laid back lifestyle as well as the slower pace of life. The people are also very hospitable. Furthermore it is a super easy place to travel to given that the main language is English as well as all the signs. Follow me on my short stay in Dublin!

First up, and definitely the most well known area in Dublin got to be the Temple Bar area. Do not get misled by the name of the place, Temple Bar is not only a bar but actually an area. Like the whole area is called Temple Bar and it is lined up with restaurants, pubs and bars. It is a super happening place, especially on the weekends as well as late in the evening. It is the place to go to for nightlife. It might get a little rowdy as well. Temple Bar is playful and colorful where you can see from some of the shops decor as well. However with that being said it is still a super safe place to head to. It is located just next to the River and right in the city centre.

The most famous bar here got to be The Temple Bar. You will definitely find it here and it is super popular. It is also decked in bright red decor. You can never miss it. It is almost open all day long. It is however kind of touristy since it is the most famous bar. It definitely feels more like a tourist spot than a comfy bar to drink in. Prices are also more expensive than other bars and pubs in town. But you can never miss a picture with this iconic red facade The Temple Bar!

The City Hall and Dublin Castle area is also worth a visit. It is just a short walk away and the castle is rather impressive. It is built in the 13th century. I took a walk around the castle as well as the nearby Dubh Linn garden which have an unique layout. Quite nice in the afternoon.

Trinity College is another of my personal favourite in Dublin. Simply check out these pictures. It just put any other campus in the world to shame. Look at how lovely this place is. I would want to study in such a gorgeous school so badly in my life. The whole place is around 47 hectares and are lined up with georgian style buildings. There are a lot of greens here as well. For those of us who do not have the luck to do so, you can still come here and walk thru the campus. Another famous thing here is the Books of Kells, although you do have to pay to enter the library.

Everyone knows Dennison love garden and lying on grass, especially when overseas. No doubt, I had my fair share of doing so in Dublin as well. St Stephen Green is the nicest garden in Dublin city centre. It is right in the heart of the city and near the shopping street as well. It is only open during the day and super popular as well especially when the sun is out and on the weekends.

The gardens is very well maintained and you can see it from the nicely landscaped flowers. There are alot of swans in the little lakes as well. On the day there I was here, lots of people are taking a picnic and gathering with friends while sitting on the comfy grass. This is definitely the kind of life I would like to have. Needless to say, I took a leisurely nap here as well.

Dublin is a city that is separated by the River Liffey in the middle. One that that you have to do is to walk along the banks and soak in the vibes. One main site to see is the Ha’penny Bridge which is a 19th-century cast-iron span & city symbol. Funny enough the bridge got its name as in the past, it cost half a penny to cross it!

The main shopping area in Dublin is around Wicklow St as well as Grafton St. Both of them are lined up with shops and full of all the brands that you might want! Super happening and crowded, here you can find lots of street performance as well. The music and singing is also world class. Just look at how many famous Irish boybands as well as singers there are.

You can also find a lot of restaurants and cafes around the area, especially in Dury St. Stroll along, enjoy the vibes or stop along one of the many cosy cafe for a cuppa. One good choice would be Kaph. Eating out in Dublin however is not cheap. I find the prices are much higher than expected, probably similar Paris standards.

One of my recommendation for food in Dublin especially for the Asian in heart like us and constantly craving for chinese food, you can check out Duck. It is a cantonese roast outlet where they are famous for their Roast Duck. It is opened by an authentic hongkonger and the food here are one of the best I had in the world. I can said that the Roast Duck and Roast Meat is even better than some of those that I had back home. Prices are fair and probably the more affordable one that you can find in Dublin. You will not regret coming here. The portion are pretty huge too.

For the best ice cream in town, head to the popular Murphys Ice Cream. Expect lots of amazing creations as well as flavours. The staff are super polite as well. The staff are super nice and gives out lot of tasting of different flavours. Pricing is fair and good. You will never be disappointed. My favourite is the Irish Brown Bread or the Dingle Sea Salt. I love how they toast the bread and add it into the ice cream. It is kind of like a crouton. Prices start from 3.50 Euro. Nothing is better than getting a cone and enjoy it while strolling down Grafton St, with the music from street performance accompanying you. Irish singers are of concert standards.

On the opposite side of River Liffey, you can check out the area near Mary St. Here you can find all the major stalls including Marks and Spencer, H&M. There are over 200 shops that you can find here. Check out the impressive Spire here as well which I would say is the tallest structure in the whole of Dublin. It looks like this giant needle that shoots up towards the sky. HAHA looking like a lightning conductor at a height of more than 120 metres. Kinda impressive when you are looking at it from the bottom.

This probably sums up the few places that I have been to in Dublin. It is a nice place, very different from the other cities in Europe. Irish people are very friendly and helpful. It is also a very laid back place with lower pace of life. Yet bustling. I guess there is just everything that you need here. Prices are pretty high here though! Great food can be found here as well. Like Klaw which I have shared previously and Duck, the best roast I got in Europe! Together with magical music by street performers, do not miss out visiting this place. Next up, I am off to Paris, the last city for this trip!

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