For my two night stay in Glasgow, I decided to stay in Hilton Glasgow. This is one of the properties that Hilton have in the west of the city centre. I was attracted to the price of the place as well as the easy access. It is right near where I was returning my rental car and near the city centre as well. The uber to the airport from here cost a mere 15 pounds. It is a rather large properties and near the SECC. It does however seems to be one of the legacy older Hilton Properties clearly in need of a reno soon! The location was alright, less than 10 mins walk to the city centre, although the orientation is a little weird and need to walk one round off the back of the hotel to enter it. Would be better if they have a back entrance! We paid about 260SGD per night for our rate. We got the Double Double Guest Room which comes with two double bed. Furthermore, I am able to earn hilton points and got free breakfast as well.

We arrive in the early evening around 5pm. It was pack and busy. We pulled up to the hotel to check in and drop off our baggage first. I was really impressed and would like to give a shout out to the bell man. He was polished and poised. Offered to be our valet and take care of our car while we settle everything. Informing us that it would be fine to leave the car with him for awhile. Check in was smooth but staff lack the basic expertise. Stark contrast to the bellman. No upgrade was available which is kind of a downpour given that it is such a huge hotel and it doesn’t seem to be any holiday period. I think the staff were a mix bag from a couple of my interaction later on as well. Another example would be on the breakfast for premium members. It was served in the restaurant and you have to present vouchers. However this was not given to us at check point and we have to ask for it later on.

The lobby was rather impressive and new. It was spacious and with a super high ceiling. There were plenty of seatings. In the corner you can also find a game room as well as a small business centre with computers and printer for guest to use. It had a fresh and refreshing interior despite the exterior looking a little sad. There is even a tea lounge by Dilmah!

As mentioned we got a double room with two double bed. It is pretty spacious and huge. The room decor was alright. Immediately after entering the washroom and wardrobe can be found on both side of the entrance. The wardrobe comes with all the necessary stuff and include an extra pillow as well. A hairdryer is also placed inside.

Room decor was alright with the two double bed in the main room. Each of the bed comes with 4 pillows and then they place another 2 extra in the room. I guess they do pay attention to my profile. HAHA thank goodness since the pillow were paper thin, well, what’s new. However, the bed were comfy and firm. I have always been a fan of Hilton Beds. For what is worth the double beds do seems to be slightly smaller than Queen Size! In the middle of the two beds, there is also a night stand. I also do not appreciate that there is no outlet to be found near the bed. I note that the wifi was fast in the room as well as in the public area. The mini bar area can be found near the bed, water kettle and some instant coffee as well as tea is offered as well. There is also a fridge below, with just a bottle of water.

At the far end of the room lies a little armchair. You can also find a proper working desk here as well with plugs. Two bottles of water were placed on the table. I feel that they are again one of the stingy properties. With signs placed to say that they are complementary again only for silver members and above. Like come on, they only provide it per stay and the price for each bottle was 1.50 pounds. So that is 3 pounds. And at cost they are probably less than 50 cents. How much would they cost you to provide for everyone?

The room faces the surrounding area, even though were were pretty high up and had clear views nearby, but there isn’t much to be seen!

I really appreciate the amount of pillows and toiletries they put in the room. In the washroom there was double the amount of soaps and shampoos. This makes sense given that probably 2 people were staying in a Double Double room!

The toilet was spacious and come with a bathtub as well. However it is more of the old dated ones where the shower head is fixed to the wall which is something that I really hate! At least the water pressure was good.

Breakfast is served in the Morblas Restaurant located on the ground floor. On both days that I was there. Service was rushed and it was super crowded. Clearly staffing need to be increased. It was super busy. Sometimes you simply just walk in since there is no one at the reception despite a wait. Premium members are entitled to the buffet selection which I have to say was pretty good. Good for Europeans property.

You can find Juice and water which are self service. While hot drinks and coffee are from the bar. Which I have to say that while it is rather impressive there are barista made coffee, it took super long for them to arrive.

Mix and match granola bar, cornflakes, smoothie, fresh fruit are some of the continental selection. Pastries were fresh as well. There were hot dishes consisting of sausages, bacon, haggies, hash browns……There is even a omelette to do station. I also say this make your own pancake machine which makes me think of Alaska lounges! There are no changes of the offering for both times that I had breakfast. Something perhaps to improve on.

To sum it up, the location is good, about 10 mins walk to city centre but the orientation is pretty bad and you have to walk one big round to get to the hotel from the back. I am unsure if Glasgow is always this quiet but around the hotel it is mostly office buildings. There is mostly nothing around the hotel, mostly quiet at night, but you are never too far from the restaurants in the city centre. Near the hotel and the city centre. It is a nice place to stay, especially for those who are Hilton members.

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