I guess that anyone that have been to Isle of Skye would have heard of The Oyster Shed! I love how rustic this place is, hidden in the hills, off a random dirt road. The perks of it being hidden from the town means you are going to get the most original, freshest food. And of course, the best view ever! Follow the little signs and you will be in paradise, this  to me is the real michelin star and really from water to the table! The Oyster Shed is located in the town of Carbost, where Talisker is housed as well. Making it a perfect combination to grab some whisky and go it with your oysters. It is located just behind the distillery in the hills. Follow the roads up and there would be signs to guide you. Google Maps works as well! This is by far the most awaited place that I would like to share with you guys!

As you pull up to the vacant lots just in front of the shed, you will be greeted with the greatest view ever, with the shed overlooking the nearby hills and Loch Harport. How amazing is this! The place have parking for about 8 cars I think. It wasn’t too crowded when I arrived in the late afternoon. The Oyster Shed is open from Mon to Sat, 11am to 5pm. Do check their facebook page for updates. Don’t expect anything fancy! It is a combination of rustic shed and simply cooking, where everything is prized on the quality of the ingredients itself. The huge green shed where the store is located in is mainly green and then to the side there is a cafe, this is where the food would be served. You can find some benches here for you to dine! Rustic and simple but with a killer view!

Being the usual me, grabbing a photo is the very first thing for me! I was taking one right in front of the shed before the Oyster Man himself photobomb me. What a nice greeting and of course we took a picture together. The oysterman is also the chef, who is doing all the cooking. Who knows I was in for a surprise later!

As the name suggest, The Oyster Shed is famous for their oysters, which are farmed in the crystal clear waters of Loch Harport on the west coast of Skye. Imagine how good and fresh the oysters would be after seeing the weather, the clearest water in the area. The Oyster Shed have lots of other items inside as well, from locally sourced products such as smoked salmon, mussels, crab, scallop meat, smoked Scottish game and a selection of cheeses and chutneys. The place is actually a seafood wholesaler. Inside the shed is also where you do the ordering, The menu changes from time to time, depending on what is available and it is all on the wall. We went all out for lunch given how famished we are.

I would say that the prices are very fair. It is definitely not cheap given that you are having seafood. Everything was locally sourced and cooked on the spot. You can collect it outside near the sitting area. While the oysters will be shuck on the spot when ordering. We ordered the Salt & Pepper Shrimp and Chips which cost 9.50 pounds, Grilled Scallops at 8 pounds,  1/2 Lobster and Chips at 12.50 pounds, Steamed Mussels at 6.50 pounds. Even though I am not a oyster fan, I got to give it a try since I am all the way here. Oysters are 1.50 pounds each and I got 3 of them.

Everything is cooked fresh and on the spot. We probably waited for about 15 mins, it isn’t long given that we are literally entertained by the stunning view from the eating area. This is such a dreamy combination, good view good food. I would love this forever. Let me just say that everything is super fresh and delicious. We definitely ordered a lot of food. It is time to roll up our sleeves and dig in. Go with your hands.

Oysters were fresh and slurpy, sorry I am not the best person to gauge it, but since I love it, it got to be pretty good. Like it wasn’t fishy or anything. Just a simply squeeze of lemon on it. Super funny as the oyster man even gave me 6 more oyster for free just cause we took a picture together. Scottish hospitality at its very best. Yay! The mussels and shrimp was alright. I had better mussels and the shrimp had a little too much flour. But still very good. Everything was fresh and cooked on the spot.

The most memorable ones are the lobsters and the scallops. Lobsters although looking a little small, but it was super fresh and sweet. Chips that came together was nice as well and to fill you up. I miss this place so much! You have such a breathtaking view of carboost to accompany the food. The Scallop is the best thing ever, literally, full stop! It was so good that we went for seconds. The scallops were the fattiest and the most plump ones that I ever had. They were simply grilled over the fire just before serving, super fresh and tender. Well cooked and not rubbery. You can even taste the char on it! It was super juicy as well. Have it on its on or with some lemon for another elevation. I could eat like 20 of them right now! Oyster man gave us an extra one too!

I have such a great experience here and will recommend everyone to head there. Drive for an hour, 3 hour it is worth it. The price is alright as well. Not very expensive in Skye and you definitely pay more elsewhere to get such good seafood. I am just hating that this place is actually on the other side of the world right now from me! If you ask me what is the most memorable meal I had this whole trip, it is not the 3 star michelin restaurants, but this, The Oyster Shed in Isle of Skye. That view, that scallop, that is memorable!

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