On the way back from KL, I got the opportunity to stop by Jewel and decided to pay a visit to one of Singapore latest offering this year, the Changi Lounge at Jewel! Jewel have been the pride and talking point for the whole of 2019 so do check them out if you have not heard of it! I have to say that I am constantly amazed and impressed by this place every time I visit. What is different is that this Changi Lounge is operated by Changi Airport itself and is located in the public area so technically it is less convenient for most travellers. It does still have its purpose since Jewel offers early check in so it does allows passengers to rest up and take a shower as well. Furthermore they are also targeting air cruise customers. I had an opportunity to check it out when it first open months ago and the decor was impressive. Thankful, this time around I get to experience it fully!

I was arriving in Terminal 1 which is directly connected to Jewel and the lounge is easy to find. The decor was amazing as shared, shades of blue as well as grey add the classy touch to it. I was here around 11pm, late in the evening and the lounge was empty and quiet, something that I really appreciate. At first, you could only pay to enter the lounge although now they have already partner up with providers such as Priority Pass and Dragon Pass. Access rules are quite complicated and different rules applies, given you method of entry! Priority Pass Members are able to access the lounge 4 hours prior to Scheduled Time of Departure. or On same day of Arrival Flight. Which means I have to enter prior to midnight. DragonPass members can use the lounge for any 3 hour period on the same day of travel. The lounge is open 24 hours.

Entry was fussless given the hour and my PP card was swipe. I was also further informed by the polite staff that those entering with Priority Pass is entitled to a pint of beer as well as usage of the shower facility! I immediately sprint to take lots of pictures in the lounge given how pretty the place is. Given the lack of usage, the furniture still look fresh and new! It is also rather empty at this hour and I was not afraid to disturb others with my photo taking. There are a tons of different seating arrangement, mostly in group settings.

You can also find a mini business center towards the side. I do have to commend the design and setting up of the place. One of the nicest contract lounge!

The refreshments is located towards one corner of the lounge, near the bar area. Here You can find some proper dining tables as well as the buffet set up. Although open 24 hours, the food are only available till midnight. It is a cut down affair from midnight to 6am. There are some light snacks available consisting of a soup, some fried bites as well as a salad bar. You can find a couple of hot dishes as well. While it taste alright, you can tell that the stuff have been out for some time.

Drinks wise you can find some can drinks along with some coffee and tea. As noted, I was entitled to a glass of tiger beer. Seems like that is the most worth options. There are no other alcohol options in the lounge. Kind of stingy! Honestly you get more buck in any other lounge inside the terminal. It appears that more satisfying options can be ordered from a menu, although why over pay when Changi or Jewel have a plethora of other better options!

Over all, it is a very comfortable place to rest up! The seats are comfy and decor is nice. It is also open all day long. Rates are kinda expensive if you are entering by paying. Thankfully my PP is free. I also find that it might be a little noisy to the terminal noise since it is open up! Kinda of too bright in the lounge to sleep. Maybe they can tone down certain areas in the late night. Would be good if they can have like a glass door at the entrance. There is also no wifi and washroom in the lounge! Another addition to the large amount of Priority Pass offerings in Changi! I will rather use a lounge in the transit area though! Although it can act like a arrival lounge for travellers and get a shower!


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