An idea came up during dinner and the idea was act on a week later. I will definitely classify this as one of the most impromptu trips every. While I have been to KL numerous times and honestly there isn’t anything special with the place! The company I had was definitely one of the best ever or rather a prize! One of my best trip ever to date and the memorable time spent together! While it is mostly a chill lax and enjoying the company while feasting over awesome food, surprisingly we also did a little sightseeing which I have to say seems like a first for me in KL! I have been to KL numerous time, most of them in the past when I was younger, I guess the last trip was more than 7 or 8 years ago! It is still a first that I did some form of Sightseeing! We went to the Batu Caves as well as the Federal Mosque! Highlight Alert! While I did tons of churches and cathedrals, a mosque got to be a first for me as well! Basically acting as a memoir, I will be sharing about the sightseeing part of the trip and then the more interesting food part!

The first day upon arrival, we went to Genting, just to pamper ourselves with a little cold weather as well as trying our hands at a couple of games over there. Sadly to say, I am not a very lucky person. I did have fun with the girls screaming “大大大,小小小” we were only playing stakes of 50 or 100rm but that is already exciting enough!


First up, Batu Caves! Can’t believe I am going on a sightseeing trip in KL and this is my first time heading to Batu Caves! I don’t think I ever sightsee before despite my countless time here. It is easy enough to get there on a grab that cost around 30RM and takes about 20 mins. We got up bright and early to get away from the crowd and the soaring heat as well! The Batu Caves are a limestone hill located just outside of the city centre and the site of a hindu temple and shrine! Well, we are here instead of how beautiful the stairs to the caves look! Decked out in various shades of colors they are awesome for pictures.

We spend lots of time snapping and capturing while making our way up which probably makes the climb much easier than we figure! Go Instagram! I must have had over 100 pictures over here and more so for my friends. I really love the caves and how friendly the people here. We met a couple tourists and I even made friends from Germany as well as North Carolina over here! Seeing The World In Steps strikes again! Woots!

Federal Mosque is another place that we visit! My very first time to a mosque as well! The usual etiquette applies, you have to be conservative dressed and for the girls they provide something like a coverall. While I expect us to just wander around ourselves, there is actually a tour office here and we are brought on a guided tour for free! The host shared extensively on the mosque and the islam religion as well and it is interesting cause I never knew such stuff. Interesting enough, I learned that the pilgrimage in Mecca is actually an expensive thing to do! Impressive is how this mosque incorporate different architecture style into it and influenced by the Blue Mosque in Istanbul. It is also another popular place for taking pictures as we did!

The KLCC Park, which is just outside the twin towers and the KLCC Mall is a must visit, especially for everyone who would like to have that iconic pictures with the twin towers. It might be crowded and hard to get the angle but definitely still worth coming and instagram it.

Rainbow Alley! Instagram like my friends are, we never stop to get good pictures on this trip and on the hunt for nice places to do so! We check out the Rainbow Alley along Jalan Alor and found this little alley full of colors! We had some fun over here and posing even as the rain poured on us! I guess capturing precious memories are more important then!

Next up, FOOOOOOOOD! Restoran Wong Ah Wah

16, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang

A huge presence on Jalan Alor, the famous food street in downtown Kuala Lumpur! Wong Ah Wah is located towards the end of it and you will never miss it. They have like 3 to 4 stalls here linked up together. Originally famous for their barbequed chicken wings where they use charcoal. They are said to be the best at it! The place also served up Tzi Char dishes as well to complement it with a huge menu!

It was super crowded and might be hard to find tables so be prepared to wait! We got lots of food from Sambal Stingray to Kangkong, Seafood Tofu to Prawns. Of course not withstanding the famous chicken wings as well. The wings cost 3.50RM each or around 1.10 SGD! I do have to say the prices here are a little more expensive than Sek Yuen which I will share below! After all this is more touristy part! The food is good and I was especially blown away by the Grilled stingray which was prepared so differently, it was dried barbeque and came with a to kill for sambal dip! The chicken wing was good and well barbequed with a nice shine, crispy to the touch!

Ho Kow Hainan Kopitiam

1, Jalan Balai Polis

This place is located near Petaling Street, the chinatown of KL and bustling with many street vendors as well as stalls. A traditional hainan coffee shop with roots from 1956. this place have been serving up kopi or coffee way before I was born! It is highly recommended and even popular with locals. We were here straight during lunch and it was a packed affair. We waited for close to 1hr! We sure got a little goofy while waiting for the table. With that being said, it is worth it. Do note that certain food items tend to sell out so do come early!

We got all of their specialties since we were famished after going on a fast and sightsee the Batu Caves earlier. From Kaya Toast to Nasi Lemak. We tried almost everything on the menu! The bread are good, especially the homemade kaya! A traditional coconut jam found in South East Asia. Some of the must try and worthy one includes the Nasi Lemak with the awesome fried chicken as well as the unique curry chee cheong fun, a first time for me. Of course, do not miss out on the drinks as well. The Tea and Kopi are good. Chinese Espresso! Items on the menu cost average around 10RM, The whole meal comes towards 97RM. An affordable 32 SGD, seeing that we got 9 dish and 4 drinks!

Restoran Sek Yuen

313, Jalan Pudu

Old school and rustic, this is the adjectives that I will use for this place. The decor immediately takes you back 2 decades at the very least. When you know why such a “rundown” place have this crowd and bustling with chatter from the fellow diners, you know that you are in for a good treat. Canto phrases shouted across and friendly aunties going around to take orders. This is the kind of classic legendary cantonese tzi char that Sek Yuen is. Located in the Pudu area, it is never too far or just a short cheap grab ride away. We were there at around 8pm and it was right busy! Look at the decor!

We got a plethora of dishes, as per the SOP for this trip! Ordering without the mere sight of the pricetag, a common sight seen during this trip. The Golden Tofu as recommended by the auntie as well as Speciality Sotong, Sweet & Sour Pork, Fried Prawn Rolls and Fried Vegetables with Pork. We even got some Silky Egg Hor Fun, cause glutton we are! Everything was super delicious and dishes were served like 15 mins later? Totally unexpected given the crowd. We definitely over ordered but still managed to wipe off everything! I really like the prawns rolls as well as the hor fun which turn out to be spectacular! It comes with plenty of ingredients like fish, prawns and meat! Beats all other Tzi Char in Singapore! Price? An affordable 120 RM or 40 SGD! As a rule of hand the sotong is 6 SGD, the horfun and prawns rolls a measly 3.30SGD!

Wong Mei Kee KL Best Roast Pork

30, Jalan Nyonya, Pudu

Practically our last meal in KL before we came home! Sheryl brought us to this local hangout that was said to serve up the best roast pork in town. We went to check it out. Apparently this place only open from 12.30pm and only served lunch. We went around that time and the place was packed with diners on tables and bowls of soup on their table. Usuals as it became apparent to me! They know the way. No food is served before 12.30. But you do can get a bowl of hearty chicken soup from a large pot at the back stewed with chicken and corn while waiting. Once 12.30, the chef start chopping the with sounds of the crackling pork skin heard! This place never dissapoint. We got the trio of roast chicken, bbq pork and roast pork and it comes up to around 120RM. Half a KG of the famed roast pork goes for 55rm. Must eat!

To sum up! One of the best trip for Seeing The World In Steps and for comparison, I have taken a lot! I understood how sometimes, the company makes the destination so much better! While solo trips are kinda what I love! A friends trip makes it memorable in a way as well! Here are some more of our random snaps from this trip! Aren’t this 3 ladies lucky to go seeing the world in steps with the famous me! Hopping for more to come! JED’S In KL!!!



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