Let me just say that Isle of Skye is really super far away and remote. Almost to the northern edge of continental UK as well as Scotland. We constantly ask ourselves if we are there already and yet at the same time, the views keep getting better and more gorgeous accompanying us on this long journey. I will definitely share about my stay in Isle of Skye later on. But now I would just like to share on this equally pretty bed and breakfast that I stay in! The Isle of Skye is the highlight of this trip, the peak travel season is in summer, same goes for the accommodations. I actually book this place half a year in advance. Most of the accommodations here are self service such as cottages and houses from Airbnb or independent website. There are too many choices to choose from. From some that is smack in the middle of a mountain where you have the whole hill as your backyard or a herd of sheeps being your alarm clock. You have a choice. Popular areas includes Carboost, Claigan. I decided to stay in Portree, the largest town in Isle of Skye. Do note that Skye is a very seasonal place. Summer expect to pay more than double for accomodation and crowd can be double as well. Be prepared to book accomodations way ahead. More than half of the places were fully booked when book this places 6 months ahead. While in winter it is easy and cheap.

Just a little preview, the view is extremely attractive, something that will make you glue to the window all day around. Imagine waking up to this view or falling asleep to it everyday. I was in heaven for 5 days, well I had it in my eyes! I am content. Although I wish this could be my life ever. Dunborrodale Bed and Breakfast is an independently run accommodation by Calum and Rachel. They were super hospitable and nice scottish people. Super young as well. Super polite and cheerful people. Rachel also makes an awesome breakfast every morning. I will share this later on. You can only book by contacting them thru email. Before i arrive we also liaise frequently to get recommendations as well as inform them of our arrival time. For the rate in Summer we got the Family room with 1 double bed and 1 single bed at 130 Pounds a night. I have to say that this is the most affordable place in Portree. You may get this.

Or this!

Dunborrodale Bed and Breakfast


It is nothing fancy, but just a simply couple run bed and breakfast but I had a super comfortable stay. It was like a bungalow where the host also stay. It is a 2 mins drive from the town of Portree or just a 5 mins walk. Making it perfect to get stuff or food. But trust me, you rarely head into the town as well. We were really impressed by the drive up along the way and when we pull up to the house we were literally like unicorn bursting out happiness. I almost felt like a kid! The place is so pretty and the view is so amazing and breathtaking! It literally faces the whole Portree Bay. Parking is always free and easy in this part of the world.

We had a warm welcome by Calum the owner, a mid 30 guy who just move here a year ago and bought a house and set up a bnb. Busy bustling life in the summer and relax in the winter, this is how he describe it. ISN’T THIS EVERYONE DREAM! Calum help us with our bags to the room and give us an introduction of the place. It is super cosy, with only 4 rooms in the whole place, a maximum of 9 people at a time. Everyone was nice and chill. He also gave us information on everything including wifi, windows and the heater. Payment can be made anytime before checkout, do note that it is only in cash! The ground floor act as the breakfast room.

Don’t expect some butler service or Park Hyatt kind of decor but trust me, you will forget everything once you have a look at this. The view from the room is so amazing since it overlook the Loch of Portree. It’s so spectacular and breathtaking. Life is kind of sad when I am looking right outside of my window right now while writing this. You have the waters and the mountains at the back as well!

Back to the room, it’s not huge but sufficient. It is rather squarish in size with one single bed and another double. The wardrobe is beside the door. Room is small in size and we barely have any space after placing our bags. In the room you can also find some tea and coffee facility as well as some info on Skye. The most gorgeous thing got to be the view and the window. The crisp fresh natural air helps as well. No air conditioning is needed in this part of the world. The mountain air is much fresher and cooling. Everything seems to be of good qualities with comfy towels, pillows and sheets. The Pillows were not paper thin which was good and the bed is firm and comfortable. Much of the stuff were source from the area. I gaze silly everyday when I open my eyes during the stay out of this window.

Towards inside the room and beside the bed you can find the toilet. The space is rather small. Only towels and soap are provided. Soaps were of good quality. The toilet is the weakest part of the room with lousy water pressure and temp control. Hairdryer were provided as well. Wifi was strong in the room. However I did not like that there were no outlets near the bed! The sound proofing is not very good as well.

Every morning a classic and homely breakfast with coffee, tea or chocolate and toast would be brought out by the owner. A breakfast menu was also left on the room daily and you can make your choice before leaving it in the breakfast room in the evening beforehand where it will be served next morning. There would be a small buffet selection of fruit and cereals.

Then a full scottish breakfast would be served according to what you have choose. We tried a lot of items including some Scottish Porridge, which I have to say is not something that I would like. Rachel is a good chef, I like the mushrooms and the oven baked tomatoes a lot. The eggs were extremely tasty, both my mum and me comes to the conclusion that they were that good since they are probably fresh eggs from the area just out of the bun in the morning.

The breakfast room and conservatory is very lovely and gorgeous. Every morning I would take in a cup of coffee and gaze silly at the harbour. It is just something so amazing to do. I miss this experience the most. You will also get to meet some of the other guests during breakfast.

Overall it is a super good place to stay! Don’t expect 5 star treatment and all but family style welcome from the host but it is definitely one of the most affordable place in Portree. You can pay in cash, anytime before you leave. Everything is well taken care of and service is awesome. Calum is very hospitable and a nice host. I will recommend everyone to stay here and do make reservations at least 6 months ahead if you are coming in Summer. By staying in Portree, it is a nice base to explore the rest of Skye and for this price point in summer. It is a deal! However with so many amazing and unique accomodations in different parts of Skye. I would like to try something else. Much love from Singapore Calum and Rachel!


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