When in the Isle of Skye, there are two main groups of tourists, one that rents a self catering accommodations such as those cottages which are literally located in the mountains or by a loch or those who choose to stay in hotels and airbnbs in the towns. For me I belong to the later, but don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of good food and fine restaurants for travellers to check out in Isle of Skye, in fact the cuisines are one of the best in the country. Just like the award winning Three Chimneys. Portree is home to a couple of nice one as well. Located just a short walk from town lies Cuillin Hills Hotel and I have heard good things about their restaurant as well, The View. Such a simple name, but I guess simplicity is everything since the view is really amazing over here.

Perched behind the trees on a little hill, Cuillin Hotel reminds me like an escape for reality, hidden and you can only get up with a hike up a slope. Something like the mansion from Crazy Rich Asian, then once you reach, you get a view of the spectacular Portree harbour right in front of the property. Now you know why the restaurant is simply called The View. I was attracted to the price of the restaurant which I realised that it is not as expensive as I expected. Definitely comparable to the other places in town. Bookings are definitely recommended especially in the summer where it is the peak travel season. I was there for dinner at 8pm and took a little walk around the area. I got to say that this place have the most gorgeous view point in Portree with the waters surrounding mountain and the buildings by the side. My reservation was confirmed by the host and we were invited to sit by the bar while our table was being prep. The restaurant is on the ground floor and decked with windows that faces the harbour, it is so lovely to be in the warm while checking out the view over food.

Here is the menu for dinner with dishes pride on the local produce. From what I understand, menu changes seasonally. Service is just alright and not very attentive. There was times where it took some effort to flag down some of the staff. Probably the packed restaurant plays a part as well.

It been some time before we got any service, bread is served, they had some freshly warm rolls which was nice and comforting. How lovely is it to break up the bread and snack on it while gazing over the view.

Starter arrive shortly and we got the Cullen Skink as well as the Squid to share. I have always wanted to try Cullen Skink, which is a traditional Scottish dish made with smoked haddock, potatoes and onions. It is kind of a thick soup. It was a nice twist having some smoked feel in the soup. The View did it with a little twist by adding a poached egg as well. Making it even more creamy and smooth. I love the dish and the texture, although I think it would be something that I will have everyday since it is rather a heavy dish. I love that there is also some fried onions on the top of it. Inside the soup was also some chunky fish, although it is a little salty. Good to have it with the bread as well. The soup cost 7 pounds.

The other starter that I had was the Scrabster Landed Squid which came with asparagus and some onion emulsion. The dish was awesome. Fresh, refreshing and the squid is tender. The local produce is really fresh. I love the dressing so much. This cost 8.95 pounds. I do think that the portion is way too small. Although delicious, this is way too pricey I might rather as well just get another main to share among us.

Let me just say first that all the mains that we have is so amazing and worth it. Every dish got a surprise for us. We got a main each and the portion is super huge as well, super worth it, unlike the starters. For my dad, he got the Mallaig Landed Cod which came with Asparagus, Broad Bean Vinaigrette as well as Gem Lettuce. All these came with a thick slab of well seared cod that is moist and flaky in the interior. The fish is super fresh and well seasoned as well. Just right. I have to say once again that it is a healthy portion. There were lots of greens and the asparagus was super delicious. Love it. The cod cost 17.50 pounds.

While my mum got the Free Range Chicken Supreme, costing 17.50. There come a huge portion of seared chicken breast sliced into 3 thick slices. The chicken was well cooked and still kept moist in the interior, although nothing memorable. The highlight of this dish here is the sauce of onions and skirlie. The skirlie, a traditional Scottish dish of oatmeals and butter adds much texture and it actually reminds me of the cereals prawns that we have in Singapore. Then there is that baby onions that is so sweet. The chicken breast end up as the best sponge to soak up everything.

I have to say that I like my dish the best. After seeing so much sheeps around the whole of Isle of Skye, I guess it is time for me to finally try some of them HAHAH. The Rump off Perthshire Lamb is my dinner of the day, coming in at 19.50 pounds. The meat was tender and well cooked. It does not taste gamey at all which I am so afraid of. I am not actually a very lamb person because of this. The portion is super big with 4 huge thick slices of meat. Cook to pink in the centre. Meat was well seasoned. It comes with chargrilled sprouting broccoli, fresh curds as well as kale. Well some healthy greens. I was mind blown by the broccoli, it totally tasted like crispy seaweed. It was fried till crisp and they they sprinkle salt on it. It is super delicious. Although a little too salty in my opinion. Yummy. 

I think that The View Restaurant is a solid option in Isle of Skye, especially if you are near Portree. It might just be deserving of a Michelin Star. The view is impeccable as well as the ambience. Food is well priced and delicious! We spend a total of about 74 pounds with a side of onion rings as well. I will recommend to go with the mains and skip the starters. Reserve ahead for one of the window table as well, especially in Summer. They certainly need to hire more staff especially in the peak season! I left satisfied and full.

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