Another one of the more impressive meals that I had in Manchester was at Trof. I was there for a lazy brunch. Trof if one of the most recommended place in town. As they say on their website, Trof, a dandyish den of indulgence in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter. In the day you can find the most amazing creations of egg dishes as well as the finest roast in town. In the evening, the whole place turn into a chilling bar with nice vibes. Of course, maybe, it would be a good pairing, beer and full english breakfast.

Looking aloof from the outside, the exterior is nothing much. Perhaps just a look of a classic Manchester building with the red facade. I do not know why but the name remind me of TROLL much. The interior though does speaks a different story. It is warm, comfy and cosy. The bar looks especially inviting as well. Although it is definitely too early for me. The place is pretty nice for pictures as well. Comfy seats and nice background!

Here is the menu for brunch. which is available till 4pm. I do think that the prices are fair as well. I have had far more expensive breakfast that is less special than this!

If anyone if interested, this is the menu for lunch as well.

We started with some cuppa. After all a good cup of coffee is so crucial and gives you a great start for the day. We got a flat white, macchiato and a mocha respectively. Prices are really good and in fact maybe even cheaper than starbucks.

Pigging out, we got 3 main plates. First up was the full english breakfast that comes with bacon, trof sausage, hashbrown, beans, eggs, mushroom, roasted tomato and toast as well. It is such an extravagant affair. You definitely get the full experience. Even though we only got the normal size and it is already huge. This comes in at 9 Pounds.

We also got the Avocado Toast  and this in fact is my favourite dish. This cost 7.5 pounds. I love how well the avocado goes with the minted goat cheese. The dish comes with poached egg as well. I really love how the mint cut thru all the greenness and sometimes you can get sick of all the bread and yolk. Perfect. Won’t it be even nicer with some parsley.

Last but not least, we also got the mushroom on toast. This cost 8.5 pounds. We love the mushrooms and creaminess of it. But after awhile it does get kind of too much. The egg however was amazing. It was fried, crispy on the exterior and totally flowing on the interior. Cool! Kind of like a “fried poached egg”, if that is even a thing. This is definitely the highlight of the dish.

Overall, I really enjoyed my brunch at Trof. The ambience is super nice, comfy and lazy. Staff are great and the prices are fair in my opinion. They are not too expensive. The coffee here are amazing as well. A great place for a balance between price and fanciness! Next up, I will share about my day trip to Liverpool.


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