Seeing that I had 4 nights in Manchester, I took the opportunity to take a short day trip to Liverpool. It is only like 30 mins away with trains from Victoria Station. It was easy enough. I am also super impressed with the trains since they cost like 2 pounds each. Furthermore you even get a seat reservation as well. That is very impressive. Trains to Liverpool arrive at Lime St station which is right in the city centre. Liverpool is also small enough that you are able to walk around anywhere.

Immediately after arriving we left to check out the St George Hall and St John Gardens which is located like literally just across the street from the train station. St George Hall is a historical building which had its roots from 1854. I love how grand it is, currently it is used as a concert hall as well as hosting the law courts. Super gorgeous.

Another nice little spot is the St John Gardens which is not huge but really pretty. Making it perfect place to have some lunch or simply lazing your life away. I love the flowers and greens here.

After that we were making our way thru the city centre to our next attractions. Here are some pictures of some random spots around the city centre. You can find lots of shops and people going around their daily business. I love how chill the vibes are in Liverpool. Together with the seagulls flying over the city. This is how you know it is a good chill place to live in. Of course, for those who are interested you can definitely find the local soccer club store in the city centre. The main shopping streets in Liverpool are the area around Liverpool Central such as Church St and Ranelagh St. It is rather happening here, with many people doing shopping as well as street performance going on. I certainly left with some shopping bags as well. Bold St is another one of my favourite, you can find a lot of takeaway stores as well as some quirky cafes.

Liverpool Cathedral is another place that you cannot miss out. It is one of the must see in town. It is a very impressive 20th century cathedral that is located on a hilltop. That might sounds a little daunting but the walk is definitely not hard. It is free to enter. The cathedral is also used sometimes to host event and gala to help with the cost to upkeep the church. I find this to be a super good idea. It is a gorgeous place and the money earned help to restore the place as well. Killing two birds with one stone.

When I was here there was just nice an exhibition on earth day where they had this amazing lovely huge globe suspended in the middle. It is kind of cool and I really love the globe.

After that on our way to the Riverside and Albert Dock area, we pass by Chinatown, which actually look way too quiet for my liking and actually kind of eerie as well. Definitely not a neighbourhood that I will be there in the night. Well well, the dock area is one place that you cannot miss while in town, it is afterall the icon of Liverpool and an UNESCO World Heritage Site. I walk all the way along the waters from the Exhibition Centre to the Royal Liver Building. The views are amazing and the place is so perfect for pictures.

The Riverside and Albert Dock, Pier Head area are well known for being a series of preserved buildings and they are super important to the history of Liverpool. The docks are an insight to how a port was at a time where the British Empire were at its heydays. The buildings were nicely preserved and gorgeous. Most of them were as it is in the 19, 20th century. A little fact was that this is the port where the ill fated RMS Titanic was registered.

Lying right at Pier Head is the iconic gorgeous Royal Liver Building. This is an office building that was built in 1911 to house the liver insurance group. Today it is one of the most recognizable building in Liverpool and one of the highest in the city. Legend also says that the two fabled birds that was housed in the building, if one day it cease to exist, the city would be gone as well.

Being in Liverpool, it is hard to ignore the existence of Beatles as well. Beatles and Liverpool, that is a pairing. Right on the waterfront area you can also find the popular, bronze statues of the four Beatles.

Overall, I really love Liverpool. My favourite place is definitely the area around the dock. It is so relaxing to simply just walk along the pier and dock area. With the wind running thru your hair and just walking aimlessly. We were lucky to have perfect weather. Despite only being here for a day it feels like I have already seen most of the city. Liverpool is definitely small enough to be seen in a day. Loving the Merseyside.

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