Writing this post with the same emotions that I encountered when I had that very first bite into the pizza as along the amazing sensual feeling of having it together with the most amazing chilli infused olive oil. I never knew how good a pizza could be especially given that we are in Manchester and not Naples in Italy. It is definitely unexpected that the most recommended restaurant in Manchester is Rudy’s Pizza! In fact, I guess the close to 2 hours wait in Manchester cold probably should give us an insight in what we are about to have. I went to Rudy’s, right at their Ancoats branch. Located in the northern part of the city, surrounded by office buildings as well as residential areas lies Rudy’s along with all sorts of pubs around this square, where you can certainly see that the office crowd are getting into it. Come along with me and check out Rudy’s Pizza.

Thank goodness the weather is good and we certainly took advantages of the nearby bars while waiting for a table. We had a beer and soak in the bustling vibes. Definitely after making your presence known to the host to be added to the queue. I certainly did not expect this queue at all and was so close to giving up, thankfully I head my mum advice instead.

The restaurant is actually rather huge, with most being indoor seating and it stretch all the way to the back. It is a very cosy and warmly environment especially with the heat from their open wooden oven. Here you can also have an insight of the chefs whipping out those pizzas!

Here is the menu for Rudy’s if anyone is interested. I find that their prices are fair and actually rather reasonable. Prices are mostly under 10 pounds. Rather than going for the usual tomato pizza, be adventures and try the white base ones, you won’t be disappointed. We got 2 pizza to share among us. Do note that Rudy’s serve up classic italian pizza, like the Naples kind. So you can expect crusty crust on the exterior and then super thin in the middle. It is pretty heavy on bread so I would think it is rather filling. In fact it is said that their dough is also made daily on site. Upon the host recommendation, we got the Calabrese as well as a white pizza, the Ancozzese.

First up was the Calabrese, which is a tomato based pizza and it comes with basil and spicy n’duja sausage. The highlight is this signature italian soft calabrian sausage that melts into the pizza. It is super savoury and spicy, giving you kicks here and there around the pie. I love it so much and in fact it is my favourite. All the pizza at rudy are served flying off the oven, so you are given a cutter yourself and you can choose to dig in with your hands or with a fork and spoon. Parmesan cheese and chilli flakes are also offered. Slurp it up with the chilli oil, that is how I will recommend it!

Next up was the Ancozzese which is a white pizza. This came with chilli flakes, smoked mozzarella and tuscan sausage. I love the difference in a white pizza. It is alright and rather delicious as well. However it does seems to pale in comparison to how amazing the calabrese sausage is. Don’t get me wrong. It is still an amazing pie. Just that the Calabrese is better. Perfect with some of the infused oil again.

While usually for the local people and especially for the Italians, the standard serving is one pizza each person, that is simply way too much for me or for most of us Asian. We got 2 pizza to share among the 3 of us. Which left us satisfied and full. the place is well priced and affordable. Whole meal cost less than 20 quid. With all that being said, actually, right now, I would kill for some of the pizza and definitely with a heavy drizzle or pour of that chilli oil. Definitely the must eat in Manchester. I guess I will definitely visit each time I am back! Let me know!

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