Bills is British Chain restaurant that you can find in most places around the UK. For example, they have more than 21 restaurant in London. I am sure you will not miss it. They serve up pretty good western dishes at a fair prices. The quality is pretty good as well. Sometimes, it is really awesome, especially when you are looking at the set lunch or something. It might be a good spot if you are looking for a balance between quality and price. Furthermore they are also prized for using local produce. I had the chance to try it while in Manchester!

First of all, I think my expectation is rather low after learning that it is a chain restaurant but I after my friend says that it is well priced, I am also looking forward to give it a try. First of all, I think I am super impressed with the decor, it looks welcoming and cosy. Inviting for dinner or just some drinks with your friends. Staff were also very polite.

We were right there in the early evening and it was still quiet, although it does get packed later on in the evening. The waiter came over to serve some drinks and even introduce himself to us. Telling us that he will be taking care of us. That is so impressive and I am totally not even expecting that. We were super famished and got a lot of stuff. We ordered one 3 course set which comes in at 16 pounds. That gave us some dumplings for starter. Some fried Cod which was alright and a super awesome lava cake as dessert.

In addition we also got the Crab & Courgette Risotto as well as the Paprika, Garlic and Chili Half Roasted Chicken. This two dishes were the highlight. The risotto were bursting with umami flavour and you could get bits of crab in all mouthful. So delicious. I certainly do not mind some of that right now. Awesome.


Then the skin of that chicken. It is so crispy and flavourful. OMG. This is perhaps the wrong timing to be writing a review for a restaurant. The dressing were also on point. I have to say that the portion was huge as well.

Last but not least we end of by sharing the lava cake that came in the meal. It was thick warm and gooey, just like how a perfectly executed lava cake should be.

Overall, I have nothing but good things to share about Bills. The waiter was amazing as was the food. I feel that even though it is nothing fancy, everything was well executed and portion were good. Price is fair as well. It is kind of a restaurant that you can go to often without hurting your bank balance too much. The whole meal cost around 53 quid with drinks and we left satisfied!

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