The Bridge Business Class Lounge was the last stop of my lounge tour for the day. It is located near Gate 40 and the location is awesome since it is right at where the train let you out from Gate 1 area. This makes it super easy to visit. Perhaps this is also the reason why the lounge is super crowded. The lounge is located on level down the main floor and the exterior is definitely impressive. I have no idea why the lounge is called The Bridge, perhaps it is due to the reception being like a bridge between both sections of the lounge.

As mentioned earlier the lounge is actually located in two different area, to the right and the left of the reception itself. To the right you can find the Bakery, The Long Bar as well as The TV Lounge. While to the left you can find The Bistro, The Coffee Loft, Showers as well as the IT Zone. I first headed to check out the right side. This is also the far more crowded side and in fact the busiest lounge that I have been to! It consists of one main long room with the use of a couple of well-placed furniture to make it more private and separated.

I was actually under the impression that The Bistro would be the main dining area in the lounge but when I head to the Bakery it is absolutely packed, super crowded, there is one main buffet line and the selection is impressive, much better than the other J Class CX Lounges that I have been to. Perhaps on the same level as The Pier. There are hot options, soup, dimsum, including this awesome Siu Mai that I could not resist. You can also find some artisan salads and pizza on offer.

Continue heading in and you would find The Long Bar after the dining area. CX does seems to name most of their lounge offering rather similar. The bar is gorgeous though. You can find some snacks here as well to go with drinks. It is a nice space and rather quiet in comparison to the other areas. I love that there is such awesome views of the apron. AVgeek at its very best.

Towards the other side of the lounge, to the left. Immediately after entering, you will be able to find The Bistro. This is another dining area, although the food option is much watered down and selections is bad in comparison to The Bakery earlier. There are also drinks and tea available alongside the buffet line. Individual bottled water are available here too. I find that this part of the lounge is less crowded.

All in all, I think that this is the second best Business Class Lounge after The Pier. It might be a little crowded but the refreshments are amazing and I love that there are a lot of nature light in The Bridge. Furthermore the views of the planes are awesome. It is a fantastic and a solid lounge with a good central location as well. Try it if you have additional time. Next up, I will jump straight to share about my Hilton stay in Da Nang. I will not share about the Cathay Dragon flight since the experience is rather similar to the outbound one and I slept throughout most of the flight!


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