Since my ticket on Cathay First Class was from Vietnam to the States. I had choose to depart from Da Nang, since their ticket were the cheapest. Furthermore it does seem that it will be a new city for me. I have never been to Da Nang. I decided to do a one night stay both before and after my Cathay Itinerary. While I have at first plan to stay at different hotels as well as one near the Han River and another near the My Khe Beach. The Hilton Da Nang was also a little pricier than their counterparts. But I immediately jump on the opportunity when they had a flash deal. I book just the entry level room, which is a King Guest Room River view. It cost me about 127 SGD after tax. Furthermore, I will be able to earn lots of points and clock my Gold Status. I think this has been one of the best decision of my travels. I will be sharing on both of my stay. First was a stay without Status. Second was with Gold Status, it will be nice to see how they differ from each other.



Do note that one good thing about the Hilton Da Nang is that all of the room have views, either the Han River or the Ocean. The Hilton is also a short distance from the airport, the ride took about 10 mins and cost about 3USD. Perfect place. Now, for my first stay, the service is excellent and loyalty recognition was perfect. As we pull up to the hotel, the staff immediately came over to help me in my bags. On a side note, the hotel was also great in their interaction. After booking, they emailed me, confirming all the details and to see if there is any help or request I need. I was also informed that I was given a one level upgrade to an Ocean View King Room. I had a great impression of the lobby which was spacious, clean and well kept. There was no wait and I was also given a welcome drink during check in which was nice. Staff was very polite, from the interaction with the bell boys to the receptionist. I tried to push for a suite or executive room but failed.


The corridor was fresh and new and upon entering the room. I was impressed! Like my eyes glowed. The room is super huge and clean. The view was extremely amazing, regardless of being in the day or night, but sadly, the window was pretty dirty. I love that the room is just step away from the lift, the corridor was fresh and new. But I did not hear any noise at all in the room.


The room was spacious. It is decked out in wooden flooring which adds another class to it. This is Hilton second property in Vietnam after the one in Hanoi. Immediately after entering. The wardrobe is on the right and then the toilet is on the left.


After that you can find some luggage storage and the mini bar area. The hotel must have seen my profile where I always drinks lots of water since they left plenty of them left for me.


Seriously, how amazing is this room. The King Size bed is right in the middle facing the large TV. It was so lush and surrounded by two night stands. I love that they had outlets near the bed which is something so crucial. The wifi is strong as well in the room. The bed came with 4 pillows. They were pretty thin, but still alright since I had all 4 of them. The bed however is perfect, it is to my liking, which is firm. I love Hilton Beds.


Then towards the window, you get an amazing ocean view and the nearby areas of Da Nang. It is so lovely, probably the only sight of Da Nang, since I did not do any sightseeing at all. It is also accompanied by a day bed where you could laze in with a glass of wine and enjoy both the night and day view. I left the curtain open so I could wake up with the sun greeting me and waking me up.


There is also a proper working desk in the room that faces the window!


Now, another amazing part of the room, the toilet. It is of a good size and spacious. Everything was provided, from toiletries to dental kid. Hairdryer was provided as well. There was even a bathtub with see thru glass from the toilet which makes it so perfect to get a soak while enjoying the view. For those who require much more privacy, you could lower the blinds as well.


Toiletries were from Crabtree and Evelyn. The shower area were also separated by a glass door. Inside is a super awesome rainforest shower. The water pressure and temperature were excellent.


I also went to check out the gym and pool area, which is located on the 4th floor of the hotel. Look how amazing this place is. I love the resting area since it is open space and look out towards the surrounding. Check out these pictures.



On my second visit, I had another one night stay before I fly back to Singapore. This time around I arrive slightly after 5pm and had much lesser time in the hotel. I was dead tired after flying for almost 40 hours in the air. All the way from JFK to Da Nang. As per the usual, I took a grab from the airport and it got to be the worst driver ever. The driver even try to scam me off, thankfully the hotel staff managed to help me. Another plus point!

Hilton Da Nang service is really good, as we pulled up to the hotel, the front desk manager as well as the bell boy came out to great me and helped me with my bags. The service is even more personalised than my first visit. Perhaps this time around I had status. Welcome drink is served as well. Elite recognition was very good. I was thank was first thank to be a member of Hilton. Throughout my stay I was always addressed by name. The check in was smooth and I was glad to be upgraded to an Executive Ocean View room located on the highest level of the hotel. I believe this is due to the gold status. I tried to push for a suite but to no avail. The manager came over to my side and went thru all the details with me and gave me a letter further explaining the details as well. You only get such dedication in South East Asia.


I had access to the executive lounge which is located on the same level as my room. It is nice to hear that executive room guest also had access to the restaurant breakfast as well, which is really generous of them. The executive floor is on the 27th. The room this time around was actually smaller than what I had previously, it does seems that the corner room are way larger. Although being on the highest floor does have its perks as well since the ocean view were good. My bags were sent up and they arrive right after me. I shall not go into much details of the room already since they are rather similar. I will just point out the main difference. This time around, they provided me with so many bottles of water, it does seem like I have a reputation for needing lots of them. I counted like 8 of them, 2 in the toilet. The room also comes with a Nespresso machine which was missing in my previous room.


A welcome fruit platter alone with a personalised note was also placed on the desk.


I had access to the Executive Lounge which is only steps away from my room. After washing up, I headed to the lounge for the evening pre-dinner drinks, which was served from 6pm to 8pm. The cocktail service was pretty good. The executive lounge is not really huge, pretty cosy space but the seating’s were comfortable, the views from the lounge were amazing though. I think it is just nice since it never get too busy while I am there.




The staff were super nice and polite. I was constantly addressed by name and the manager was a gem too! She made a decent cocktail and even proactive offer drinks. She also take the time to ask about my trip and we even had a pretty engaging chat. This is the kind of service and interaction I like, proactive and interactive and not just yes, sure those kind!


There are a few hot bites and salads on offer including curry chicken as well as some bread. You can also find some wines, beer and liquor on offer. Cocktails were on offer as well although there is no info on it besides from the staff. With such great staff in the lounge, it does not seems to be an issue at all. I feel that the offering is actually pretty bad in comparison, especially for a hotel located in South East Asia. It could act as a light dinner substitute if you are not really hungry. I learned from the manager that this hotel actually only had a soft opening 4 months ago, it has not even been officially open, no wonder everything look so fresh and new.






I left the hotel for about 2 hours and came back learning that turndown service had actually been done, this was impressive, I left in a mess and came back realising all my clothes have been folded, the bed prepared for sleeping and they even left more water bottles beside the bed. Impressive Hilton Da Nang!I was up bright and early, as usual, woke with the amazing sunrise over the horizon greeting me, I was hungry and went to the lounge just as they open for a bite. I could have breakfast both in the lounge as well as the restaurant. Both opens from 6am to 10.30am. When I was in the lounge I was the only one there, the staff does seems pretty curious why I was in the lounge, they further inform me that I could have it in the restaurant as well. Seems like that is a sign!


Same goes for breakfast, the offering were not too bad, but pales in comparison to places in the region, there were both Asian and Western offerings. Eggs can be made to order as well although there is no sign or information about it until you check with the staff. Service was equally good.


Slightly later in the morning, I head down to the restaurant to check it out as well. I am curious to see how different would it be. I also brought my laptop there to get some work done and sit there for a little bit. Service was good but slightly less personalised. I just had to give my room number. The restaurant is located on the second floor and it is super gorgeous, it is bright, airy and have tons of natural light. Many seats were available. The restaurant serve a buffet breakfast and it was an impressive selection. Besides having lots of items on the buffet line, you can find stations for Pho, Eggs, Bahn Mi and so many more. I will just let the pictures do the rest of the talking.








Some of the stuff here were found in the lounge as well. Naturally the advice is to skip the lounge and head straight to the restaurant for breakfast. There is also a juice station in the restaurant and lots of freshly made juice was on offer.


I tried a few stuff and everything was awesome, fresh and delicious. The staff were good as well, plate were clear quickly, fresh drinks were offered. I wasn’t too hungry but seeing that there is a Pho station, I simply couldn’t pass up the opportunity, the Chicken Pho I had was marvellous and the broth was amazing.


All in all, I think that the Hilton Da Nang is an awesome hotel to stay at. It is really amazing, I do hope that the standards could be maintained and it will always stays this good down the years. While it is definitely not the cheapest place in the city, the price point is not too bad, furthermore if you are a member, it might be well enough to get some points and perks as well. The awesome restaurant breakfast for Gold / Diamond members, I will take that any day! I have nothing but good things to say about this hotel!

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