The previous occasion when I was in Hong Kong on my outbound flight to the States, I had a fairly short layover and did not have enough time to check out the business class portion of The Pier. This time around, while waiting for my massage session at The Pier First Class, I decided to check out the business class lounge. Do note that the Business Class Lounge is located totally in a different space from the First Class side, The entrance to The Pier Business class side is located near Gate 65, just next. Similarly, it is located one level down the main terminal. There is a host at the entrance who will check your access, it does seems like the staff here are less polished than their First Class counterparts! This is literally Cathay newest J Class lounge in HKIA. One of their newest offering. It was fresh, new and absolutely gorgeous. Definitely, it is way more crowded here. I am also super keen to check out the lounge since I heard that they have a very unique offering now, A Yoga relaxation area which is unheard of actually!

There is two parts of the lounge where to the right after entering you are able to find the Yoga relaxation area where I spoke about earlier. I am actually super impressed by this place. Cathay actually partner up with Pure Yoga and if I am not wrong, this is a local company. How perfect could it be, sitting in a metal tube for close to 20 hours and in serious need to stretch out your body? I think this should be the trend that many other lounge could do. A place for people to exercise. Imagine the constant eating and drinking, won’t it be good to actually be able to have a nice place to do some work out and then take a hot shower! Awesome. Probably due the time that I arrived it is still early in the morning, there is practically no one in this area.

While there are no actually instructors or facilitators to guide you along, I love that they had some instructions put up such that people can follow them. Everything is also provided, from yoga mat to towels. P.S This seems like a perfect place to take a nap, since it is super quiet. Calm down and stretch those bones!

Towards the other side, it all the usual offerings, starting with the Food Hall, the Bar, Iconic Noodle Bar, Teahouse and then lastly the showers and relaxation room. There are all located in one stretch. Since the lounge is rectangular in shape. First up, the Food Hall. This is the main dining area in the lounge. I love that it is so huge and spacious with so many different seating areas. From formal dining desk to getting a seat that faces the tarmac which boost awesome planes view to calm your nerves.

The offering is way too impressive, everything is nicely display, from snacks, bread to a salad bar, freshly made pizza and impressive western offerings. Everything look yummy and delicious. Although everything is on display and will be served by the staff if you ask for it. This is only the first course since as per the norm, you will also have the Noodle Bar in Cathay Lounges later on.

Right after the Food Hall, you can find the “You You Bar”, this is the bar area of the lounge and it is a maned bar. I had a look at the drinks menu and it is super impressive as well, perhaps just slightly watered down from the first class offering. This is a nice place to relax as well.

Then the next section is the noodle bar, this got to be the most impressive noodle bar out of all the CX lounges that I have been to. It is super huge and spacious, the menu and offerings is however the same. The few different choices of noodles and dimsum. Even though there are quite a few people in the lounge, it never get too busy or packed given the size of the place.

Then there is still the tea house, this in fact would be my favourite area to lounge in, it is really very nice to chill. It is similar to the First Class section in the wing where you can do some tea appreciation as well. I love that the décor is more rustic, making use of tiles design on the walls to make it like a chic HK Tea House. Seeing that they have egg tarts on offer here I can’t stop myself from having one. Which explains why there is one that is missing in the photo below. There are other snacks on offer here as well.

I declare this to be the best Business Class Lounge for Cathay in HKIA. The leader out of so many selections that you have. You really have to come and visit, even though it is out of the way. Cater enough time and head to the airport early. Gates here in HKIA are usually not assigned until about 2 hours prior to departure. The Style here is simply my cup of tea. I even prefer it to the likings of my favourite of my SQ Silverkris Lounge.

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