For my second night in NYC, I decide to change hotel to another hilton properties since the rates are much cheaper if I book them separately, it is also a great opportunity to be able to try and review another property from Hilton as well as in NYC. The Renwick Hotel is also part of Hilton, under the Curio Collection, which are more quirky and unique, they have a certain flair that might not suit the normal hotels groups. It might be fun staying at such properties since they might be usually housed in a special rebuilt or renovated buildings. Previously, I have raved about the location of my previous hotel. The Renwick is awesome as well, for checking out midtown and uptown. Perhaps more suitable for the typical tourists since you are super close to Times Square, Empire State, Rockerfeller, Central Park and definitely shopping down the world famous 5th Ave. Heck, Grand Central Terminal is just next door. You are practically at the heart of everywhere! 

The exterior was welcoming as I pulled up in a Lyft, the exterior is sure quirky and had a charm to it. It has a little of old school, soho charm since it is in a 1920’s brick building. The interior and rooms are also redesigned and in a loft style. I will show some pictures on how it look like later. The hotel was pretty crowded when I arrive since it is a peak timing for check in and check out. When pulling up, the bell boy was there to help with the door, although did not offer to help with my bags. The staff were a mix bag, some were really nice, while there was one that was simply plain rude. The receptionist attending to me was really rude, the just treat me as transparent before taking her time to attend to me. I think that the bell boy is even nicer than the receptionist. Unfortunately could not check in till almost 2pm, since the hotel is fully booked, there was also no upgrade as well, which is definitely sad. Nice quirky exterior and design. Seems like I really love the curio collection. It is my first time staying in the portfolio and it does seems that I will be back. I got my luggage kept and went out to explore.

I was back around 6pm in the evening to check in since I was nearby Grand Central, this time around, the staff was super good. Elite recognition was good as well and I was thank for being an elite member. Check in was smooth and I gave another try at an upgrade but to no avail. I was informed that breakfast for Elite members would be served in the restaurant next door at Bedford & Co next door. Some cards were given for breakfast and you could either get a prix fixe continental breakfast or a $10 credit off the bill. Coffee is also offered all day at the restaurant.

I was given late check out given till 1pm. And this is the main fault I had with the hotel. I contacted them 3 times and all together with 3 different staff, each gave me a different answer, it does seems like there is no communication or logs in their system. I had 12pm, 12.30pm and 1pm given to me at different timings. Ridiculous. Given a room on the 5th floor and it is just located next to the lift, with that being said, sound proofing is excellent since I had an excellent rest. It was really quiet. I love the design of the interior even the lift, it seems to be retro fitted.

The room have a nice quirky design and I love the décor, the lights and the furniture. The size was also pretty huge, especially for NYC standards and the one I had yesterday, perhaps due to the long walkway from the entrance to the main room where the bed is, it seems even larger. The toilet is right on the left after entrance, near the door which I will come back to that soon.

Along the long walkway, you can find some nice thoughtful touches they had, including this nice jacket hanger cum decor, it is like a jacket hanger decoration on the long corridor. Quirky at best yet practical to the max. It seems practical since people would have their coats or jackets while in NYC. Thus you can just grab them while leaving instead of the wardrobe which is located all the way inside.

There was a king size bed in the main room along one side of the wall and surrounded with two side tables. The bed was a little soft but still lush and comfy. Pillows were a little small but at least not paper thin. Again, I love that there are well placed outlets around the bed and they even had a usb charger as well. throughout this trip, I think that my hotel selection were really perfect. The wifi was strong as well.

Facing the bed is a large tv as well as a mirror and sort of a stool cum luggage stand. I appreciate that there are a lot of spaces for you to place your bags even though it is small in context.

Then to the far left corner, you can find some storage space, wardrobe as well as a mini bar setup which is all combined together into one set up. Water is also provided for guest and there is a note that even allows you to request for more. Generous! I mean, at least I paid about 200 bucks and I am not feeling that the hotel is stingy on me. The wardrobe also provide one nice and comfortable bathrobe. It does seems weird that there is only one, but it is really comfortable.

On the far end of the room, where there is a window as well. There is not much views to talk about since it is mostly block by surrounding buildings. It does has a living in Soho vibes. There is also a proper working desk that is really well designed and cute. It looks really nice to work on and the lamp is lovely.

Now, to the washroom, the decor is so welcoming and nice. It looks clean and fresh as well. The toilet is spacious and comfortable. The basic necessity are all provided and a hairdryer is provided as well. Toiletries were from C.O Bigelow which are awesome. I love that they showcase some of the local products. The layout was good with really amazing water pressure and temp control. This is something so important to me and to me a crucial important criteria of a good hotel room. And yes finally, a handheld shower head is there! No toothbrush set was provided though. Perhaps this seems to be a thing in NYC! Enlighten me pls!

Breakfast was served from 6.30am on weekdays and 7.30am on weekends. The restaurant is just next to the lobby. It was not too busy when I turned up to dine. Gold/Diamond members were given either continental breakfast or a $10 credit off the menu. Since I was alone I had $20. It just seems a little stingy, looking at the menu prices, I doubt that 10 bucks can cover anything. Kind of stingy and cookie cutter in comparison. Here is the menu anyway, it is pretty limited!

The place is pretty dark to keep to the theme, making it a little difficult for pictures. Staff was attentive and I was immediately asked for a drink when seated, I had a cup of  cappuccino to start which was good and tasty.

I had the Frittata with Chicken Apple Sausage, Bacon and Cheddar Cheese. It came with garlic roasted potatoes which was really really good. The portion is pretty huge, at least for the price of 17USD! The Frittata was ok, but I love the roasted potatoes more than the frittata itself. The bill came up to about 18 buck, which my credit nicely covered them. I then left a cash tip. 

However during check out, they try to say that I have charged the bill to the room, although that was cleared up pretty quick. Overall, I really enjoyed my stay at The Renwick. It’s really nice and everything fit my liking. I really love the design and touches of the hotel. An upgrade and even later check out would be nicer, although it does seems a little tough in a NYC hotel where tourism is booming. Given the price point and great location I will definitely be back if I could have the same rate again. Location is perfect since it is literally one block away from Grand Central Station. It is very recommended. My stay was simply too short!

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