I was actually due to stay at the Conrad NYC and was really looking forward to it. I do not know why but the rates for the night that I was staying at in NYC were really cheap, in comparison to the others. My Conrad rates were a flexible one, I originally had it at about 240USD per night. However roughly about a week before my stay, I went to do another check and realised that all of the rates for the hotel have drop and in fact, for the friday night, I could find properties that were even at around 120USD. Couldn’t give up this opportunity, I cancelled my conrad stay. I found the Hilton Garden Inn NYC Financial Centre going for only about around 120USD and after taxes and fee, I paid about 147USD. Furthermore,  I am going to get some points and clock towards my Hilton Gold as well. The location was pretty good as well. It is located right at the edge of the banks, in Wall St, in fact just opposite the Subway as well as the Staten Island Ferry. The location makes it a perfect choice to explore lower manhattan, world trade centre and even Tribeca and Soho. I love how sometimes in the Wall St, especially on the weekends and holidays, it become quiet and rates are oftenly low.

While the pricing makes it felt like a luxe hotel, in American standards, it is probably just about a 4 star hotel. At the very least, the location is awesome, the service is good. There is a restaurant and coffee in the lobby. Room were comfortable and save as well. While I think that it is a pretty ok hotel, I would have to say that it actually surpass my expectations. Of course, don’t expect bell service and all. For NYC Standards, where a donut can easily cost 6USD. I would say that it is a steal!

The hotel have a modest entrance and lobby, there are also some seatings as well and a tv in the lobby. It does feels that the hotels is rather new or fresh. Everything looks well kept. It is kinda busy when I am there since it is the peak hours. I took the Subway there and the hotel was simply a 2 mins walk away. I was being attended to straight away and my room was ready, although there is no possibility of upgrade since the hotel is fully booked. I love that they provide some Fruit infused water in the lobby during the day, which was pretty awesome since it has been such a hot day in NYC.

I was assigned a room at the 25th floor although there is not much view since views are mostly blocked by all the high rises in wall st. Well the room size was small as per the norm in NYC. I mean you can’t complain too much about the size. I would say that it is comfortable for 2 adults. The room is squarish in look and immediately after entering you can find the lush King Size bed on the left as well as the tv setup and a little mini bar area on the right. Then you also have a small window. While I did say that the room was small, it is not small until you have to squeeze or have no leg room to walk after putting your luggage. I love how they make good use of the little space that they had by streamlining the TV, minibar as well as a working desk and the wardrobe all into a row along the wall.

It somehow makes the how room less messy and still lets you keep the necessity. For example, I would think that for a hotel in Wall St, a proper working desk and chair is necessary since both of the target customers, would be here on business!

As I say, everything in the hotel look fresh and new, this hotel also seems to be fairly new as well. Towards the other side of the room, you can also find a small window. Although the little “View” was nothing to speak of since it just faces the nearby buildings.

Right smack in the middle of the room you can find the King Size bed and this definitely have to be the highlight of the room. I love how high american beds are! It somehow adds up a very posh feeling as well. I find the bed to be super comfortable, I love the hardness of it. It was just nice to me. It comes with 4 pillows and they were pretty firm. Not like the paper thin pillows that you could find almost too often in hotels.

Surrounding the bed was also two night stand. I love that the lighting could be customizable and turn down to a lighter brightness in the evening. Furthermore they had awesome outlets placed here and within reach of the bed. This is something that I am super appreciative of. Both USB outlets and the normal plug were available. Giving them extra marks. Wifi was fast throughout the room as well!

As per mentioned, the minibar set up was beside the TV. As per the usual in Hilton Garden Inn, you can also find a microwave. A Fridge was also provided. There you can also find a Keurig Pods machine, although I have never been a supporter of them. I think their coffee are vile. 2 bottles of water are also left in the room, although surprisingly, it is only free for elite members, that does sounds to be a little stingy!

The bath room was located next to the bed on the other side and it was of a good size with towels and soaps from Neutrogena Brand. This is something new that I have seen in Hilton. Perhaps there is some kind of partnership with this Hilton Garden Inn property itself. It was pretty good and I love that the scent isn’t that overpowering. However tooth brush and hairdryer are not provided.

The Bathroom really look fresh and it was spacious. The water pressure was excellent and I love that it is decked out in white. Temperature control was awesome as well. Although I hate that there is no hand held shower head. Do not understand why is this such a hard thing to do for so many hotels.

In the morning the following day, I saw that they had come coffee and tea set up in the lobby which is kinda sweet. Nothing is better than a cup of hot coffee in the cooling morning. I love that they have everything prepared for you. Some cookies would be awesome as well. Missing those, Doubletree cookies.

I was only here for one night and had a really lovely stay. Everything was perfect and I even got a late check out. There really isn’t nothing much to fuss about. Great place for business and if for pleasure, the location is pretty good as well. Everywhere is nearby and the Subway is just next door to take you further. I will definitely choose to stay here again given it’s price point. Next up, I will be sharing about another Hilton property in NYC as well.

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