New York, New York! What else can I still say about NYC! I can’t believe that the withdrawal actually hit me so much and I really miss this little big apple so much right now. Prior to this trip, I have always thought, I will probably just be back, walk around and have nothing much in mind to do, since I am just here 2 years back and did all the touristy thing. But right now, I just want to experience and hope I would have a chance of living in NYC! Back to my time in New York City, I had about 3 days in the city and this time around, I really did some different stuff from what I did on my first trip here. Most of the trip planning is hunting down some of the awesome food the city provided. Besides that, I also went shopping in Century 21, which is definitely something that you guys have to mark on your maps. I would also like to share a little on some districts and areas that I have been to.

For the first day, I mainly explore the area around lower manhattan and towards the brooklyn side, after checking in, there is always time to check out the icon of Wall St, the charging bull that is just right next door. As per the norm, it is always super crowded and hard to take pictures. Hopefully I do really get some bullish luck from touching it.

Next up, I really did something that I wanted to do for super long. Walk from Manhattan to Brooklyn. It is sort of a bucketlist and of course, the views are impeccable. I think I might just do this every time I am back to this city. Similar to my experience last year, I find that the hardest part is not making the 1.8km walk across the bridge but getting to the bridge itself. Which is a couple of stories high.

Brooklyn bridge is also one of the most photograph site in NYC, time will definitely pass by super fast as you snap while walking across. Just a slight tip here. This time around, since I made the full journey across, I find that the Brooklyn side are less crowded and easier to take pictures!


I exited the bridge and went to a place that I have been dreaming for very long. DUMBO!!! This trendy Brooklyn neighbourhood with its cobblestone streets and converted warehouse buildings are the backdrop for gorgeous photographer. Especially when you have all the buildings lined up with the Manhattan Bridge! How lovely it is!

It literally means Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass! I took so many pictures here. I have already made it a point that if I am to move to NYC, this is where I would want to stay! I then head to the area around the Brooklyn Bridge Park which had alot of quirky places and restaurant! Here you can find even more awesome backdrop for pictures. The weather was warm and the sun was out. Making it even crowded, especially with the holidays coming up!

Of course, being in NYC, you can’t do without having some Shake Shack! Now that we have it in Singapore, this does seems to be less crucial now. But it is still good. I went to take a little breather from the weather and also rest my legs over some Shroom Burger and of course, the fries never dissapoint!

I spend the rest of my first day exploring Tribeca enjoying the vibes. I also pop by Whole Foods which always blows my mind when I am here. It is so awesome, why can’t Singapore have something like this! Everything looks so fresh! I will be always down for some house party and BBQ when I am here!

Continuing on my journey back to Wall St. You can never miss the newly build Oculus Building in World Trade Centre. Although this place is a mall, train station and with nearby office buildings, the only thing you should be here is to admire the decor of this 4 billion dollar station. It had like white ribs structure where the light penetrate through, making it an extremely lovely sight. Of course, it is another photo spot!

I would just like to digress a bit and talk about Century 21! While I have heard about this place, this is the first time I am here. I am not usually for shopping and don’t share much about it, I had so much temptation at Century 21! The deals here are so awesome! The discount are so much off the retail prices. It is like factory outlets right smack in the city! Do note that Century 21 only sells designer items! I am definitely decking out this 50USD Leather Jacket! Day 2! I was up bright and early and off to hunt for some of my Doughnuts and Cronuts! I first went to the Lower East Side and got my tummy fix with this amazing Creme Brulee doughnut from Doughnut Plant, and all I could say was guilty, it is so good and in fact all fill up with Creme Brulee! Amazing.

It is also lovely to walk by some of the local areas, where I can get a glimpse of how the local new yorkers really live like. After that I went to wander around Soho and also pass by the well known Katz Deli.

I think that beside Dumbo, I also love Soho a lot. Now I have conflicting ideas on where to stay in NYC. Speaking as if that I am really moving to this amazing city! I love how trendy this area is with the cast-iron-facades and cobblestone streets. It just had that NYC feels where you get that rugged buildings with those fire escape stairs on the exterior.

Of course, my true agenda here is to pay a visit to the legendary Dominique Ansel and grab the Cronuts that I have been waiting for so long! Half Donuts, Half Croissant! I have been waiting for so long to sink my teeth into these. Thankfully I was here early and there was no queue, which is definitely not the case when I was leaving. It turns out that there is only one flavour per day and it was the Raspberry Cream today! It cost 6.50USD, but definitely totally worth the money! I will like to share on the little outdoor greenhouse siting area that they have at the back which is so pretty. It is decked out in flowers and amazing. I would let the pictures do the rest of the talking since I went crazy here.

Later in the afternoon I went to meet up with some Singaporean friends that I have met in the states and we had a lovely time at Central Park, taking pictures and enjoying the vibes. Central Park is another place that I will always be back. I am constantly amazed by how amazing the fast paced locals can shut off and head to this huge park. It is also lovely how many greens they have in the city. I think that this is something we Singaporeans should really learn from. Check out my pictures here!

I simply wander around the city among the bustling afternoon. In the evening, I drop by Times Square to soak up some of the ambience, which is definitely something that you have to do once in your life. There is just something magical about all the neon lights and Times Square. All the bustling shops that practically do not close and the everlasting advertising going on. This is the reason why NYC is the city that never sleep. Soak in all the noise, the lights and the people. I am also one lucky soul to be able to witness a proposal right there in Times Square!

Before I left NYC, on my last day, I squeeze in another visit to Grand Central for one last look and of course some pictures were taken at this gorgeous Train Station. I feel that the US stations are often overlook for their European counterparts, they do have some really beautiful ones as well.

Then I had another long awaited yearn settled by a visit to Bibble & Sip, I have been wanting to try their world famous cream puff for ages. I am so happy to be finally here. Surely their cream puffs do not disappoint. I had both the Earl Grey as well at the Matcha puffs. I do find the Matcha one nicer. They were so satisfying. The drinks were alright though!

I came with wishes and left with my heart full. I can totally say that I enjoyed my visit to NYC so much. It actually feels much better than the previous trip, since this time around, I had no commitment, no timeline to I have to see this, I have to see that. But simply just walk around, soak in the vibes, had awesome food and of course, I met some lovely people as well that will definitely creates memories that I will remember for life. In fact I remember almost everyone that I met on my travels since it is so nice. Goodbye for now, NYC, I hope I will be back in the near future! Love ya, peeps!

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