Recently, in April, I took a very impromptu hop across the causeway for another trip to JB that have been missing for the longest time ever. I am in need of a massage as well as numerous good food! All at 30% of the price you find back home in Singapore! I kinda feel like the opposite instead, just like how I am when travelling to Europe. This trip all came about when there was a Flash Sale on Hilton recently and I am on a first track to qualify for Gold. Nothing is better than doing it for 70 bucks a night. I got train tickets and with a daypack, here I am in JB. The Doubletree by Hilton Johor Bahru is located just a short walk from the customs and City Square, which I believe that most of you know about.

The train ride was comfy and I was let out right into City Square shortly after 2pm. We got lunch before making the short journey to the hotel on foot. A good tip would be walking thru, City Square and Komtar Mall, then it is only about a 5 min walk to the hotel or you could just take a Grab for 5rm!!! It is worth noting that there is nothing much near the hilton. But in JB you can simply Grab everywhere! The entrance was grand and quiet, given that this is a Sun afternoon. There was also bellboys who services was good. I can see that this is simply the best hotel in JB.

There was not much crowd on a sun and there was no wait at check in. I was promptly welcomed and my room was ready. I was just given the room I book, there was no offer of an upgrade which seems kind of stingy since the hotel look mostly empty and low occupancy. I took the chance to also check out the lobby which was grand and fresh! There were warm lightings, spacious seatings.

In the middle of the lobby is the bar and to the corner is the hotel restaurant. They also had a little set up commemorating Hilton 100th anniversary which was cute.

During check in, I was also promptly given the famous Doubletree Cookies as a welcome. They were really delicious and even came warm. I love that Chocolate and Walnut cookie. This is in fact my first time staying at a Doubletree brand property and certainly loving this cookie thing. I was really disappointed by the lack of upgrade but thankfully, I was given a room on the 22nd floor and the room came with pretty good view as well. The room is just located around the corner from the lift. I am really impressed with the hotel, as I had low expectations. The corridor and public places was new and well kept.

The room was not really big but well designed. Another point why I am impressed with the property. Immediately after entrance, the wardrobe was on the right, which came with a iron set, safe, robe and plenty of hanger. You can also find slippers as well as another extra pillow here.

Then to the left was the washroom. I will come back to this in a moment. Then you have a little stand between the entrance and the main room. Here there is a mirror, which is useful and you can put some personal stuff here. On the table, 4 bottles of water was placed. Which was generous. Seems like the hotel really saw my preferences. Here is also where the mini bar is. Hidden in the drawer you can find a coffee set up as well as an empty fridge. I love the way that they do it, keeping it empty and then place a sign that says if you need some snacks, they are just a call away.

Next, the iconic plush King Sweet Dreams bed. With 4 pillows and then 2 extra place on them as well. Another of my preference. Another plus point. The bed were accompanied by two night stand. The lighting set up was good also. Perfect at night for leaving a small light on. There were the usual few signs that were placed on the bed. One of them caught my eye, a pillow menu. I totally didn’t expect this here. There were various options and I request to switch for 2 contour pillows which were awesome. So much better than the normal one that were paper thin. Since I am on this, the bed is comfortable although a tat too soft for me, but I shall just mark it down as a personal preference!

On the far end of the room is a little couch and coffee table as well as a proper working desk. This is perhaps the only comment I have about the room since the space is a little tight over there for a couch, table and desk as well as a chair. You could easily bang into each other. I love that there were well placed outlets on both side of the bed, the mini bar/stand as well as the desk. So many 5 star hotel get this wrong so often. I shall also mention that the room have super fast wifi, like video streaming fast. Another plus point.

The washroom was of a good size and came with a walk in shower. The water pressure is good and showering area was spacious. They also had rainforest shower which is another of my favourite. Amenities were provided and were from Crabtree and Evelyn. Another surprise over there. The only critique is that no hand towels were provided as well and also the water frequently flow out of the shower area.

The hotel also had a decent size gym and pool area which look amazing. Perfect for those who are in for a little staycation.

In conclusion, I am really in love with this hotel and it seems that it really hit all my pressure points for a good hotel. Pillows, water, water pressure, wifi and outlets. The stay really exceeds my expectations for a 70SGD stay and much better than 300-400 hotels that I have stayed before in other places. Doubletree Hilton JB have a solid hard product, although the staff could have better training. It was a low occupancy period, it’s a huge hotel. I would give it a 100 marks if im staying on a Fri or Sat. But not this time.

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