Most of the time Plaza Premium does not disappoint when it comes to Contract Lounge. I feel like they are a step above others when it comes to non airline operated lounges. The plaza premium offerings are usually fairly impressive among their peers. They are a hospitality group headquartered in Hong Kong and operate lounges around the world. I have heard impressive things especially of their lounges in Heathrow as well as in Vancouver. Most of their lounges are also part of the Priority Pass network and you could access them with your membership. In some location, they do have arrival lounges as well. On my way back form Taipei, I was in Taoyuan International Airport. After getting my favourite mochi from I JY SHENG we went to check in. There was a slight wait despite the long line.

We were flying out of Terminal 1, and there are two Plaza Premium Lounge, both located almost just next to each other, probably due to alleviate crowding issues. I was there shortly after 1pm, I was immediately attended to and welcomed in after my card was swiped. I will not say that the lounge is huge, it is mainly one room, but with the use of partition and the design of the seats, the place felt cosy and private. Immediately after entering you can see numerous rows of cubicle style seating. This seems to be a favourite among Plaza Premium lounges. I have seen the exact seats in the Singapore lounge as well.

What I love about such seats, that they are super multi functional. They are for single use, with a huge couch and a table top. You can also find plugs as well as a small desk light. You can work on your laptop here as well as have a bite. They are also super private as well since the partition are about your eye level.

Then towards the two side of the rooms are more traditional lounge seating. There are a mixture of single couches as well as sofas. The whole place felt like a nice classy bar. I love that the lounges lights are cosy as well. It is a perfect place for lazing and a rest. Perhaps due to the fact that not much people are there, it is quite quaint during my time there. On the right hand side of the lounge, you can also find a reading rack. I appreciate that the tv is kept on mute, something that many lounge failure to take note of. The wifi in the lounge is also fast and usable. Although given the amount of people there, this does not feel like a fair review.

Towards the middle of the lounge, is the main dining area as well as where the buffet is located. Here you can find usual dining tables that are more suitable for dining. It consists of long group tables as well as tables of four.

Throughout my time in the lounge, there were only about 20 people there. There was a mini buffet line consists of various salad and sweets. There were also 4 to 5 kind of hot dishes on offer, ranging from curry chicken, fried rice to vegetables. Everything look not too shabby.

What I constantly love about Plaza Premium Lounge are their food offerings, they often have stations where you can order to make dishes from the staff. They are usually some local delights. Notwithstanding, this time around there were Taiwanese Beef Noodle, Braised Pork Chop Rice as well as also Vegetarian Noodle on offer. I had a couple of portion of the Braised Pork Chop Rice, so thankful that I had a last taste of Taiwanese cuisine. They were delicious as well.

On the other side of the buffet line, you can find the drinks options, there were a couple of reds, a white wine. You can also find can drinks, juices and water. This is in addition to the soda fountain as well. I love that there is a Taiwan Beer tap on offer as well, which I partake in a couple of glasses.

I enjoyed my time in the lounge and had a nice meal as well. Plaza Premium Lounge are constantly among the best in their category, no doubt is this one in Taoyuan Airport! What I am really intrigued is how profitable actually their business it. I assume that most of the people are getting entrance via programs such as Priority Pass. Which means they are getting about 28 USD per entrance? Hope you guys love this sharing of mine. I think that this lounge is worth spending some time in, it is comfy, the food is good. I love that the lounge is very well-kept and new. It is also just a short walk to the gate. This somehow sums up my trip in Taiwan. Not too worry, my next trip series is coming up very soon! Stay Tuned!

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