It all begins on New Year Day, 1st January 2019, Cathay Pacific gave us the miles hunters such an awesome New Year Present. Cathay First Class Ticket from Vietnam to USA for less than 1000USD! What a great start to the new year. This is my very first time taking advantages of an error fare and heck it was so exciting. Must be a new milestone for Seeing The World In Steps! I was almost heading to bed at 6am Singapore time on New Year day and yet, blame on my body clock or my unhealthy sleeping habits, I couldn’t sleep and scroll on my phone. That is when I saw the article on One Mile At A Time, highlighting the error. I found a suitable flight and went ahead to book it for 824 USD. First time that I was that impromptu! With that I begin to build the trip around the ticket! Cathay First Class in May! New York City in May! Woohoo!

You can also say that this is the very first time I am embarking on a Mileage Run and an error fare, which makes this trip even more exciting for me! 6 flights over a period of about 1 and a half week. What a milestone for Seeing The World In Steps! You can read all about my booking process on this error fare here! Oh heck, I have finally found out first handed, why error fares are that exciting, over the next few days after booking, I am literally always on the lookout for news, bloggers, social media for information on this Cathay fare and as well, keep logging in to my itinerary. Thankfully it didn’t take long for Cathay to release to the press that they are honoring the fare! Clear to say, I am visiting New York City in May!

Immediately after booking I spend all my time reading about it, the comments were so funny! Some got to say, booking right next day and seeing how Cathay could cancel if he is on board! Some were taking full advantages and booking 5 or 10 tickets and earning huge loads of miles. Some said they could qualify for One World Emerald in 4 different programs. What a deal, What a Steal. $1000 Dollars for a $46,001 Ticket? Discount of $45,000!!!


Heck, it certainly made my day! Frankly speaking, all on my mind at the moment is that I am leaving it to fate, If they honor I am happy to try Cathay First Class. If not, I am fine with it. To sum it up! I will have 3 sectors in Cathay First Class, 2 Long haul and 1 medium haul, it would be interesting to see if there are any difference in the soft product! I will be trying out both the legacy seat 1A as well as the slightly bad, 1K.

Another huge thing about this ticket is the amount of miles that I will be able to earn. I am crediting this Error fare which cost me 1160.92 SGD to Alaska Mileage Plan. This is by far the best deal since I get about 350% of mileage flown even without any elite bonus. This will earn me about 20,151 Butt In Miles, 24,160 Elite Qualifying Miles, 56,360 Redeemable Miles. I am already set on using these miles to change for tickets for Business Class tickets next year to Tokyo on Japan Airlines! According to Ben from One Mile At A Time. 56, 360 Miles is worth about 1014 USD, even more than my ticket price of 824 USD!!!

To fly this mistake fare I would need to route to Da Nang from Singapore where I am based at. For this I have redeem miles to fly Silkair from Singapore to Da Nang. Sadly, no SQ flights are available. Given the time constraint I did not really do my research, if not I would have chosen to fly from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh instead. Krisflyer charge 12,500 miles per way in Economy or 21,500 Miles in Business. However thanks to some last min thinking, I thought of adding my return sector to my ticket to London in June. With that I would just need to pay a USD 100 charge at no extra miles needed. This is going to be my very first time reviewing SilkAir too after flying SQ so many times!

Total cost of my flights:

$1160.92 for Cathay First Class

$215.80 + 12,500 KF Miles for Silk Air Economy and Business Class

Cathay Pacific Trip

LOUNGE REPORT! This series is going to be so in depth into One World Lounges. I am going to make full use of my Cathay First Class Ticket to have undeniable access to most One World Lounges in Hong Kong and New York JFK. Definitely some of the highlights is going to be the high raved The Wing, The Pier in Hong Kong as well as the Flagship First Dining in JFK. I am so so excited by all this lounges. My stomach is going to have a hard time being bloated with Caviar and Champagne!


Accomodations wise, I had 2 nights on the ground in Da Nang, one at the start and one at the end of my trip. Definitely most of my hotels will be under Hilton. For my ground time in Da Nang, I will be held in Hilton Da Nang, chalking up some necessary nights for the road to Honors Gold. I luck out on some Flash Sale back in April and paid about 130 SGD a night.

I will have about 10 nights in United States, landing on 16th and leaving on the 26th. I will be visiting a good friend in D.C. Then I am definitely going to pick up on the Couchsurfing. I will then spend the rest of my time travelling around the nearby region and of course catch up on some of my misses in NYC.

I will definitely check out Washington D.C, Baltimore and Philly. Some of the places I am hoping to check out includes White House and State Department. I am definitely intrigued by this two places. Stay tuned for my remarks.

Here is some of the highlights I have for this Trip Series, A Cathay Present:

Orchid Lounge Da Nang
Cathay Dragon KA221 A320 DAD – HKG Business Class
Cathay Pacific The Wing Lounge First
Cathay Pacific The Wing Lounge Business
Cathay Pacific The Pier Lounge First
Cathay Pacific The Pier Lounge Business
Cathay Pacific CX840 777-300ER HKG – JFK First Class
Washington D.C
Bus Travels in USA
New York City
American Airlines Flagship Lounge & Flagship Bridge JFK
FLagship First Dining JFK
American Airlines Admirals Club JFK
Cathay Pacific CX865 777-300ER JFK – YVR First Class
Cathay Pacific First & Business Class Lounge Vancouver
Cathay Pacific CX865 777-300ER YVR – HKG first Class
Thought on Cathay vs SQ in First Class
Cathay Pacific The Bridge Lounge
Cathay Pacific The Deck Lounge
The Qantas Hong Kong Lounge
Ranking my Oneworld Lounges in HKIA?
Cathay Dragon KA224 A320 HKG – DAD Business Class
Hilton Da Nang
Da Nang
SilkAir MI631 737-800 DAD – SIN Business Class
Summing up my most Impromptu Trip

Hopefully you guys like this trip series that will be coming up very soon. I am doing a lot of travels over the summer and hopefully I won’t take too long to share my views! I am really hyped to visit all the amazing Cathay lounges and also Flagship First Dining in JFK. Moreover, checking off a couple of cities and adding them to my list. It has been way too long standing at No.61! Cheers peeps. Once again, WHAT A GIFT FROM CATHAY PACIFIC! THANK YOU! Stay Tuned.

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