Feeling rather peckish, I actually had a very good sleep last night at the Hilton Da Nang, I was awake by 5am, naturally, with the sunrise right in front when my eyes open. You have no idea how good that felt to be awake naturally. I left the hotel and check out around 7am and got a grab to the airport. The journey was quick and took about 10mins. It does seems that the roads had a little more traffic and the locals getting busy with their lives as well as more of the constant driving while on the horns. Da Nang International Airport sure look fresh, although rather no fills, it was a quiet morning and I was let out just as where the desks of Cathay were located. The desks have just open a couple of mins ago, some customers were already there, although there is no wait for First! It is nice to see that they actually have a dedicated line for First Class passenger even though Cathay Dragon does not have First Class on this route. My bag was checked and I was issued boarding pass all the way to JFK. It is surely a nice sight to see these boarding pass and lounges invites. Cathay uses the CIP Orchid Lounge in Da Nang, in fact all the airlines uses it since it is the only lounge in the Airport.

It was a couple of steps to immigration as well as security and there was barely any wait at all. I was thru in mins. Immediately after security, you will see signs for the lounge, turn right and it is just around the corner, the lounge is located one level above the main floor and you can take the lift or the stairs. There will be a desk with a host where you can inform of your entrance or pass your lounge invites. There are many ways to access this lounge, including Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, Lounge Key. The lounge is open 24 hours. There are two areas to say, the outdoor and the indoor area. I was actually pretty surprised by the crowd in the lounge since it is rather quiet, perhaps there is not much flights in the early morning. The lounge was super spacious.

The outdoor area was located immediately to the left of the host desk, there are a couple of seats as well as some massage chairs. It seems like a nice place to chill as well, it look out towards the terminal.

Then pass the host desk is the indoor area of the lounge, the lounge is rather huge and spacious, it is separated into a couple of different areas. Right after entering there are some seating areas, on both side of the lounge, one side faces just a wall while the other is located along the window and look out towards the city. I really love the amount of natural light.


Then you can find the main refreshment area, this is also where you can find more tables and chairs suitable for dining. First there is a fridge to the right where you can find some juices, milk, fresh fruits and salad.

Then the main buffet line had a couple of dishes alongside with some pastries. The food was not too bad, nothing fantastic, but edible. There are both western and Asian options, the Asian one seems to better. There was pho that you can make yourself as well. I took a quick bite since I am famished but definitely leaving most of my tummy for the food onboard as well as the lounge in Hong Kong.

Drink wise, I didn’t see any alcohol on offer besides Can Beers in the fridge. There are lots of can drinks on offer as well as bottled water which is a plus point. You can also find a coffee machine which I took advantage of. I do have to say that the staff were constantly super polite, all of them greeting every single guest that walk in.

Towards the inner part of the lounge are the main seating areas, with typically lounge couches. There are lots of them and there are even some well-designed impressive cubicles that allows personal working space. Check these out. In addition to the massage chairs in the outdoor area, you can find some inside as well.

Between the dining rooms and the seating area you can find the washrooms, the showers are also located inside. The washrooms look clean. There is only one shower room and it is located inside the toilet. The shower area look rather disgusting and I won’t take one here.

Overall, this lounge is not too bad, especially for a contract lounge. It is a nice place to rest before flight, grab some water and food. Although I won’t come super early just to use the lounge. The Wifi was rather wear, even though there is not much people in the lounge, even the airport Wifi is stronger. I will be using this lounge once again when I am flying back to Singapore on the end of this trip, but will not be reviewing it again since the experience will be rather similar. In fact, I might not even be travelling earlier to use it.

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