There is always time for a first and this is one of them, my very first time onboard a Scoot flight. While there are usually nothing much to share about on Economy flight, let alone on a budget carrier, I will still like to briefly share my thoughts on Scoot. Scoot is consistently assume to be the best among their counterparts, probably due to the new planes and connections to Singapore Airlines. I am also very keen to try them out for the very first time. I will only be sharing very briefly on the experience and I will definitely not do a separate one for the return flight. Scoot currently depart out of Terminal 2 from Changi Airport, a little out of the norm given that most budget depart from Terminal 4.

Boarding was smooth and well, then I had a sight of the blue palate dreamliner. It is sure unreal that I was on a widebody of a budget carrier, seemingly, this seem to be the very first time too! Surely impressive rather than flying on the usually narrow overly used A320 or 737. Scoot seems to rather keep the cabin rather dim with the usage of only mood lightings, during boarding which is probably not a good thing in my opinion, of course, there is some trendy music going on also, afterall they are try to be trendy and cool. Something like Virgin Atlantic.

Seats were decked in blue in a 3-3-3 configuration. They then had overly used headtop covering that promotes their ScooTV and Wifi. Everuything seems to be overly monetise and scrimping for payments which I will share on more later as well. I have to say, the seats are rather confortable, much more than their usual counterparts, the planes are also newer and the padding were good. Much better than intra europe.

Legspace was alright, for a big built person like me, I could still stretch my legs a little. There were extra leg rooms seats as well, which goes fairly unused since they are chargable. I am unsure if they will release it at check in, but you can certain try. Another issue that I have with the cabin was the temperature was kept fairly warm and I woke up sweating.

Seems like no one are even interested to pay extra to seat in those extra leg room seats? Maybe they should offer some upgrade? Perhaps to Krisflyer Gold Members?

For those who are interested, there is a menu on board that you can buy food and drinks, of course, at an overpriced amount.

Something that I really really hate about the seats were the part of the handle. After so much hype on the company for knowing about customers, focusing on them. They missed out on something that basic in their seats design. Each handle had these little control buttons for the crew and lights. They built it right on the handle, yes the handle that people naturally rest on! Throughout the flight and even myself, there were constant accidental turning on and off of lights as well as the call for crew which is annoying. Aren’t this creating extra work for the crew as well? Or they know this well and not response anymore?

Funny thing, perhaps in my little experience of travels, after all I consider myself to be well travelled. 24 countries and 61 cities on my list with numerous flight and train. On the return flight back to Singapore, I was working on my laptop and was trying to use the power socket. I tried mine, it didn’t work, then I tried my mum seat, which was not working as well. I thought sometimes, the crew forgot to turn them on or something. I approach one of them and the response simply left me shocked and disgusted! I was told that I have to pay for them. Which left me appalled. What a way to earn money, that is outright stingy! I have never head of this before in my life! Heck! I even get free power on the stingy American Airlines! Reading up on their website now, it is said to cost a small fee of $5 for short-haul flights and $8 for long-haul flights! Seems like in times like this, you are stuck with the window for entertainment! Thankfully the 787 windows are rather huge and views are amazing!


To conclude, I am still rather happy with the quality of Scoot even thought they have a nickel and dime mindset. I understand that these are low cost carrier but it seems to take it too far on the monitization of even seat power! Yucks. The handle is literally the most annoying item ever. Although I have to say, the seats, the “polished” crew, the wide body and more spacious seats. They are certainly the market leader and an edge above the other budget carriers. Still, I won’t go out of the extra mile to fly them, but rather based on the cheapest among the budget players!

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