After a very efficient high-speed train journey that I took from Taoyuan to Taichung, Taiwan second largest city, I arrived here in the afternoon. It is sure a journey and I am exhausted. A full day of travelling, from the plane, to mrt, to train then finally a bus ride, I am sure happy to check in and wash up. I was staying at the Splendor Hotel Taichung, one of the top rated hotel in Taichung and if not the best. The location is impeccable as well. Right opposite the Sogo Department store and the free bus transfer to the high speed rail station stop right outside. It is also connected to a shopping centre itself, surrounded by many stores and eateries. There are numerous convenience stores around the hotel. The entrance is sure grand!

Let me share a little on the booking process before I get right into the hotel experience. Considering between this and the Evergreen Laurel Hotel, the other one that is considered the best in Taichung, I was recommended The Splendor by the Citi Prestige Concierge, we got the Superior Room at 613 SGD for 4 nights, together with the 4th night free benefit, that brought down the rate to about 117 SGD per night. The concierge even found me a 10% promo code which I am otherwise unaware of, so kudos to Angel from the concierge!

The hotel main lobby is actually located on the 12th floor, with the ground food being an entrance and waiting area. That requires 2 separate lifts to get to your room, which is a little hassle. One to take from the ground to the lobby on the 12th, then another to access the guest rooms. We certain don’t mind the extra walk to digest off all the good food we had in Taiwan. Immediately after entering the waiting area on the ground level, the design of the place caught my eye, it was fresh and bright, complemented with plenty of seating. The concierge was also located here and can help with any queries, the complimentary umbrellas here certainly helped us a lot since we are travelling in the rainy season.

It was kind of crowded during check in, probably it being the peak check in, check out hour. Thankfully there wasn’t a long wait. We were even given an upgrade to a large corner room located on the 22th floor, but there was a short wait for the room. We were then escorted to the guest rooms lift.

Besides the lobby on the 12th, you can also connect via the pool and gym level on the 15th floor. The corridor of the hotel seems bright and fresh. There were something that I really love about the wood finishes. The place kinda remind me of a Hyatt!

The room was super huge and even feature a balcony. Given the high floor that we were at, it boost clear views of the surrounding. Although perhaps it is the rainy season, the balcony doors were locked. Immediately after entering the room, the toilet is located on the left of the room, then to the right was the wardrobe. It was pretty huge and inside there you can also find some bathroom slippers and even a shoe brush and shoe horn. This is something that I will commend them for, a basic necessity for any 5 star hotel .

Towards the end of the room, near the balcony, you can find a set of couches, along a coffee table. On the table you can also find a welcome amenity of Pineapple Cakes. After all you are in Taiwan. This area of the room is very spacious, opposite the couches, you can find an actual working desk paired with an ergonomic chair. The only outlets in the room were located here. Let me first just say that the wifi is unusable at all in the room, which is so annoying.

The extremely comfortable king size bed is located right in the middle, along with two side tables. I love the firmness of the bed and the pillow aren’t those paper thin kind, so this is commendable. I still can’t comprehend the fact that how hotels constantly get it wrong with outlets. Is it that hard to place outlets beside the bed? Seemingly this is where people spend the most of their time and after a long day out, you will want to charge and use your phone at the same time on the bed.

Facing the bed was the tv set up and minibar which is located right below the tv. The tv was of a good quality and size. Here, bottles of water are also offered.

Now, let me come to the bathroom, the second most important aspect of a good hotel room. It was huge, accompanied with separated toilet, bath and a tub. They even had those fancy japanese bidet style toilet. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that Taiwan culture and history have so much Japanese influences. It was stocked with amenities and even a facial mirror with I love. However I hate those fixed kind of hair dryer since they are lousy in quality.

I will also greatly commend the bath area of Splendor Hotel, the shower is amazing and water pressure is extremely good, this is my killer point in hotels. I love that they provide a hand-held one as well. I really love showering in this room.

Overall, I find that there were hit and misses at Splendor Hotel. The decor was fresh and grand. The place is spacious and I love the style of the hotel. Staff was nice and the location is perfect. Tons of shop around and convenience store just right downstairs. What I really hate was the internet connection at the hotel. Which is just not usable at all. That was so tough for the 4 days. Poor outlets location as well. While I have no issues with the lobby located on high levels since it is the norm now, I will prefer if the lifts can be merge. That would be slighly less trouble. I simply love the ground lobby area as well. For the price, it is a deal. But in the event that I am heading back to Taichung, I might just try Evergreen Laurel instead!

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