After a relaxing time in Seattle! It’s time for my to head to San Francisco for the next leg of my trip, my second last city before heading back to Singapore! Doing a little count, this is actually my 8 flight during this trip! Life of a wanderluster huh! I’m pretty excited this time round, since it’s going to be my first flight on Virgin America! I have always heard about how fun and quirky the flight and cabin crews are with the mood lighting and stuff! Furthermore, I’m looking forward to do a comparison with Delta, since both these airline are known to be the best in the states! Even the boarding pass are so cute!

The gate is just a short walk from the lounge and we were there just as boarding is about to start! Boarding in the states have many different priority! In fact too many, differentiated by status, class, credit cards and even people who need extra time and military! As per the norm, one of the way to board much earlier that others is to offer to gate check your bags! This is what I usually do! Through this, I get to board first and also got some nice pictures of the cabin!

Virgin America first class cabin just look so nice! Just look at that seat! It look so inviting! And that purple mood lighting! This just feels like a party flight! In fact, Virgin America first class are one of the most spacious in the industry! Sadly, that is not where I was in!

I’m so glad to be one of the first to board since I can really get good pictures of the interior! Virgin America seats are in a 3-3 configuration! They look sleek and chic, especially with that leather finish! I’m also happy that they were padded nicely!

Legroom was alrighty! Still comfy for a short flight of this! There were still pretty comfy even for a person of my build! The mood lighting were kept throughout the boarding process! Here is the legroom in normal economy, even for a person of my built, I will still say that it is pretty alright!

I love the fact that usually domestic carriers in the states all comes with inflight entertainment! Something to reflect on, Budget Airlines! The screen was of good definition and the variety was good as well! However, they do not provide headphones like what we are used to seeing over here! So do take note to bring up your own headphones or earpiece if you wanna enjoy the inflight entertainment! If not you will be stuck with a silent movie!

Service is good on the flight and even though in economy, you still get plenty of drink service, which is really good! In fact, their domestic travel here is so much more better than what we have for Budget! Virgin crew are also friendly and polished! In comparison, there are not much difference between Virgin America and Delta Air! Both have polished crews and pretty good entertainment system. Although Virgin America is so much more cooler and nicer to fly! And the cabin is much more chic!

I was kept busy checking out the view while flying in! The view over the coast and Bay are awesome and that is a nice welcome! We got a smooth touchdown and even arrived ahead of time. I am once again so glad to be checking out a new city. Time to check another off my list. Hello San Francisco!

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