Upon arrival in SFO, the main airport in San Francisco Bay Area, we took the transfer to the rail and then head towards the city using the BART! The BART is like the mrt or metro that we have in other countries! It serve most of the Bay area! Usually the most important stations in San Francisco downtown area are from Civic Centre to Embarcadero! The ride from SFO takes about 20-30 mins and cost about 10 bucks! After all San Francisco is an expensive place! Parc 55 location is perfect, steps from Powell St Station and right in the heart of the city! Union Square and the major shopping district are just steps away as well as many eateries! You really can’t get any better than this!

Parc 55 is under the Hilton group, which means that I’m able to enjoy my gold membership privileges here as well! Keep in mind that prices in San Francisco is not low, frisco is actually a pretty expensive place to travel! The standard of living is extremely high here! I dare say that it’s actually more expensive than NYC! The rates that I got at Parc 55 average around 340 SGD per night! Thankfully due to the 4th night free benefit by Citi Prestige! I’m able to bring it down to 267 SGD. This is definitely the best credit card benefit ever! Sadly, the hotel is fully booked on the days that I am there, which means that there are no upgrade available! Parc 55 also do not provide free breakfast for members but only a 10 USD credit per night! Which seems really really stingy! This is a huge hotel, with more than 700 over rooms! On the main entrance of the hotel, which is literally across the Bart station, the entrance is actually a sort of waiting area. It’s staff by the bellboys and the place is really grand!

The actually reception is a level above and can be accessed by the escalators or the lift! This is also where the hotel bar is located at! Given that we arrived in the evening, there was not much crowd at the reception! Furthermore there is even a priority queue for Honours members! The staff were polite and check in was a breeze! Similarly the reception area was grand and there was plenty of seatings which I really appreciate!

The corridor was decked mainly in white! Although still feeling fresh! It seems like it could use a refresh sooner or later! Immediately after entering, the toilet is located on the left and the 2 beds faces the tv console! Again the tv console and mini bar are located together! Then you have a pair of couches and a side table located along the window!

My room was of a good size and came with 2 double bed! I always love American hotels since their beds are always much taller and felt plush! Something that I want to commend the hotels was having fresh pillows, usually this are the things that got the most usage in a hotel and often being replace to slow! Resulting in paper thin pillows all the time! I have to say that the pillows here are firm and comfy!

The bathroom was of a good size as well! Toiletries was the standard Hilton Peter Thomas Ruth brand. Then there it is the combo of a bathtub and a shower! Which is really not my cup of tea! Especially when the shower head is fixed on the wall! I hate that you can’t remove it! Personally I like to bring it down and then adjust the water temperature before getting all wet! This seems to be a common thing in Hilton properties.

While the wifi was fast, I hate that the room does not have any convenient outlets near the bed! I personally believe that is one of the most important thing in a well design room! Along with a removable shower head! From my experience, this has always commonly being missed out! Coming from such a small room in Seattle, I’m really enjoying this huge room!

I love that the streets here are already lined up with Christmas lights! What a lovely scene! While definitely not the cheapest stay in town! I definitely enjoyed my stay here in Parc 55! The location is really perfect! If shopping is on your itinerary, it can’t get any better that this! Most of the brands are all around the hotel! The huge Macy is 5 mins away! And that little Thai bistro behind the hotel! That’s a plus! Overall I love staying in Hilton properties, I earn points and miles as well as enjoying what my status provide! Next up let me share my lovely brunch in Frisco!

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