The train ride was quick and in no time I am in SeaTac, Seattle Airport. What a cute name for the airport. Seattle Tacoma Airport have one of the most cost friendly public transport to the city, since a ride on the light rail is only 3 USD. I quickly got my boarding pass printed and drop off my bags at the Virgin America check in desk. While there is not much of a wait to drop off bags, there was a huge congestion at the security. It was crazy. I have no idea what is going on and this is the worse queue that I have seen in an America airport. I was caught by surprised, seeing that this isn’t NYC or Vegas, neither is it the holidays.

All in all, the line took me close to an hour! This is the first time that I have experienced the renowned TSA security line! I’m guessing it’s being due to the fact of group travellers that do not remove their belts, shoes and take out their computers from carry ons! I was through and off to the Alaska Boardroom, which is the name for the Alaska Airlines Lounges! Seattle is the home hub for Alaska Airlines, so there are a few of the lounge found throughout Seatac!

Alaska Boardrooms are part of the Priority Pass network when I was there back then and that was how I entered them! Although subjective to crowd control as well! I would say that Alaska are pretty generous with their lounge access as well since, even on domestic first class travels you get access too! The particular lounge that I went to had two levels, with the ground one mainly being the reception as well as some seating area!

The main area of the lounge is located on the upper level, which you can get up using the stairs or lift! Can I just say that I love the upper level of the lounge! It felt classy and bright! Boosting great view of the tarmac and plenty of natural light! The Alaska Airlines decor was so elegant, usage of dark wood finish and the ceiling dropping glass windows! It just look bright and welcoming!

The lounge have different kind of seatings from couches, to sofas. There are also bar top seatings near the glass panels which are perfect for those solo travellers are those who have a keen eye for some plane watching! I love that power outlets can be found throughout the lounge with ease, which many places often overlook this point!

Located behind the seating are where you can find the refreshments! It’s pretty underwhelming for a airline lounge actually. Especially in their own hub! They have some snacks, a hot soup. You can find a salad bar, which I really like! The dressings that they had was amazing by the way!

As per the norm in Alaska Boardrooms, an icon of their lounge is these pancake machine where you can grab freshly made pancakes off the machine! They are pretty relish as well!

Besides that there are some soda fountains, water and of course not surprising, Starbucks coffee! Which is never disappointing! Alcohol wise, its is kind of controlled, in which you can approach the bar and ask for a drink! From what I can see on the menu, they had beers, both on tap and cans one, 2 reds and white as well as spirits! The bartender is pretty nice and even recommended a beer for me to try! They also declined tips! I would say that the options are quite good!

I stayed a little bit, in the lounge. Grabbing a bit and did some plane watching! While nothing marvellous, the Alaska Boardroom is pretty good for a place to rest a while before boarding! The space is nice, although the offerings could be improved! Wifi was fast and power outlets could be found easily! I appreciate being able to access such lounges under priority pass, where it’s often nice to grab a drink or some food before flying domestic! Hope you guys enjoyed this!

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