Jack’s Fish Spot is one of the hidden gems in Seattle, more specifically in Pike Place Market! I had the best seafood here while in Seattle which is why I would like to share this little hidden spot with you guys! Pike Place Market is the main tourist attractions here and it’s also the main go to place for seafood! To the extent that you can even get the renowned Salmon and shipped it anywhere in continental US. Being in the heart of clear and calm Puget Sound, you definitely have to try the produce from the region!

Jack’s Fish Spot is located in Pike Place Market, hidden in one of the corner! You will definitely find it when wandering around the market! Instead of the abundance of restaurant that you can find there with overpriced food. Jack Fish Spot is actually a fishmonger as well, so you can certainly get all your fresh needs here! Check out some of the pictures of the freshest seafood here!

What I love about this place is the fair pricing and also the quality of the seafood! Besides the usual fish and chips, chowder you can also get other offerings such as grilled salmon, tuna, oysters. If you up for it, you can even get steamed clams and a whole crab! I love their mixture of offerings as well. For example you can get also battered prawns and scallops, for those who are interested, below is the menu!

A little hurdle here is the lack of seats, after all it’s a fishmonger stall, so there are only like 10 ish seats or so. So be prepared to wait a little! You do get a great view though! Either of the people preparing fish or cooking up yours right at the stove!

Certainly, I got the clam chowder which cost me 3.99 USD. I love the chowder, it was thick and full of ingredients but yet not too creamy that I will get sick of it! Although it’s something surely that you have it while it’s hot!

We also got the shrimp with chips and grilled salmon! Both were great and outstanding! Everything was nice and fresh! Both the price were 9.99 USD! I love salmon, especially since the steak were huge and the sauce is amazing!

Overall this is one of the highlight of my stay in Seattle! Yup! It’s rustic and simple, but the food is good and the price is very good as well! Overall we spend less than 25 bucks! A main alone at any of the seafood restaurant will set you back more than it already! Try it and let me know!

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