My stay in Seattle was quaint and relaxing, just like how it should be in Seattle anyway. The perfect city seeing that it is the middle of my trip in the states. It sort of act like a mid rest stop before continuing on travelling to San Francisco and Los Angeles. Actually by this time, I have already been away from Singapore for more than 2 months. Heading out every single day for the past 2 months is actually pretty tiring! As much as travelling is fun, you sometimes need to take the foot off the pedal. Seattle is located in the state of Washington. This Puget Sound city, Seattle is known for being tranquil with a high quality of life and standard of living. Compared to other huge cities, it is less touristy, quiet and peaceful. Such a perfect place for retirement. Some might be a little less forgiving with the gloomy and rainy weather that happens way too often here! For me, I love the chill, furthermore being a little fanboy of Grey’s Anatomy, I am so happy to finally being in Seattle and seeing the space needle!

While I had a pretty chill stay while in the emerald city, taking it slow, winding down every night in the lounge at my hotel but I still did a little of sightseeing. Overall I would just like to paint a picture of the outlook of Seattle, I came from two huge touristy place, the NYC and Las Vegas! It is sure nice to have a very different vibes. First up on my list is definitely the Pike Place Market. This is the most well known attraction in Seattle and a must visit. I have so much to say about this. The Pike Place Market is located right in the heart of the city. The place is a destination for shopping, eat and of course grocery shopping. The seafood is the freshest that you can find and Seattle salmon is also famous world wide. First you can stroll around the market, checking all the quirky stalls.


Here is a little hidden spot. On the right of the market there is a door that you can head to a outdoor area. Here you can get an awesome view of the Puget Sound and the coastline of Seattle. Furthermore you get the sight of tons of seagulls. Such a lovely sight.

Then after that warm up with some coffee from the very first original store of Starbucks! Try out the special roast and blends that you can only find in the Pike Place store. It is surely a nice one to visit the first ever starbucks store.

Then check out some of the freshly baked russian pastries at Piroshky Piroshky. The salmon one is a all time favourite!  You can also try some seafood at Jack’s Fish Spot, which I have shared on extensively earlier.

I then spend the rest of my time checking out the fresh produce at the market. I love the seafood, especially the crabs and salmon. All of them look so fresh and good. I wish I can buy one of them!

Of course, another popular place that you have to go in Seattle is the Space Needle, this is undoubtedly the famous icon of Seattle. The space needle is actually located pretty far out from the place I was staying and there is no easy public transport, but a easy uber, lyft ride was good enough! I was a little shell shocked, having my first look at the Space Needle after so long. Admiring with gleem, I spend a little time here, walking the grounds and taking pictures. I didn’t went up to the observatory deck since it is kind of expensive!

After that I head to the the pier area and had an awesome look at the waters and also wander around the vicinity. I love how clear and clean the waters was. It is so peaceful, not much waves and how frequent the seagulls flew over my head. It is so perfect here! After that I had a little stroll back to my hotel!

Here are some of the other pictures that I took in seattle!

All in all, I pretty enjoyed my stay here. It isn’t so much of a tourist destination but what a great experience to be here. It seems like the people were really enjoying their lives here. With a good quality of living and standard of life. There is also a huge population of chinese and koreans living here in Seattle. So glad to finally been here! Next up, I am off to frisco! San Francisco!

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