The flight was short and sweet, I flew in Delta again, the experience is roughly the same as my previous one when flying in to Vegas. We actually landed in Seattle, before 3pm. I am so happy to finally been in Seattle after hearing about this place for so long! Grey’s Anatomy is one of my very favourite all time TV Series, I am so glad to be finally in the place where the show is set in. Something adrupt happen after collecting my baggage, my luggage got damaged by the airline, so I spend a little while sorting out stuff with the airline before taking the Light Link Rail to my hotel. The ride was fast and cheap, costing only 3 USD. I love how quaint and chill Seattle is, compared to other destination, it is so much less touristy here. It also seems that the people here have a very high quality of life! Seattle also have a pretty great population of Koreans and Chinese! The University Street Station is located right in the heart of Seattle, is just steps from the Hilton. Although the street are pretty hilly, so might be a little tough with the bags!

I stayed a total of 4 nights here at the Hilton and got the Executive King Room. The rate was about 216 SGD per night. Although I used the Citi Prestige 4th night free benefit. So that brought it down to about 170 SGD. The executive room also gave us access to the lounge which I enjoyed the daily breakfast and evening drinks. They were pretty awesome, which I would share more later on. We save pretty much since we just mostly dined in the lounge and got water from there as well! The hotel main entrance is on the first floor, which sort of acted like a reception area, the bellboy is there to help as well. But the actual lobby is actually located on the second floor.

The second floor is also where you can find the main restaurant of the lobby. I have to commend on the staff here since they were really nice and polite. I even got some tape from them to stick up my broken luggage. Now, let’s move on to the room itself. The executive rooms are located on the upper floors of the hotel, with my room located on the 24th floor. I would say that the rooms are on the smaller side, but still comfortable. I guess we are too spoiled with the sheer size of our room in Vegas.

Immediately after entering, the king size bed was on the right, and then opposite it is the tv set up. While the room is small, it is a good size for a couple. The bed was super plush, there is just something about Americans bed. So fluffy and nice!

The bathroom was of a good size and even feature a bathtub as well. Toiletries are the usual Peter Thomas Roth brand that hilton always use! While I love that the water pressure is good, the one thing that I hate about the toilet are the fix toilet head, I always love a handheld one so that you can bring it down.

Near the window of the hotel, there is a couch and coffee table on the side, since we are located on the 24th floor, the view out is pretty nice. You get a good view of Seattle, with the buildings and the skyline. Seattle sky is pretty dope!

Hilton Seattle at least felt pretty fresh and new, the hotel seems to be in a good condition and even on the alleys and corridors, there is even a nice sofa which seems unnecessary, although was a nice touch!

Next up let me share on the Executive Lounge, which is the favourite part of the hotel to me. I love spending my time there! The Executive Lounge is located on the top floor of the hotel. So you can expect it to boost awesome view of the surrounding! The lounge is not too big, but neither was it really packed till its uncomfortable. The people working the lounge are super polite, be it the waiter for breakfast or the lounge guy serving drinks in the evening. It did get a little loud in the evenings when group of people are having fun over drinks. The lounge is open daily, with breakfast served from 6.30 to 9am and evening reception from 5 to 7pm.

On the day of my arrival, I just nice made it for the evening reception and got the opportunity to check it out. The lounge can be access by using your key card, although most of the time the entrance is unlock. In the evening, the lounge serves up beers and wine. You can get them right at the entrance where the attendant is! I love the local beers where there are saving and surely have a few of the IPA. Superb! Its nice to see them serving up some local wines as well!

The lounge have soft drinks, water and juices. Of course you can also find tea and starbucks coffee. After all, this is Seattle, starbucks is a huge thing here. On the snacks wise you can find some veg dip, chips, soup and a hot dish. It is nice to hear that the hot dish also change daily. Sometimes its curry puffs and also chicken bites.

I love that the place have great views of the surrounding, the lounge is also very cosy. You can find seats ranging from normal tables to sofa and couches. Having a cup of the nice starbucks coffee here couldn’t hurt. If you need anything you can also find a small business centre near the entrance of the lounge.

On the following day, I returned for breakfast in the morning. The range isn’t broad but everything is of high quality and tasty. There are eggs, bacons, freshly bakes like croissant and muffin. Everything was tasty, although the eggs was a little tasteless. I love the amazing Pike Place 71 Roast though! I love coffee.

Overall, I think that the Hilton Seattle is a very nice place to stay at. 5 star, definitely not! But still very comfortable and nice to stay at. The executive lounge is a nice touch. Furthermore the location of the hotel is perfect, the light rail station is nearby, and it is within walking distance to the main attractions, like Pike Place Market and Macy is also nearby as well. I will surely come back here for another stay if I am ever in Seattle.

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