Check in was a breeze after getting to the McCarren Airport, as per the norm in the states, you got your boarding pass from one of the kiosk after keying your passport details and then if you have any baggage you can drop it at one of the check in desk. It sure was fussless, and got in done in minutes. There was a little line at the security check, but we were through in no time as well. Just get ready all you stuff when you approach! Laptops out, shoes and belts off! The McCarren is surely one of the most memorable airport that I have been to, since when do you get to have jackpot machines at the Airport! It sure doesn’t hurt to try your hand while waiting for your flight!


The Club at LAS is one of the priority pass lounge in the McCarren. It is sure good to see Priority Pass presence at more and more places in the world! Even though some of the lounge are not as well as we thought, there are a few that really shine, just like most recent one that I have been in Beijing! The Club is located right after reaching the terminal from the train. Check out these slots machine in the airport.

It was pretty small and underwhelming, thankfully the people there was polite and courteous. The lounge space was very small and there was only a couple of seating. In fact at first, we could not even find seats! Thankfully it cleared out quite a bit. Seat wise, there are a couple of sofas and then towards the interior there are some tables as well.

There wasn’t much amenities in the lounge,  there are some snack bite located along the wall of the lounge. Then there is also some chips and fruits. Drink wise there are some soft drinks, a coffee machine and perhaps the star of the place would be the bar where you can get drinks and cocktail.

Overall the lounge is pretty underwhelming, but it is sure nice to have a place where you can rest and have some drinks prior to your flight. But I will not travel here in particular  to use it. I think there are making more than the 28USD that Priority Pass pays them!

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