As the saying goes, What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas! You only live once! And Vegas is sort of like the pinnacle of your live! You definitely can’t miss out on visiting Las Vegas at least once in your lifetime! Las Vegas is right smack in the middle of the Nevada Dessert! A little strip of lights and glamour, just like how it is in your memories! Short but memorable, short lived but impressive! This is where you go glam, this is where ordinary people turn into ballers! Now I can finally say that I have been to Vegas! After a memorable time in New York City! I flew in to Las Vegas and put up at the Strip! Right in the heart of everything!

Time seems to be ever on your sight here! And you definitely can find something that is going on here! Party on a mon? I’m sure there’s a venue! Luxury shopping? Every corner you turn! I would say that a car is necessary for a trip to Las Vegas! Getting around the places and constant road trips to nearby icons! Most of the activity here lies on the strip itself, and the Fremont Street! Expect everything to be grand, to be glam!

I actually didn’t explore really much here since I mainly drove out to places like Grand Canyon and Death Valley! I would say that Vegas is actually a pretty awesome base for exploring these places! The drive is much more manageable and roads in Nevada are great to drive on!

I had a little stroll down on the strip in the morning after breakfast one day! Let me just recap a little on the buffet here! You have not know what truly is a buffet until you try it here! Everything is mega, everything is huge!

It’s nice to walk along in this weather, perfect for seeing how it is! I have to say, regardless of whether it’s in the day or in the night! There are always people roaming around the streets! I love the sign of all the brand’s and hotels! Technically speaking it’s just hotels after hotels in Vegas!

Let me share some of my highlights here! I was really impressive with the Cosmopolitian! And the interior is so nice!

Then there is also the famous Bellagio fountain! Which is so impressive! It’s like a man made lake!

I definitely love the exterior of the Gordon Ramsey Burger Restaurant as well! It surely know how to leave an impression with the Fire “Sculpture”?

I also had a little try at the Denny’s, the go to diner while in the United States! I would say that the food is pretty good and the price is certainly fair! Everything is in huge portion!

And here come the main point! Let me share on the casinos that Las Vegas was famous for in the first place! While it’s no longer the largest gambling market in the world right now! Heck, in fact, Singapore gambling revenue is even much more than Vegas! But there’s sure something special playing a few games in Las Vegas! You can find casinos in every single one of the hotels! I’m also very surprised that isn’t like those that we are used to in Singapore or Macau. The tables and slots are located right in the lobby of the hotel! Technically right out of the elevator and the reception! While everyone is allowed to pass by and have a look! Only people who are 21 and above are allowed to play, and checks are enforced! Technically, whenever I try my hand, I’m asked for my ID!

I also loved that drinks are provided in the casino! Like bottled beers, liquor and stuff! Everything is included! That is generous! P.S New York New York Casino have $5 blackjack! Usually games like Blackjack, Roulette and carps are more popular here in Vegas!

There you go! Here is my short and sweet trip in Las Vegas! I certainly enjoyed my stay here! It was a great adventure! And again! Shhh, what happens here stays here!

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