Everything is about being big, being the best. You are in a place where size matters! Being impressed is very much the selling point! Previously as mentioned, my room rate in Vegas actually included 2 buffet meal daily, which can be used for breakfast or lunch. Although it kind of didn’t complement with my plans since around half of my stay in Vegas, I will be out of the city. I dine twice at the MGM Grand Buffet during my stay in Las Vegas, and there you have it. Even in the name of the restaurant is right in your face that you are in for an impressive one! Everyone knows that buffet is the thing here! Frankly speaking, it is also pretty affordable, tip is welcomed, but optional, given that it is a buffet! Here in Vegas you can find the cheapest buffet that goes for under $10 or a luxurious champagne brunch that set you back $100 buck with free flow champagne!


The MGM hotel is just opposite the hotel that I was staying at and connected via a skybridge! I guess it was kind of too early for Vegas and the sun was too bright for the city! It was at the casino level and you will definitely spot it since it is kind of like an attraction, the MGM Grand Buffet sign was also impressive enough! The buffet is kind of like an all day dining affair. With Breakfast starting from 7am and then heck the dinner is from 3pm to 9pm. I guess this is the only place on earth where people take a 6 hour dinner! The price for the breakfast is $18.99 plus tax. I would say that it comes to around $20ish per person and I would say that it is quite a good deal. For the other pricing and menu, you can refer to the picture below!

There was a little queue out at the restaurant even before it open on one of the days that I came for breakfast although it is never too crowded in the restaurant itself. I guess there would be more people during dinner or on the weekends. It is kind of a low key period when I was here! Furthermore, I could use the priority queue for gold members and above, so I never waited for anything at all during my visit! This is how it actually works here, the cashier is outside, you queue to make payment, or in our case we charged it to our room. You can charge to your room if you are staying in any MGM properties. Then you get the receipt and pass it to one of the waiter. Which will then show you to a table. After that you are free to mingle and get your food! After finishing your meal, you can just leave since payment is already made!

I guess, grand really means grand! I have to say that it is my first time eating at a buffet with so many options! The restaurant is huge and have many tables and dining area, here are some pictures of it!

Food options wise, there are the usual imaginable stuff and those that you can’t even think of! There are the usual carbs counter and also a side where you can find drinks such as juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea. There is this fancy Coca Cola machine that offers all their soft drinks product! Everything is free flow and you can help yourself to anything. If you prefer something more lethal, you can get the alcohol package as well!

Food wise, there are healthy options as well as more guilty pleasures! From sushi, salad to egg benedicts, you can find everything! Some of my favourite are the roast, sausages, croissant french toast, yes you heard me right. French toast made with croissant. Bacon, scrambled eggs. There is easily more than 100 items! There is even a live egg station where you can customized your omelettes. For a healthier options you can opp for egg white only also!

Given the price for breakfast that you will probably pay in a normal Diner! 20 bucks seems like a very good price for the buffet! I shall let the pictures do the rest of the description!


While I do not think that the MGM Grand Buffet is the best buffet breakfast in the whole of Las Vegas! I have to say that the quality of the food is not bad and the options is really impressive! Even if you are having breakfast over a couple of days, there will surely be something new for you! The price is fair and the if you can score a deal like mine that comes included in your room rate. It is even better!

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