One of my all time favourite foodie show is the famous Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives hosted by the acclaimed Guy Fieri! The show always show him driving around the states in his cabriolet, going on road trips to visit good ol fashion American eateries and recommending them. One of them is The Coffee Cup, which is located in Boulder City, Nevada. A quaint town that is just 15 mins or 8 Miles away from the Hoover Dam! The location is perfect, right on the way for tourists that is based in Las Vegas and making your way to the Hoover Dam or Grand Canyon, which is what I have done this time around. Leaving Las Vegas when the sun barely set, we drove out, and stop by The Coffee Cup for a good American Breakfast before making our way to the rest of the attractions of the day!

I was blessed to have clear blue skies on the day that I was there, traffic was alright as well. The air was cool and the skies were really blue and amazing! The city was super quaint and very chill, it was also very quiet, especially it being this early in the morning. You can kind of see that the locals all seems to know each other here and there. The cafe is located on the main street in town and there are street parking right outside the place. You definitely do not need to pay for any parking cost at all. I pretty love the setting of this place. It look like it came straight out from an wild wild west American film. Loving the ride for my stay in Vegas as well!

It may look like a deserted sight outside but once you enter the cafe, you find find a totally different affair. There was a couple groups of people inside, and we definitely seems like the only group of tourists there as well. Locals were catching up with their friends over a cup of joe, reading the papers, just like how you will expect life in a town to be. And the sheriff with his cowboy hat will come in somehow to say hi to the owners. Okay! That didn’t happen, but a couple of cops did came for breakfast though HAHA! I love the decoration inside the cafe, it was full of American souvenirs, pictures and memorabilia. It is also lined with surfboards. If I am not wrong, from the show, it was said that this place have a 70 years old history as well!

For those who are interested, below is a picture of the menu! The recommended one is definitely the dish as mentioned on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives which was the Pork chili Verda Omelette! Prices here are definitely much much cheaper than dining in the city!

We were in for a feast as we wanted to have a heavy breakfast to last us the whole day. We got the Broccoli Omelette, the Pork Chili Verda Omelette as well as the “Pigs in a Blanket” which is actually a pancake with sausage link inside, called a piggies! How cute is that.

All of the portion were huge, and all of them were hearty and delicious. You just can’t find fault with classic American diner breakfast, I love the Pork Chili Verda. The pork was so tender and flavourful. It packs a punch as well. Although I have to say that it is a rather heavy meal and you get kind of sick of it after a while. The portion is really amazing. Share! That is the word! Share! We got a Cocca and Cup of Joe as well to go along with the meal.

Remember that in an diner, the coffee is always refillable. Although the brew is kind of thin compared to what we Asian and European are used to! The piggies are so cute.

The whole meal came to 33 USD including tips. Such a decent price compared to what you can get in a huge city. The staff was courteous as well. I am not sure if the place takes cards so come prepared with cash after all it is a small town. We stop by for a couple more pictures in the town before making my way to the Hoover Dam. While I will definitely not recommend you to make a special trip out specially, but if you are stopping by on the way to the Grand Canyon or Hoover Dam, The Coffee Cup is a good bet. Next up, stay tuned for my Road Trip!

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