Sadly to say, I am on the finishing end of my Chapter Wanderlust, Bologna was my last city in Europe and I am making my way to Frankfurt to meet up with my parents to continue the journey to NEW YORK CITY where I will start my adventures in the states. My last day in Europe was actually a day of travelling. I was flying Air France out of Bologna to Frankfurt, connecting in Paris. I had a airport transfer book by the hotel to get me to Bologna Airport. The ride was comfortable and took about 20 mins. It cost me 18 Euros. Upon reaching the airport, I check in and settled all of my tax refund stuff before heading to the Marconi Business Lounge. Marconi Business Lounge is the only lounge in Bologna Airport and is available to enter with Priority Pass.

Priority Pass if the largest network of lounges in the world. There are currently more than 1000 lounge under their network around the world. Usually you will be able to get entrance with a credit card partnership, or if not an entrance would be roughly 27 USD per time. While usually contract lounge are underwhelming and not much to talk about, there are a couple of decent one such as the Marconi Business Lounge. I would say that is is better than the norm for contract lounge. Since I usually get free entrance to them, I still appreciate the ability to grab a bottle of water, some snacks prior to boarding the plane. If you have an unlimited entrance priority pass card? Why not save on those overpriced coffee or water at the airport. While most of the lounge are located in the transit area, which is what I usually prefer since you can clear customs and immigration, then rest at a private area knowing that you only need to make your way to the gate 10 mins before boarding.

Marconi Business Lounge is a little special. It is one of the lounge that is located in the public area of the airport. There is a very unique amenities of this lounge is that it provides a private security path in the lounge. This is like the best benefit for a contract lounge at all! Although it is not idea to be at the public area, the fast track security screening surely is the best benefit. The lounge is located on the 1st floor right next to the security checks. There are clear signage, so it is not too hidden.

I love that the lounge is very bright and have tons of natural lights. It makes it less gloomy and a much more nicer place to be. I love that last view of italy for me. The lounge have a glass door and it is named after the airport name, Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport. The desk is immediately located to the left after entering and I was welcomed after presenting my Priority Pass Card. Being the only lounge in the airport and also part of Priority Pass, I would say that the crowd is fairly acceptable. I was here in the late morning, which is also one of the peak for the airport.

The lounge was fairly spacious with mostly leather seatings and couches. There are also some small tables near the bar area. There is also a business centre to the corner of the desk area near the entrance. The highlight of the lounge is definitely the bar counter, this is also the place where you can find the refreshments. Given that this is the morning, there were some pastries, cold cuts and sandwiches.

Then drinks wise there are some fancy juices, water, all individual bottled, which I really appreciate. They also had beer available in the fridge as well. I heard that in the evening there is also wine available. The real catch here is that there is someone working the bar, so you can get a freshly brewed artisan coffee, which is so awesome. That is not something that you usually see at a lounge and definitely not at a contract one. It is surely nice to see them back to their roots, coffee is definitely one of the most important lifestyle of the Italians. Having a nice cup of cappuccino is surely a much do everyday!

Around the corner is another room of seating inside that consists of more seating, although it is quite gloomy here as it does not have the same natural light as the exterior part of the lounge. Here is also where you can find the link to the private security entrance.

I had some very awesome raspberry and elderflower juice and of course a freshly brewed coffee. It was so great. The wifi was fast as well. Wifi is also something that I really appreciate in lounges, especially in other country. I got caught up a little with my family and friends, of course spending some time on my social networking sites before I begin my long journey to Frankfurt and then to New York City. 3 flights and 4 Cities in a span of 30 plus hours, that got to be a record for me!

Using the private security entrance, I was thru in less than 5 mins, there was not much people there as well. Bologna airport was pretty compact and the gates are just a few steps away. There was a queue for boarding as usually. It is pretty nice that the Bologna airport does not have gangway but instead the planes are just park out of the tarmac steps away from the gates. It is sure impressive to catch the view of the Air France A320 right close by.

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